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Bruce Wayne will return in a time-spanning miniseries by Grant Morrison

Bruce Wayne pirate design, by Andy Kubert

Bruce Wayne pirate design, by Andy Kubert

DC Comics’ week of announcements continues this morning with news of the return of Bruce Wayne in a time-traveling miniseries written by Grant Morrison.

Debuting in April 2010, the aptly named Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne finds the character — presumed dead after the events of Final Crisis but actually hurled into the far-flung past — attempting to reclaim his memory and his place in time.

Return is a fairly intricate time-travel story in which the world’s greatest hero, the optimum man, is up against the supreme challenge to his ingenuity and skill,” Morrison tells USA Today. “How does Batman get out of the ultimate trap? It has a mystery and an apocalyptic countdown going on, there are some major twists and reveals, and it sets up big changes to the Batman universe status quo.”

The six-issue miniseries, which features a rotating roster of artists beginning with Chris Sprouse and followed (possibly) by Frazer Iriving, opens in the Late-Paleolithic Era and then moves on to 17th-century Gotham Village, and so on.

“Each of the stories is a twist on a different ‘pulp hero’ genre — so there’s the caveman story, the witchhunter/Puritan adventurer thing, the pirate Batman, the cowboy, the P.I. — as a nod toward those mad old 1950s comics with Caveman Batman and Viking Batman adventures,” Morrison says. “It’s Bruce Wayne’s ultimate challenge — Batman vs. history itself!”

The first issue of The Return of Bruce Wayne will be 38 pages, with subsequent issues containing 30.



sounds cool. like an elseworlds mini, but tying in (eventually) to B&R. DId you notice how it was stated that the title is becoming more ominous? sounds like Bruce’ll either be a bad guy, or not decide to be batman anymore at all (Zurr-enn-arrh right?)

I figured it was only a matter of time before Grant did a story like this either in one of the main Bat-titles or in a mini.

Gee,… hero throught dead, ….but actually in the past, ….fighting his way forward through time to reclaim his mantle. Hmmmm, where have I heard THAT particular story before?

Seriously? First Blackest Night/Necrosha, now this. While I think it sounds cool, it also sounds repetetive.

Well if they go the “Batman Beyond” Route with Dick being Batman and Bruce in the Alfred / Advisor role, I’d be ok with it.

I used to get everything Morrison wrote. I’ll probably get this but I will think twice about it, which is a first.

Do you think he’ll have an issue where he has a shield and little wings on his head? Not impressed really not impressed. It doesn’t suit Batman to be time travelling around and ’38’ pages? Right ok so you’r having 22 pages of story umpteen adverts and an eight page filler story pertaining to the next crossover event of the decade? Betcha!

One I won’t be bothering with methinks.

its only right that the guy who killed bruce get a crack at bringing him back. for after all its a given that sooner or later dc would want bruce back among the heroes.

I completely agree with Mark. This is exactly the plot of Captain America. How can you guys say it “sounds cool”? Unless “cool” has become a synonym of “rip-off”?

Weird to see the negative reaction… sounds great to me. Kind of wish they hadn’t spoiled the surprise this early, but, hey.

I’m pretty sure this was in the works before reborn even started. lets say FInal Crisis 7?

This would only be interesting if they revealed that Vandal Savage was really Bruce Wayne?

Captain America is randomly jumping through moments in a life he’s already lived while his body in the present is possessed by his archenemy.

Batman is physically trapped in the past and is working forward through thousands of years of history on his own.

Sounds completely the same.

Said Doug: “Well if they go the “Batman Beyond” Route with Dick being Batman and Bruce in the Alfred / Advisor role, I’d be ok with it.”

In Morrison’s USA Today interview, he says there’s another year of Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin, “before that book starts to dovetail with Return and we rush headlong and screaming into the next big, earth-shattering, game-changing twist in the life of Batman.”

My current working theory is that, when all is said and done, Dick will remain as Batman. However, it will be Bruce as Robin. I think that, like Ra’s al-Ghul attempted to do in The Resurrection of Ra’s al-Ghul, Damian could become the “host” body for a disembodied spirit — in this case, Bruce Wayne’s. I expound a little more on the theory here.

Hm. Bruce Wayne as a pirate. Written by Grant Morrison, of course.

