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Milestone Forever brings much-needed closure, finally … maybe?

Milestone Forever

Milestone Forever

According to this post over at DC’s The Source blog, original Milestone Comics editor-in-chief Dwayne McDuffie is teaming with several artists who worked on the original Milestone Comics line back in the 1990s to wrap up the stories that were being told in those books before the line was canceled. It also sounds like it’ll somehow transition the characters from their separate Milestone-verse to the DCU proper, where we’ve already seen them show up in the pages Justice League and Teen Titans.

McDuffie will team with John Paul Leon, Mark Bright, Chris Cross and Denys Cowan to wrap up the stories from Hardware, Icon, Shadow Cabinet, Blood Syndicate and Static. I figured we were well past ever seeing these characters again in their original environment, so this is welcome news, even if it is “a bittersweet tale that chronicles the literal end of a universe.”



Maybe this will be less craptacular than JLA.

i have a hard time blaming Dwayne M for his run on JLA, he was hamstrung by editorial w/every major JLA member involved in another story that took them away from the group. he was dealt a pretty bad hand. i’ll be checking this out for sure. hope these characters get some love in the DCU besides static in the teen titans.

I love the abilities of all 4 artists mentioned above.
But the MC characters are derivative, the costumes are terrible and the storylines are even worse.

Will this lead to new collections of the old material? (Has that already happened?) Milestone came out while I was out of comics for a time, so I’ve only read the first handful of Icon issues that I bought in a discontinued trade from McDuffie at the ECBACC in Philly a few years back. They’re good comics.

At least it’s in it’s own self-contained book instead of having this sh!t shoved down everybodies throat in Justice League.

I bought the first issues of the entire line back in the day, and found all of it very, very unappealing.

A horrid line that should have just stayed dead.

Tell me about it, Fergi. I too can remember a day when the nigras knew their place. What Lincoln did to this poor country was a damned shame.

Hahaha Anacondan. But I’d be even more amused if it wasn’t so sad.

Loved Milestone. Glad to see this project. I don’t understand all the accusations of the books being ‘derivative’, though. Some of them were actually quite ahead of their time as far as story structure, execution, and deconstruction of super-hero stories, most notably Icon, Kobalt, Shadow Cabinet and, to a lesser degree, Blood Syndicate. Static was a really nice contemporary spin on the Spider-Man story. But ultimately, Milestone was only as ‘derivative’ as Superman is to, say, Hercules. The line didn’t just ‘emblacken’ archetypes. It took a lot of the simple underpinnings of the super-hero genre and jumped in different directions with them.

Marvel 2099 Forever next, please.

Because everything is Forever.

I hope we also get Batman Forever Forever someday.

@ Anacondan

Don’t you think that DC making a “Black-verse” in the first place was an insult to African Americans?
Regardless of whether or not it was thought up by a bunch of black creators or by DC, it was still a horrible idea, and didn’t sell, PROVING it was a bad idea.
“Hey, let’s make a black Superman, a black Iron Man, etc, etc, etc, and we’ll put them in a universe (“on an island”) all by themselves!”
“Great idea, we can’t be mixing in those blacks with the whites! Gotta keep ‘em separated!”

Wow! Some people really don’t mind posting about subjects they don’t know about. The Milestone Universe was not a “Black-verse”. It had a wide diversity of characters.

To Nate:

No, a line of comics featuring non-white characters by non-white creators was not insulting. It was long past overdue.

AND as rey.leopard pointed out, the books featured more than just black characters. Static’s best friend was white. So was Kobalt. Xombi was Korean, and Blood Syndicate featured characters of all different races.

There were several Milestone books, and they can’t be dismissed with a blanket statement. As with any comics line, the books varied in quality, but I found some of them to be phenomenal for their entire runs, namely Icon, Blood Syndicate, and Xombi.

Haven’t read milestone as much and i’m not too familiar with it though i did read a comic or two here so i can’t comment but i guess i wouldn’t mind a collected edition of the Milestone characters. I’d hope they’ll at least update or tweak the characters abit when they come into the DCU proper.

Although I wish them the best of luck I for one will be passing on those, recently I was able to read a lot of the old material and honestly Im not impressed, it was canceled for a reason and if there was a huge amount of people asking for the return of those characters honestly the books would still be out there.. Maybe with a different writer if they get to be a part of the DCU we can see how those characters develop but for now I rather spend my $ in something Ill enjoy.. best of luck for the artists and writers involved with the project though

I never got into most of the Milestone books. Icon just didn’t really interest me, nor Static. I think I have every Hardware issue as that appealed to me more. Perhaps in retrospect, static was a better book and character.

