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Put your money where your comics are (or something like that)

It's Storm, but in wallet form

It's Storm, but in wallet form

Now that we’ve officially turned the corner on Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. No, don’t make that face, I’m being serious.

And if you’re shopping for that special comic book aficionado in your life and not sure what to get them, why not consider a wallet? More precise, a Comic Wallet. Albert Doan, of Calgary, Canada, turns old (and some new) comic books and turns them into laminated, reinforced wallet, which he then sells on his site for about $20-$30 a pop. He’s even got a series of Blackest Night wallets available, if you just can’t get enough DC zombies. He also handles special requests, so if you’ve been anxiously craving to certain sequences from say, Faust, folded up and stuffed in your back pocket, now’s your chance. Myself, I’m holding out for a Little Lulu set.



I have to say, that’s really cool! :)

I was just given a Ben Grimm one (by a very special someone who ordered it for me)! It’s nicely done and very unique!

Please tell me that they have one with Mary Jane Watson saying: “”Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.”

I bought one of the Uncle Scrooge wallets from Albert during his Twitter sale. I love it! It was a perfect match for me, as I’m a comic and Disney fan.

Highly recommend.

i made one with out of the brave and the bold with green lantern and supergirl and also used the lobo/supergirl it was a neat story

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