And it debuts in April. Is April 1st a Wednesday, next year? :)

(Also, if he’s gonna be a pirate, I hope he stocks up on BAT SHARK-REPELLANT.)

“rip-off”? Really? Do you seriously think Morrison sent Batman back in time at the end of Final Crisis and then said “Yikes, I hope someone out there comes up with another superhero lost in time story I can yoink from in order to figure out how to bring him back!” Yeah, that sounds like Morrison alright.

Seriously, it’s coincidence, not plagiarism.

Sounded good right up to the point where it says Grant Morrison is writing this. No thanks. I’ve had quite enough of his drivel.

“Waah, waah, his ripping of Captain America: Reborn!” Need I remind you that Batman got lost in time at the end of Final Crisis, far before CA:R…so if something’s ripping off another than it’s Reborn.

Hey, when Grant used the Omega Sanction in Mr Miracle 5 years ago, was that a ripoff of this current Cap story too? Grant must be the best plagiarist of all time, he copies storylines that haven’t even been written yet.

“Gee,… hero throught dead, ….but actually in the past, ….fighting his way forward through time to reclaim his mantle. Hmmmm, where have I heard THAT particular story before?”

In Fantastic Four, I think. When Reed was believed dead in the ’90s, wasn’t he revealed to actually be stuck in the Stone Age, where he was working on a time machine with sticks and rocks?

I too am a bit surprised at the negativity, but if there’s one thing that fanboys hate it’s “ZOMG RIP-OFF!”
Seriously, first Grant was accused of ripping off Bru by killing Bruce and replacing him with Dick, then Bru got accused of ripping off Grant after Final Crisis for revealing that Steve Rogers is “unstuck in time,” and now Grant is being accused of ripping off Bru for the exact same thing.

And of course there is Blackest Night/Necrosha as mentioned earlier, but before that when Blackest Night was first hinted at people complained about Blackest Night being “Marvel Zombies with black power rings.”

In both Final Crisis and Secret Invasion “evil wins” (Darkseid and Osborne respectively) blah blah blah and it goes on and people keep complaining about these superficial similarities.

This sounded hokey up until the point it said Morrison was writing it.
-While I do think it will be good, I don’t think Batman really suits a time travel story. Also, I absolutely hate any and all spin-off mini-series for characters with their own books (in this case, more like three or four).
-Where does this leave the ‘Batman & Robin’ series? Arrgh! Please, DC, don’t do an ‘x-men’ and just keep everything running. You’ll stretch it too thin.

Stupid idea.

I’ve said it elsewhere, I’ll say it here: What’s the point of a having someone who looks *exactly* the same as Bruce Wayne running around Gotham if it’s not so Bruce’s soul/spirit/whatever can take it over when they need him to return? He’ll be pissed off that Dick & Damian didn’t find his clues from the past, they’ll get the boot, Damian will go ‘bad’ and Tim will return as the only one who believed in Bruce. Job’s a good ‘un.

Sounds a awful lot like Captain America: Reborn to me.

Regardless of the story or writing in it, at least the first issue is Chris Sprouse art!

You’re kidding me right? This sounds JUST like Captain America. Who’s been stealing Ed Brubaker’s ideas?

Have any of the people crying foul here been reading SUPERHERO comics for more than the last 6 months to a year? It’s genre fiction people! There are only so many plots, it’s what the creators hang on those plots that makes them new, interesting, funny, exciting, compelling, etc, etc

interesting idea but somehow I prefer Bruce not returning yet and Dick remain as Batman for a few years or so and see how it’ll play out.

People who are claiming that Reborn is ripping off Return or vice-versa,

Go read Slaughterhouse V. Both of these stories (along with the time-jumping in the television show Lost) are paying tribute to a device used in Slaughterhouse V.

Alan Moore…Batman!

definitely sounds way too similar to the Cap story… which I also think is lame.


It’s nothing like Reborn because he’s dressed up like a pirate. Sounds more like he’s ripping off the TMNT action figure line of the early nineties where they had Swashbucklin’ Ralph, Astronaut Don, and Pizza Delivery Mike to me.

The Thing was a pirate, too…

This story, Captain America Reborn and the Fantastic 4 story are all ripoffs of Back to the Future 3.

