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The scene from Smallville you’ve been waiting for: Hawkman vs. Green Arrow

Hawkman and Green Arrow, together again

Hawkman and Green Arrow, together again

Entertainment Weekly has a couple of new shots from the upcoming Smallville episode Absolute Justice, including the one above of Hawkman laying the smackdown on Green Arrow. What, tension between those two?

Click on over to EW’s site to see the other new photo of Dr. Fate and Stargirl, who actually look like the comic versions of Dr. Fate and Stargirl.



words can not describe how happy i am.

Stargirl looks fairly decent transposed to live action. Dr. Fate looks like he’s wearing yellow dishwashing gloves.

The greatest threat facing Earth is dishpan hands.

Is Hawkman resting his hawkjunk on the table?

Hawkman needs a tiny little Ray Palmer hanging out on his shoulder.

Previews seemed to show Sandman and possibly Wildcat (boxing in the ring).

This actually had me mildly interested in Smallville for once, but those costumes look so damned cheesy… Especially Stargirl (why is her mask so thick?) and Dr. Fate (nice plastic six-pack, dude). I know it’s a TV budget, but they all look like Halloween costumes.

And… Wasn’t this show supposed to be about Clark Kent growing up to become Superman? Is he even in this movie?

LOL about the “Hawkjunk”… Not as big as I would’ve thought. It explains his attitude in the comics though. He’s been compensating. :-)

nice to see dc keeping as true to doctor fate as they can though the gold really makes him a little cartoony and guess green arrow made a crack about hawkgirl that has hawkman smacking him around. star girl looks like her comic counter part also . and one should remember the wall is also in the episode can not wait.

In action with all the effects and associated gubbins they will look quite good and Hawkman looks better there than he did in the last pic’ released. In the mini trailer I saw a Green Lantern power ring and Sandman as well as that glorious table painting of all the team. What throws me the most though is that isn’t this JSA supposed to be from the seventies? If so then people should at least be less amazed at Clark. I know he’s only hung around with people too young to really remember them but you’d think Chloe in all her digging for weirdness would have come across them by now? I hope I’m wrong about the seventies thing.

Bah to the cynics. Fate’s costume is great.

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