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“Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes” to set the stage for DC’s Superman event next summer

Adventure Comics #8

Adventure Comics #8

We know that Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul are wrapping up their run on Adventure Comics with issue 6, which will be followed by a Blackest Night tie-in issue written by Tony Bedard. And we know that Paul Levitz, former president and publisher of DC Comics, is slated to start writing the book starting with the book’s first annual next year.

But what happens in between? Levitz hinted to CBR in October that the book would be used to wrap up the story of the Legion in the 20th century, and today DC released more details on that — and unless I missed something somewhere, confirmed the rumored Superman event that’ll run next summer.

First tings first … according to DC’s Source blog today, Adventure Comics #8 will kick off a four-issue story that also runs through several of their Superman titles called “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes.”

According to Assistant Editor Will Moss, James Robinson and Julian Lopez will provide a 10-page story about the Legion members who are in the 21st Century; Sterling Gates and Clayton Henry will provide a 10-pager about the Legion in the 31st Century; and Eric Trautmann and Pier Gallo will provide a 10-pager about General Lane’s Human Defense Corps. The story will also run in the Superman and Supergirl titles, as well as a fourth “mystery” title.

“Featuring Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes, it not only brings to a head all the Legion subplots that DC has been laying down since the JLA/JSA ‘Lightning Saga’ story, but also sets the stage for this summer’s blockbuster Superman event!” Moss said.



The costumes on Johns’ ersatz Adult Legion are beyond hideous.

Sounds great! Wish I could afford adding three titles to my list.

But I can’t, so I’ll have to drop Adventure for a while.

What the heck is up with Sensor Girl’s costume? Half sleeves and a boob window make absolutely no sense for her, especially with the full facial mask.

None of the costumes since Superman & The Ersatz Adult Legion make any sense. The only decent ones in this picture are the ones that predate that story. Everything else is a mishmash of piping, strangely bared skin, belts, buckles, and flaps. They manage the neat trick of exposing too much skin AND being too bulky and heavy.

I’m just glad DC is giving Eric Trautmann more work.

Josh Fitzpatrick

December 4, 2009 at 11:25 am

Brooke – I agree 100%, the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this was “Did Sensor Girl have part of her costume ripped off?” And second was “Did Sensorgirl, and Dawnstar hit plastic surgeons while they were in the 21st century?”

I was growing to like Manapuls art too, but come on DC isn’t Powergirl enough for the mega cleavage/boob window quota?

These constant crossovers of nearly the entire line is why I don’t read Superman books now, except for Secret Origin.

I would drop this and come back after the tie-in to the boring Superman plot that’s going on, but because Clayton Henry is still doing art and they’re doing this cool kind of anthology thing I guess I’ll stay on. Plus it’s the LSH, it’s hard to do a bad LSH story.

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