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By the Hurrying Hordes of Holborn: McCarthy’s Dr. Strange/Spider-Man promo

Fever promo

Fever promo

Mark Kardwell shares with us an “idea sketch for a ‘Coming Soon” type of advert” for Fever, the upcoming Dr. Strange/Spider-Man miniseries written and drawn by Brendan McCarthy. This Marvel Knights series is due in April, McCarthy told Kaldwell.



Want so very, very much. This looks like it’s the most messed-up Spider-Man we’ll have seen since season 2 of the 60s animated series.

Well now I’m feeling even happier about my DK2 post.

Over on the blog someone it says this is nothing like the finished comic. I’m disappointed.

What a dayglo nightmare. I think I saw this hanging in the blacklight room at the head shop down the street. Legalize it!

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