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Who created the original Batman logo?

Batman #1 logo

Batman #1 logo

As you may have guessed, we’re big fans of the Logo Studies feature letterer Todd Klein runs over on his blog, where he looks at various comic book logos and how they evolved over the years. Yesterday he shared a bit of history about the original Batman logo from the 1940s, which was designed by comics legend Jerry Robinson.

“One of the things I expected when I started doing my Logo Studies was that I would never be able to find out for sure, or at all, who designed many of the original comics logos from the 1940s,” Klein wrote on his blog. “Today I proved that expectation wrong when I spoke to Jerry Robinson, one of the first Batman artists, and involved with the character almost from the beginning.”

Klein had originally gotten in touch with Robinson to ask about the Robin logo that appeared on the Boy Wonder’s first appearance, and Robinson told Klein he also designed the original Batman logo, seen above.

Check out Klein’s complete rundown of the Batman logos over the years here and here, and his commentary on the Robin one here.



Yeah I wouldn’t trust this guy at all. He also states that he created the joker which bob Kane said was completely untrue, it was he and Bill who did it. So this guy just seems like he was along for the ride (I think he was only inking at this point) and attempts to take credit when he had nothing to do with the design or characters.

Why do you deem Jerry Robinson less trustworthy than Bob Kane?

Yeah, Bob Kane is a notorious glory hound and liar. That’s the guy who for decades wouldn’t even acknowledge Bill Finger’s role in the creation of Batman.

Jerry Robinson was actually Bob Kan’e first ghost artist, the first of maaaaaaany to come.

Check out “The Bat” from 1926 at — especially the image near the bottom. There was also a 1930 talkie version called “The Bat Whispers”

Possible influence for the Batman logo — but just how many permutations can there be for drawing a bat? :)

Art Lortie

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