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Marvel’s Heroic Age begins here

…or, rather, over on the new Techland blog. Just in case it wasn’t clear what happens after Dark Reign and Siege, this teaser image posted on’s newest blog should give you an idea:




Wow, this is completely unexciting. Bettter be one hell of a twist coming in Siege because otherwise I just do not care.

Is that Hitman Monkey I see? ;)

Well, the characters are (yet again) in sillhouette, so Marvel may have yet another surprise to spring. On the other hand, it could be that they’ve just been playing coy with these kinds of promos for so long it’s become a reflex, and this is really just what it appears.

I’m another one of the legions who would love to see the real Avengers together again. But the new, redesigned Thor is not the same character he was when he wore the Kirby-designed costume — he’s more of a Conanesque brute. And since Marvel turned Tony Stark into a villain during Civil War, I have no interest in what little remains of that original character.

So the new Thor, the new Iron Man, and the new “your place or mine” Captain America getting together for the first time does NOT fulfill my desires to see the real Avengers together again. Maybe Kurt Busiek could pull it off. But Bendis and most of the other current writers don’t know how to write the same personalities I loved for thirty-some years. I don’t recognize the current versions of these characters.

I say out with the old and in with the new if that’s how it really is, Truth.

“Thor! What is best in life?”


I agree with Joe. Comic book comfort food is so incredibly boring! 30 years of the same characters interacting in the same manner plowing through the same plots… what’s the point? Change it up every once in a while, please!

I will say that I like the idea of going in a more straight “Heroic” angle for a while after all the “Dark Reign” and “Secret Invasion”/”Civil War” stuff for the past couple years, as long as there’s a decent hook to power the idea. The good guys have been beaten on for a good long while, it’d be nice if they won one for once and we had a little bit of levity in our Marvel comics.

The original image was the three of them as some type of memorial statue.

So one speculation could be that somehow the Trinity all die or leave or something, which seems somewhat unlikely seeing as how they are now three of Marvel’s biggest sellers.

And I’ve already learned my lesson with Avengers: Dissassembled, House of M, Secret Invasion…what was I typing? Oh yeah, wake me up when Bendis’ “event” is over, as while I’m sure the end developments might be interesting, the story’s probably going to be tripe as usual.

How many more years until Bendis falls out of fashion at the House of M? Place ya bets, place ya bets.

Really starting to feel “event fatigue” here. PLEASE just get back to telling good, self-contained stories that don’t spawn a dozen tie-in titles. In recent months, I’ve passed on tie-in minis with a view to buying collected editions, but then I never get round to buying the collections, or even caring that I missed them.

Yeah, I just reread The Kree-Skrull War – ah, the joy…

Patent Dragon: I feel you and personally, it’s not so much the “event fatigue” that bothers me, but the very over hyped and fluffy nature of the events themselves. If these events actually were deep, logical and actual substance over flash, I’m sure most people wouldn’t be feeling fatigued. I mean look at your own example of Kree-Skrull War, one could say it was an event but it focused on being a story first and not some sort of glorified plot device that just created new ramifications.

“I agree with Joe. Comic book comfort food is so incredibly boring! 30 years of the same characters interacting in the same manner plowing through the same plots… what’s the point? Change it up every once in a while, please!”

Funny thing is, didn’t Marvel do just that with Civil War? While it sold, a lot of people sure seemed to dislike that. You know the reactions people had: “Why’s Tony being such a prick?” “Why the f*ck did Spidey unmask?” and on and on…

I didn’t care for how CW ended, although I admit it it created some awesome storytelling in Brubaker’s Cap book and I’ve really enjoyed the Iron Man books since that same time, but Marvel did shake things up quite a lot. The fed into other mega-events of varying quality and created shakeups of their own. People bitched about that too (in the case of Secret Invasion, some of that bitching was probably justified).

Now they’re finally bringing back the old status quo, apparently, and well… Yeah, people aren’t happy about that either by the looks of the comments here. I’ll wait and see where this whole thing goes… What do people want, exactly?

I agree with Preston that some of this stuff has been overhyped and “fluffy,” but some of it I’ve really liked. I thought the unmasking of Spidey was a cool new twist that (I hoped) would create a whole new dynamic for the character and his books. Instead, Joey Q lied, pulled a fast one, and undid the whole thing in one of the worst story arcs I’ve ever read. So that sucked. But I don’t think anyone can accuse Marvel of not “changing it up” now and then. It’s just that some people haven’t liked those changes.

I am really looking forward to this if it is, in fact, the return of Steve, Tony and Thor as THE Avengers.
I almost looking forward to a new era where the heroes get to win even more. I am sick of the “darK” Marvel Universe and I’m just about ready to quit comics after 35 years. This might actually change that unless it’s more of the same “almost an ending but really just a new prologue to a new event by Bendis” crap then I’m done.

Superstars of Tomorrow: 2010 Edition

You’re just starting to feel event fatigue?

It it was my call? Hank Pym as War Machine, Beta Ray Bill as Thor and Luke Cage as Captain America.

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