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Anyone up for a trip to Dubai in 2012?

Concept art for the Marvel theme park in Dubai

Concept art for the Marvel theme park in Dubai

I’ve never been particularly amused by amusement parks — blame traumatic childhood visits to Kings Island and Kings Dominion — but the long-developing Marvel park in Dubai could be enough to change that. Y’know, if I should ever find myself in the United Arab Emirates.

I say that after waking up to this stunning concept art from Chimera Design, discovered by the Disney and More blog. The lush illustrations include a map of the $1-billion park — it’s divided into four “lands,” with Crater Lake at the center — and renditions of the entrance, the City of Super-Heroes and Oasis of Magic. Visit Disney and More to see all 14 images.

Announced in 2007, the theme park is being developed by Marvel Entertainment and UAE-based construction and real estate company Al Ahli Group. The project initially was set to open in 2011, but now appears to be on track for 2012.

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Isn’t Dubai’s construction industry circling the drain at the moment? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Yeah, Dubai just defaulted on some $60 billion in loans, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this ever even breaking ground.

Well the Marvel area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure is the greatest place on earth, and this looks 1,000 times greater, so I WILL be holding my breath until it opens.

Dubai’s an awful long trip to go see virtual Marvel NYC. And as others have pointed out, the current troubles in Dubai have yet to settle out in any meaningful fashion (the debt in question is charged to a wholly government-owned private company that got preferential treatment precisely because it was owned by the government and it was assumed that default was unthinkable.) Grab your popcorn.

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