Seriously…Morrison is the best superhero comic book writer out there and his stuff is consistently top notch. Not every project is a grand slam, but they are always entertaining. If you like Batman, than you should get this.

What can you do… I think we all saw this one coming…

I think it’s pretty obvious who Grant Morrison is really ripping off here:

See Captain Atom with the dinosaurs! In Ancient Rome! The Wild West! And…World War II!

I’m predicting that in the last issue of this new miniseries Bruce Wayne will be caught in a nuclear blast and thrown back to the present where he’ll fight crime as…the new Breach!

Morrison, you genius!

Batman Pirate looks alike Pirates of the Caribbean’s Davy Jones

wow, DC is lettting Morrison write any old turd of a story he wants, don’t they?

Batman and time-travel goes together like Batman and Space Aliens…not really apropo for the character IMO.

Explain to me again why Morrison is looked upon with such awe…?

I kinda like Dick as Batman and would feel cheated a bit if they demoted him to Nightwing

Don’t you dare mess up the realism of my man who dresses as a bat to fight crime with time travel!

Sean T. Collins

December 9, 2009 at 8:42 am

I really enjoyed all the caveman sequences in Captain America Reborn.

My criticism is not with the storyline itself, but the timing of similar plotlines being on the shelf at the same time. Not a Morrison critique, a Marvel/DC/state of the industry critique

And everybody is just riffing off of Joseph Campbell.

“I really enjoyed all the caveman sequences in Captain America Reborn.”

Captain … Caveman?

Ds in Jeopardy in Idnetity Crisis / Identity Disk
Evil Wins in Final Crisis / Secret Invasion
Zombies in Blackest Night / Necrosh
Similar Journeys in Reborn / The Return

Coincidences happen.
I always said if I could write X-Men I’d have them be an army. Although my method would surely be different, someone else had the same idea and he’s writing that right now. There’s go my big idea! But it’s not like Matt Fraction had that by himself. Messiah Complex was moving in that direction. Cyclops waving the flag he waves in Nation X started off that event.

I drew a Batman picture I thought was great. Later I saw a Batman statue that looked EXACTLY like what I drew and I was freaked out like ‘did the artists see my Batman?” Of course he (they?) didn’t. They just had the same image in their head, and there’s only but so many ways you can draw him different from what you’ve already seen, which was my goal, and probably theirs, too.

Before the Spider-man movies made images reflected in Spdey’s eyes popular (because the movie popularized reflective lenses on him) I drew Spidey with Doc Oc’s tentacles in it. Before I knew it, the 1st movie had Green Goblin reflected in a similar way.

There’s so much talent between the companies, the biggest ideas are going to be pushed. If a writer at DC thinks of a great story, and at Marvel a writer thinks of a great story, but they happen to to be similar, they’re not letting go of that great idea.

Well if Bruce Wayne can think up ways to defeat his super hero comrades, I am sure it isn’t a stretch for him to find a way to return from the past. Batman has teamed up with the Legion of Superheroes. And he isn’t the first superhero to experience time travel. If I was a strategist like him, I would be interested in time travel technology as soon as I heard about it and make plans to accommodate myself..

I think it would be more in character for Darkseid to take Batman to Apokolipse to break him, but Bruce being Bruce, he would survive and maybe not be found/discovered for several years. There could be so many stories told of his captivity and his desire to live/escape, not to mention when he returns, would he take up the mantle of Batman and if so, what kind of Batman would he be.

Ye gods, did anyone here actually READ what Morrison said in the interview? He’s using this mini-series to EXPLORE GENRE FICTION. If anything its a mash of different Elseworlds stories… you know, like “Batman: Noir” and “Batman: Nine Lives” which explored the idea of Batman in a 1940’s setting, or “Justice Riders” which explored the JLA in the old west… etc.

If there’s one thing I, personally, always find fascinating it’s Morrison’s explorations of modern mythology — and the idea of how the stories people have created over the years fit into the myths and legends of the past. The Science Fiction Pulp Magazines of the 1950’s as the heirs to Beowulf and stuff like that. Also, look at the way Morrison tool a lot of the crazy, 1950’s Superman sci-fi concepts and just tweaked them slightly in “All Star Superman” and made audiences look at the Silver Age with a new vision.

