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Trace Adkins plugs comic on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson talks with country musician Trace Adkins about the comic book Luke McBain in a very funny interview. “This has gotten a lot bigger than I thought it would,” Adkins says about the book, which features his likeness. Check out a preview of the book, written by David Tischman with art by Kody Chamberlain, here.



Adkins is a Ferguson regular, and he’s always really funny. Seeing him on this show was the only frame of reference I had for the dude when I heard about the comic, which gave me hope it would be ridiculous in the best way. I may read it if I ever see it anywhere.

This is hilarious. The comic should be pretty good. Trace Adkins as Luke McBain in an updating of Walking Tall, or something is what it sounds like….

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