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Marc Guggenheim to write Action Comics

"War of the Supermen" #0

"War of the Supermen" #0

With War of the Supermen looming, DC Comics has announced yet another change for the Man of Steel: Writer Marc Guggenheim will take the reins of the flagship Action Comics.

Guggenheim, who has written The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive for DC, The Amazing Spider-Man and Blade for Marvel and the creator-owned Resurrection for Oni Press, is perhaps best known his work on TV series like FlashForward and Eli Stone and the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Although he’ll be starting his Action Comics run as all of the Superman comics are embroiled in a major he crossover, Guggenheim says he hopes to take the title “back to the basics.”

“I really want Action to be pure, classic Superman,” he tells Splash Page. For the last year, Superman has been off on New Krypton and it’s been a major change to his status quo. I’m hoping that by the end of the War of Supermen event I’ll be able to tell some true and classic Superman stories.”



I thought he left Spider-man because he was too busy in Hollywood for comics.

I’m looking forward to his run. Apart from revisiting to goshdarned Clone Saga, he did some great Spidey work.

maybe he can let Superman get blown up down to his bones and then just regenerate everything. That would be awesome.

Don, writing Spider-Man is more time-consuming than writing a regular monthly because of the writer rotation.

I hope the minimum “back to basic” that they go for is actually having Superman in the title. Not that I don’t enjoy other characters getting the spotlight, but there’s a reason the sales on the Superman titles are in the toilet…

Tom from West Chester

December 10, 2009 at 10:48 am

I believe Marc left Amazing in part because of his role on FlashForward, which I believe he has also now left.

Marc also had a great run on Wolverine during Civil War. I think he’ll be a nice fit for Superman, as his work on Flash, salvaging the relaunch with Bart as the Flash was as well done as it could have been. He was dealt a lousy hand by the first several issues of the relaunch.

I thought for some reason he was Marvel exclusive, but either he’s not or it expired apparently.

Tom, I get that. I have just been extra snarky lately. I just really want to read Superman and they keep giving me reasons not to. New Krypton, War of the Supermen. I haven’t enjoyed any of what has come and i really want to.

Are you kidding me??! This guy just apologized profusely to Marvel because his “other job” didn’t afford him the time to write Spider-man. And whined about how difficult the story line was for him to pull together. Now he’s taking on Superman! Spider-man’s gain is Superman’s loss — his stories really don’t hit the mark for me, but I’m disappointed because I’ve really been enjoying the Superman titles. The lameness of television writers continues ad nauseum.

Then again, I’m not quite as snarky as DocSpin. I agree, but I’m not that snarky.

He WAS previously very busy in Hollywood, before he was fired from his job. Now that he no longer is working in TV (at least at the moment) then I’d imagine that he has a lot more time.

Personally, I’m highly disappointed by this news. All that I have read by Guggenheim has seemed lackluster at best.

That means, hopefully, more Fred Van Lente-penned Spiderman stories….

Although it was the story that got me back into Spider-Man (mainly due to it’s Obama on the cover issue), I was not impressed with his Menace arc at all. Surprisingly, his Clone Saga arc–which many of you loath–was pretty interesting. Sure, it’s not highly memorable or anything but he did at least attempt to fix what was a pretty bad storyline and for that I give him credit. Right now I’m currently enjoying Superman just not on the level of where it was during the New Krypton storyline and Codename: Patriot. Once the War comes things should be alright.

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