As a fan of A LOT of the old Elseworlds stories (and for the record I MISS that imprint and am sad DC got rid of it) I’m actually LOOKING FORWARD to this!

Adding “methinks” to your comment doesn’t make you clever.


I might even read this. Frazer Irving’s art is icing on the steak.

What Grant is doing with Batman all relates to what Kirby did in the Fourth World series with the Forever People. When Batman was hit with Darkseid’s omega beams, Darkseid, I paraphase stated that “the death that is life”, forcing the person to live through a number of different time periods, like Sonny Sumo did from the Forever People. If anyone is coping someone, I’d say it is Ed Brubaker. By the way, I’ve read his run on Captain Americar.

Look we all saw the bit of promo art featuring Pirate Batman alongside a host of other odd characters that would come to rise or fall in FC so YES this was probabley planned long before Steve Rogers started Quantum Leaping about his own life line and I will freely acknowledge the differences here and now between the two iconic characters being killed and reborn at more or less the same time in more or less the same way.

Try explaining it to someone you know tolerates you’r discussions about comics, really go on.

I appreciate that Mr Morrison considers comics to be a big toy box that you can plunge your hands into and pull out Mego Man and My Little Pony and some how make them a viable toy team up against Skelator but what he seems to have forgotten is that stories have to have an internal logic and structure that make them work. Batman has never been comfortable in the sci-fi genre EVER. There’s a good reason we don’t get stories about Batman fighting space aliens and such and there’s a better reason why the recent Doc Savage and Batman works so well.

And if you need that reason explaining to you find the nearest window and get licking.

Batman died in a helicopter explosion. Of all the stupid things he could have died from at least it was realistic. Never finding the body it was obvious he was still out there somewhere but where? So on and so forth.

Time travel? No sorry not for my view of Batman.

I say it sucks, it has to be a great strory for it to work, and since comic book stories are in decline, i dont expect it to be a good one, id pass.
And yes, its a stupid idea. It looks like DC is merging Pirates of The Caribean and Caps Reborn, its so pitiful that comics now are only about making money instead of making comic books a good read.

@ dphilpott

doesn’t it? oh wow damn. Consider me told!


its a cheap way to bring the Batman back… too

This story has a better chance of being good if anyone other than Morrison writes it. I know that sounds cynical, but sorry, Final Crisis left me more than a little miffed. While Morrison has written some great things, I’m just so tired of him playing “Fear and Loathing in the DC Universe”. It’s simply a preference. Morrison writing Batman just doesn’t work.

Boy I love comments threads.

Me, I love the Pirate Batman design. Huge grin. I’m looking forward to this.

I’ve dug most of Grant’s Batman stuff. RIP was a bit of a failure, in my opinion (and most other people’s apparently), mostly due to the awkward fact that his actual “death” was in another comic entirely, but I loved the Club of Heroes stuff, and B&R has been great fun.

For those saying it’s “ripping off” Reborn: you’re idiots. It’s an interesting coincidence, but it’s not like this is an original idea, and Grant’s been doing this story just as long as Ed has, so accusing either one of ripping off the other is just silly. Anyway, Kurt Busiek’s doing the same thing in Astro City with a Captain America analogue, and nobody’s accused anybody of ripping HIM off.

Now, if the fact that this is too similar to the existing story makes you not want to read it, I understand. I haven’t read any of Brubaker’s Cap, myself. But don’t scream “ripoff”, it’s just childish.

ahhhhhh…at least the message boards remain consistant. if you can’t say anything nice…welcome to the internet.

I am pretty excited about this and to be honest, anyone who didn’t expect something like this to bring Bruce back obviously hasn’t been following the series.

The Omega Sanction essentially puts people through multiple lives, and when Bruce was attacked by those beams, the first thought in many fans heads was, “Wow, there are gonna be some weird ass lives that he can live. Can’t wait to see it.”

Also, the comparisons to Captain America Reborn are superficial at best. Cap is put through a time traveling jaunt in which he relives OLD past experiences due to a plan by his greatest nemesis, culminating in a fight over his body. Batman is forced to live different multiple lives (new ones in fact), trapped in this cycle forever due to his attempted attack on a God, and there is a body that may or may not be a clone. Quite different wouldn’t you say? Only people who say there are similarities are those who don’t follow both series (which you should as they are IMO the best books out there).