Some of the comments here? Wow … just wow.

Race-baiting aside, I will say this: It is preposterous to suggest that popularity, as measured in sales, indicates some inherent quality (or lack thereof, in the case of poor sales). There are plenty of creations in any medium (comics, books, films, music, whatever) that are huge hits but are pretty dreadful, and plenty of quality creations that never find a mass audience. Sometimes there’s a sweet spot when the two intersect, but regardless, it should be obvious to everyone that sales/rankings/ratings do not necessarily reflect a creation’s artistic worth.

Eh, Static aside I can’t really say I care about these characters and – because of the big two’s recent editorial treatment of F4 and JLA – I doubt McDuffie will actually get to tell the stories he wants to anyway so I really don’t see the point.

On the bright side, it’s always nice to see Chris Cross getting work. I’ve really missed his art.

Hooboy…some people just love to bring the hate online huh?
I can be counted among the comic readers who enjoyed Milestone and what the company represented. Milestone was not a DC owned property, which some posters seem inclined to assume. The comics were published by DC, yes, but the line was wholly owned by McDuffie and his company. Icon, Blood Syndicate, Static and Shadow Cabinet were the best titles in my humble opinion. When DC announced their return a while back, I was pleasantly pleased.
Now even as a fan of those comics, I find myself hardpressed to even remember where the characters were before the line’s untimely demise. I’m more interested in seeing brand new tales of Static, Icon, Rocket and Blood Syndicate than trying to tie up loose ends..but ANY tales with these characters is better than NO tales at all.
Just my two bits…

The JLA story sucked stale eggs. I was very disappointed. I hope this is a better fit for these characters

I really enjoyed the Milestone universe, but the storyline I am by far most interested in was one of the later titles, Xombi – very Morrisonesque at the time. Hope Rozum gets on board. Actually if they are in the DCU now, the main character can join the actual DP.

nice to see Dwayne and some of the others who worked on the books get to finaly finish their stories they started though also sad that Dc has no plans to do any more stories with the milestone characters in their own universe. not to metion surprised given Dwayne treatment on JL that he even let dc aquire the milestone characters

I’d love to see Icon as leader of the Justice league someday. That would be a trip!

November 5, 2009 at 7:33 pm

[@ Anacondan

Don’t you think that DC making a “Black-verse” in the first place was an insult to African Americans?
Regardless of whether or not it was thought up by a bunch of black creators or by DC, it was still a horrible idea, and didn’t sell, PROVING it was a bad idea.
“Hey, let’s make a black Superman, a black Iron Man, etc, etc, etc, and we’ll put them in a universe (“on an island”) all by themselves!”
“Great idea, we can’t be mixing in those blacks with the whites! Gotta keep ‘em separated!”]

So, was Vertigo an example of “anti-magic bigotry” since supernatural characters like Swamp Thing and Sandman (Morpheus) don’t interact with the mainstream DCU characters like Superman?

Just pointing out that Milestone wasn’t the first imprint published by DC.

November 5, 2009 at 9:14 pm

[I never got into most of the Milestone books. Icon just didn’t really interest me, nor Static. I think I have every Hardware issue as that appealed to me more. Perhaps in retrospect, static was a better book and character.]

It’s fine if Hardware is your favorite Milestone character. The whole point of Milestone’s offerings was to expand customers’ selections not force them to buy everything they sold.

It’s no different than how few people buy everything Marvel publishes. Instead a customer like myself buys those books (e..g., Invincible Iron Man, Nova) that appeal to personal taste.

Some of you need to get the hell out of my hobby and stay out! You’re an absolute disgrace to comic fandom. You know who you are.

And shame on any decent fan who reads some of this race-baiting crap and leaves it unchallenged.

I think this just proves that in our supposedly “post-racial” society, even with a black president, race still very much matters. Aside from that, I think it would be interesting to see these characters join the DCU, as long as the original creators or somebody who understands the characters gets to work on them. I think there is something to the whole separate imprint argument (separate but equal), though obviously DC and Marvel have both had numerous imprints. Just as long as editorial doesn’t keep sticking their noses into the story or try softening the characters. I’d love it if Icon or one of the heroes went up to Superman and accused him of being racist, a la the Green Lantern getting called out as one back in the seventies in the Green Lantern/Green Arrown series by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams.

