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20 Years of Tom Brevoort

Tom Brevoort

Tom Brevoort

At his indispensable blog on, Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort notes a fairly momentous occasion: His 20th anniversary at the company, which will arrive on Dec. 27.

Given the tumult that engulfed the publisher during his tenure, his longevity (and that of Ralph Macchio, the only editorial staffer at the House of Ideas who’s been around longer) is really remarkable. Brevoort points out that after him, the longest-tenured editor at Marvel is Joe Quesada, which really puts things in perspective. Check out Tom’s stroll down memory lane at the link.



Well, realistically, Joe has been there quite a long time, hasn’t he? Certainly among Marvel’s Editors-in-Chief, he has been a marathoner in terms of his run.

Oh, totally. But his arrival was the dawn of “Nu-Marvel,” and thus if he’s the third-longest-running employee, then by definition there’s virtually no Old Marvel left. It’s an eye opener.

I think that’s a good thing. You probably want a couple guys there who are old guard, know the history and can advise, but it’s probably better to have a lot of fresh blood circulating. Could explain why Marvel is doing so much better than DC>

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