However, when you simplify to just “Both are time traveling so someone must have copied someone”, you are doing the stories a disservice.

i still believed they should have come with something more original to bring Batman back, something more innovative.

This sounds awesome to me.

People always point to the most recent thing they can think of when a story idea sound even vaguely similar, as though most general ideas like this haven’t been done in fiction several times before. The Captain America thing was a rip off of Lost (I don’t watch Lost so the description of Reborn sounds more like Slaughterhouse Five to me) and now this is a rip off of Cap Reborn. Yet it is clear both of these stories have been seeded for a very long time (just like Blackest Night and Necrosha). I don’t understand why people struggle with the concept that two different people can come up with similar ideas at roughly the same time, completely independent of each other. And as jackdoe explained, these stories don’t sound nearly as similar when you get into the details.

Besides, there are too many comics being published to read everything and if two stories sound too similar by all means don’t read them both.


You’ve hit the nail right on the head! It’s neither clever nor interesting but above all it feels ‘cheap’.

Batman isn’t lost in time. He’s dead. Grant Morrison should read some other DC books.

If Batman isn’t dead, thanks for spoiling a decent crossover jerk.

@Allyn Gibson


I hope that this adventure will be more training for the Batman. Adding more to his arsenal of martial arts fighting styles would make him an unstoppable force, which he already is.

I hope it is treated like Samurai Jack’s training would maybe explain my feelings best.

i think thats a good idea

They should have used that time-traveling plot in a Superman story. Each era he goes to he’s challenged to use his powers and possibly change the course of history. Wasn’t there already a Superman story like that?

This sounds REALLY stupid.

Damn, you superhero fans really need to stop calling rip-off all the time. There are no new ideas, get over it. Its immature. “You ruined my character!” “Such a rip-off”

If I had a quarter for every time you guys bitched in some non-intelligent manner I would be so rich I would buy Marvel and DC and fuck up all your characters even more.

As for the story? It sounds awesome. Grant Morrison is a genius, yet sometimes he forgets to write a well crafted story and gets lost in the high concepts. If this is a bit more streamlined, its probably going to be awesome.

For those that think that Morrison is ripping off of Captain America should check the dates, the time travelling reveal of Final Crisis predated the reveal that Cap was shot with a timetravelling gun by Sharon. I think that it is very likely that Morrison had the idea first, but has been so slow in execution of this that he will very naturally draw the accusitions of copying because Marvel will get there first.
(or people might mention that no one remembers seeing Morrision and Bendis in the same room together…Hmmm)

Sorry gents. No rip-offs here. I know this may come as a shock to some but, I believe that there is something in the way of planning for the return of a major character. Seeds were planted at the end of FC and Bru has gone on record saying he is riffing on Slaughterhouse V.

With that said I must say I’m a little torn. While I find the premise intriguing to a point, I’m not sure this is the best fit for the mainstream Bruce. Yes, Batman Elseworld tales have generally been good but that’s mostly because they were outside the main continuity. I think if things were limited to one particular period, particularly the caveman era and we hadn’t just recently gone though the whole building a better Batman shtick after Infinite Crisis it would have been much easier to swallow. Imagine seeing Batman stuck as a caveman with nothing but his skills helping him to survive. No gadgets, no computers, no money, no Bat family, no JLA, no Gotham. I think that would have been a much better way to “rebuild Batman”. I can already picture a sequence where Bruce fends off a dinosaur rescuing a group of cave people and when asked how he could do such a thing, he replies “I’ve got one in my cave back home.”

wow I think thats a good idea..

I would like to see Dick remain Batman a little longer. And no one is ripping off anybody else! So shut up about it!

There has been time travel in Batman stories before. If anything, Morrison is once again drawing inspiration from the Silver Age, and such stories as Batman #93’s “The Caveman Batman” (1955) in which Batman and Robin travel back to pre-history. I believe this story has been long in the making for him, and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be one of his successful updates of Silver Age ideology, a la Animal Man and All-Star Superman.

Okay enough with “We’ll gee haven’t we seen this before?” comments. I think that I’ll actually read the books before I disparage them.