Several responses:

TPBs: I believe DC is working on re-issuing the trades that were originally published – I think the first ICON trade may even be in stores.

Failure of the line: By that token, every new super-hero universe started in the 1990s (Malibu/Ultraverse; Dark Horse’s Comics Greatest World; Valiant; Marvel 2099) must not have been as good as the Image Universe (such as it is), because that’s the only one that didn’t get shut down.

Not that I’m saying they were all great, or anything (especially, some of those I left out, like the Continuity Universe) – but the 1990s were a messy time, and there were numerous factors in the demise of lines and books. Quality was an issue, but so was a market depending on speculation demand; once people realized that having five mint copies each of SUPERMAN #75 (Death of Superman), X-MEN #1 (the one that’s now X-MEN: LEGACY, and had 5 cover variants, four pieces of a “quad-tych”, plus one that had the whole picture as a gatefold) and BLOODSHOT #1 (chromium cover) was not only not going to get their kid through college, but might not even get their kid from home *to* college. [I’m finally reading through my full collection of the Superman books since the 1986 reboot, and stopped when I got to SUPERMAN #75, which I had never opened. Thought anbout selling that for the trade – until I found that it was basically going for cover price.]

Yes, some books had significant quality issues, but several babies were thrown out with the bathwater.

Seriously… It’s been 10 years, and obviously many of you never read books like Blood Syndicate.
There has never been a book about a street gang gaining super-powers before that book came out. Ivan Velez and ChrisCross kicked it all over town, up the mountain-side and into the stratosphere. I challenge any of today’s creators to come up with something so unabashedly ORIGINAL.

The Milestone books were QUALITY books about the world we all live in. They reflected the diversity of opinions, cultures, and people in our REAL LIFE world. It’s taken three decades to get the first male African-American hero at DC on the Justice League (Black Lightning)…and a decade and a half to get the first female African-American heroine (Vixen) back on the roster. That says a lot right there.

I’m a white man who thinks these books were GREAT, and are still GREAT characters.
And I’d like to remind so many of you that when you were watching JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED on TV that so much of what you enjoyed about that show was the hard work of Mister Dwayne McDuffie. That’s right, the same guy who created so much of the Milestone Universe. When I read so much of the above comments, it just hurts because I’d take Dwayne’s run on Fantastic Four over Mark Millar’s any day of the week. Mister Dwayne McDuffie is Mister Quality in my book. I loved the recent cross-over in Justice League, and just wished he had had the luck of a more seasoned artist for that run.
So seriously… go read those Milestone books, OK?
They put so much of what the rest of the industry was doing in the 1990’s to shame.

Dwayne, go kick it into orbit again.
I’ll be there.

It’s a shame that someone can’t express an opinion about not liking a simple thing as a comic book, and are piled onto and called racists because the property is owned by a minority.

I’m sure if it were the other way around no one would say a word.

Umm Did you read some of the comments Jason, blackverse etc? Those comments were racist and those are what were being called out.

Yes I did Maxwell, and I don’t see any of that as racist. I think everybody is being way too sensitive here. I think that a lot of the negative reaction to Milestone is the lackluster run that McDuffie had on Justice League of America a few months ago, and the Milestone characters getting caught up in it.

If DC had left McDuffie alone to do what he wanted to do, his run would have probably been a lot better than what it was, and the Milestone arc would have been received much better.

As far as my personal opinion on Milestone, I think that the industry benefits from ALL types of comics, no matter what the subject matter is. I see the return of Milestone in whatever form it takes as a positive and I hope this mini-series is a success.

I hope they do a good job. Some of the books were very fun to write.


February 4, 2010 at 2:11 pm

I loved Milestones, they had characters a regular 14 year old kid like me could Identify with back in the day. I was inspires by the diversity of the characters. Some of the stories got a little out ovfhand and a few things were “ghetto-exaggerated” but it was fun and i enjoyed it. I picked up the first issue of Milestones forever and it was like I was at a family reunion. i love those characters. It’s sad to see them go but as long as they go out with a bang I’m cool with it. I dont care what race you are or what race the characters are a good story is a good story.

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