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Marvel goes bananas for Hitman Monkey

Jason Pearson's Deadpool #20 cover, featuring Hitman Monkey

Jason Pearson's Deadpool #20 cover, featuring Hitman Monkey

The teaser image set the monkey-loving section of the comics Internet on fire — and let’s face it, that’s a pretty big section of the comics Internet. Now the truth about Frank Cho’s gun-toting mystery monkey has been revealed: He’s Hitman Monkey, a new character swinging his way into the Marvel Universe. Editor Axel Alonso tells this simian assassin (technically a Japanese macaque) will first appear in a two-part Marvel Digital Comic Exclusive by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talijic — featuring Cho’s cover — before wreaking havoc in February’s Deadpool #20. Here’s hoping for an eventual crossover with Gorilla Man from Agents of Atlas.



I saw a few Japanese macaques while in Japan.
Sadly, none of them were dressed in suits while carrying impressive hardware like that. Maybe next time.

looks like marvel is back trying new things . and a hitman monkey is the perfect character given dead pools world though hit man monkey may need some bigger guns going after dead pool. wonder how long before hit man monkey meets the punisher

Another monkey with a gun. -yawwwwwwwwwn-

Honestly, we’ve seen this “concept” a few times in comics, already. Yet everyone is supposed to break into “OMG awesomez!!111!11!1 hitman monkey = yes pleez now thank you Marvel more more more.”

(What’s really depressing is that pretty much, that’s what’s happened.)

Finally, someone has the guts to take a hard line against monkeys with guns.

SAM AND MAX did it first, though I’ll admit that their gun-toting-monkey wasn’t as sharply dressed.

And every girl goes crazy ’bout a sharp dressed monkey, as ZZ Top taught us in the 80s.

Alan Moore told you people about simians at comics…

Monkey with a gun… meh. Monkey in a three piece suit? I’m interested.

looks like my character gunmonkey, which has been out over a year

No TV, hitman monkey doesn’t look like your GunMonkey character for two reasons:

1) The marvel character is well drawn.

2)Yours isn’t.

Any questions?

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