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Wolverine: Weapon X 100 covers up for bid at eBay

by Josh Medors

by Josh Medors

Several pieces of original art from The Hero Initiative’s Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project are available for bidding on eBay … including this one by Josh Medors, which just looks absolutely incredible. Also pieces from Chris Bachalo, Colleen Coover, Art Adams, John McCrea and several others can be found as well.

Go check’em out and place a bid; it’s for a good cause.



That cover is way cool. I have to honest., I’ve never heard of a long-running Wolverine series called Weapon X. I’ve hear of Origins and Wolverine. I haven’t read any X-books for months but I’ve never heard of this one.
Weapon X was the only origin, the only true origin for Wolverine. We don’t need no rich boy origin!

Uh, it’s not long running, it’s only been around for six months. The 100 refers to…100 covers for a title. It’s got nothing to do with a 100th issue.

They did it for Hulk (the 2008 Red Hulk series) #1 as well.

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