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More details, titles on Sony’s PSP Digital Comics Reader

It’s been awhile since Sony announced their digital comics reader for the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. The reader, apparently, is already available as a part of a firmware update, and last week Pete Stott, one of the designers of the reader, posted more information on the European PlayStation blog.

“You’re maybe thinking, ‘How’s that going to work on the PSP’s beautiful, yet compact, screen?’” Stott said. “Well we think we’ve solved that with AutoFlow! With AutoFlow all you have to do is hit one button and the camera will float over the page to the next panel, panning and zooming automatically. We also let you move around manually if you want to get up close and personal with your comic.”

Stott also said that joining Marvel, IDW and iVerse (whose content will include comics from Archie, Image and many of the other companies they release content for on the iPhone) on the PSPS will be Disney, Insomnia, Titan and 2000AD. This means PSP owners will be able to purchase titles featuring Wallace & Gromit, Judge Dredd, Archie, Mickey Mouse, Transformers and Spider-Man, among many other characters.

Sony has also launched a website where they plan to list the entire catalog of comics once they officially launch and where you can download a sample Transformers comic to see how it will work. If you’re a PSP owner and you’ve checked out the reader, let us know what you think in the comments section.



be nice to have a library on psp

I recently downloaded the new Digital Comics reader for the PSP over the holiday weekend, along with the free issue of “TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON”. The reader is really cool and the comics look fantastic on the screen. The player is very simple to use and the AutoFlow feature is great. My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to read my existing comics in CBR format, so you’re forced to buy from the Playstation Store once they become available.

i haven’t purchased a comic in many years. i really enjoyed the transformers and star trek: year four comics on the psp. i like the autoflow, bookmark, and zoom features a lot. can’t wait to start buying comics again.

I loved the graphics of the Transformers title that you get as a free sample. The art work was brilliant and it was nice to see it returned to the style of the Transformers from the original series. This one was definitely not written for the kids.

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