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Gareb Shamus buys New England Comic Con


Looks like the Con War has opened a new front: Wizard Entertainment CEO Gareb Shamus has purchased the New England Comic Con to add to his ever-growing slate of comics and pop-culture shows. According to a press release posted on the Wizard site, the Con’s previous owners, Larry Harrison and Jerry Tournasm of retailer Harrison’s Comics & Collectibles, will continue to work for the show.

The latest addition to a roster of Shamus/Wizard shows that includes Anaheim Comic Con, Toronto Comic Con, Big Apple Comic Con, and Wizard World Philadelphia, the Wizard World New England Comic Con, as it will apparently be called, is not to be confused with either the Boston Comic Con — whose guests for its April 10-11 show next year include Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, and Bill Sienkiewicz at the top of a pretty impressive roster — nor the previous Wizard World Boston show, held once (in 2005) before being canceled. Whether Shamus’s latest attempt at a Boston event will engender the same sort of rivalry as his other cons have with such shows as Heroes Con, the Long Beach Comic Con, Fan Expo Canada, and Reed Exhibition’s New York Comic Con and C2E2 remains to be seen.

More, undoubtedly, as it develops.



My favorite part is that more announcements are expected in the coming weeks. Wizard just shut down most of their shows, like, last year, and now they’re up to seven and counting again, and it seems like the same celebrity guests at every show, with a lack of focus on actual comics. Which, I mean, parallels the magazine, but at this point it’s more like a traveling circus of has-been sci-fi icons than anything resembling a convention.

FYI, WWPhilly’s been renamed to Philadelphia Comic Con & Video Game Expo. Not to be confused with the existing Philadelphia Comic-Con… or with the people responsible for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo… or with those who put on Comic-Con International… and soforth…

Re: David’s comment–

Wizard are not up to seven shows, Gareb Shamus is. The obfuscation is intentional.

Shameless has apparently tric–umm, convinced Hollywood money to get involved with him. That’s how he is buying up all these conventions.

who is running these shows?

Hopefully, he does a better job than he did last time, when I could not only not find the panels at all, but attendance was guaranteed to be lousy because it was scheduled for the same weekend as a late-season Red Sox-Yankees series. I don’t care how geeky or disinterested in sports comic fans are, nothing trumps that in New England.

@Jay Seaver– Also, nobody from outside the city ever wants to negotiate Boston traffic/transit on game days. Hell, I live in the city, and sometimes I don’t even want to go to my LCS (Comicopia in Kenmore) on game days.

OK what hell is “New England Comic Con?” I’ve been going to cons in the Boston area for the last 20 years and have never heard of it. There are only two that have been running consistently lately; BostonComicCon and the one at the Radisson hotel, North East Comic-Con, which has seemingly been around forever. I’m not including SuperMegaFest or UnitedFanCon events since they are mainly autograph shows. There have been some one-off shows like Wizard, there was one at the Hynes, and at Bayside Expo a few years back. But, no “New England Comic Con.”

Also should mention the Radisson show has gone under several different names including “THE BOSTON COMIC BOOK & TOY COLLECTOR’S SPECTACULAR” and is left over from the “Great Eastern Conventions” that used to advertise in comics in the late 80s/early90s.

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