“It’s Bruce Wayne’s ultimate challenge — Batman vs. history itself!”

Batman is going to totally WRECK HISTORY’S FACE.

Isn’t this absolutely similar to the “Superman:Time and time” again plot?

What in the blue hell did I just read? Seriously. PIRATE BATMAN???? Grant Morrison and Dan DiDio need to go somewhere far away on vacation and never come back.

Sean p Belcher wrote:
Seriously, it’s coincidence, not plagiarism.

which is true but it’s still a lame ass idea. am I the only one who thought that Final Crisis sucked! But Morrison seems to out do himself this time with this bunk crap. You’re hearing it first—Morrison’s slippin’.

Rip off or not, this is probably going to be off the wall crazy, Morrison-style. I’m pretty excited about that.

Seriously, Batman is gonna be a pirate. How could that suck? HOW COULD THAT SUCK?

If you can’t enjoy a story about viking/caveman/pirate Batman, why are you even reading comics?

@daniel, because it seems as a stupid idea… i love comic books, i can read anything if it has a great story in it, but this seems so cheap, it just following a trend, its like colgate (marvel) and crest (dc) fighting for the number 1 selling spot regarless of how ridiculous the story can be, as long as it sells right? like jeph loeb with Rulk or Ultimate run, that was just junk, but of course Marvel is a selling machine, far from what had become on the 90s and 80s. Thier battle brings Bruce Wayne to a viking-caveman-pirate, i mean, cmon that sounds like a bed time story. Dont get me wrong, i hope that morrison can come with a great idea, i really hope so, though i dont have my hopes up.

@Samir, so you like your Batman stories grounded firmly in reality? Like a billionaire crime fighter who’s nemesis is a man who fell into a vat of chemicals and came out the other end a criminal mastermind clown.

I cant believe everyone is reacting so negatively to this, i mean it does sound like it could end up a disappointment, but to me everything Morrison has done with Bats has been one amazing ride after another.

as for being similar to cap’s story, sure the story line is close, but im sure the journey is gonna be completely different and isn’t that whats important, not the premise?

and if Batman 666 is any indication the future for the bat family looks to be Bruce and Dick Both assuming the Batman role, with Bruce commanding Dick and with Damien in the Robin roll being commanded by Dick.

As i said before, this premise doesnt interest me, but I will be gettin it because Morrison never continues to surprise me with unbelievable twists and turns to make an unbelievable story.

Batman has already been a pirate it was called Leatherwing. Accept the pirate batman in that story was more of “Mutiny on the Bounty”esque or you know looked more like the Dread Pirate Roberts. Personally I think that type of apperence of a pirate suits batman more than a pirate with a dread lock beard.

It’s really unfortunate that both the establishment of Dick Grayson as Batman and Barnes as Captain America aren’t going to stick.It’s time to move on people.Marvel and DC have nothing but exploitation and marketing in mind and the wacked idea that the original concepts are iconic and somehow sit in the same catagory as Sherlock Holmes,Long John Silver or Scrooge and can’t be changed.This is nothing but creative stagnation and we perpetuate this by continuing to buy this drivel.Actually what is missing here are the behind the scenes confabs where the editors and lead writers of both companies got together years ago to plan this shared continuity for the eventual merger of DC and Marvel which will make them all undeservedly richer at our expense.Then they can continue to sell the same story over and over again to the idiots who defend these people and are willing to shell out for this crap at higher and higher prices.

i dont care how they do it…

just BRING BRUCE WAYNE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

not that i don’t enjoy seeing Dick Grayson as Batman….
Dick is my second favorite character next to Bruce.

but Bruce Wayne is Batman and Batman IS Bruce Wayne!!!!

it would actually be pretty cool if Dick stayed as Batman and he and Bruce double canvased Gotham!!!
2 Batmans 2 Robins? might work?

but then again…what do i know? i’m just happy they are bringing him back pirate or NOT!!!

as for this whole Captain America thing….

i don’t read Captain America so i could care less!!!!!

Perhaps by being too concerned on the minor details of a story and worrying about what’s a copy of what or that something is going too far away from reality we are limiting the creative pool of where a comic writer is willing to go with their stories. They want it to be acceptable and noncontroversial so that it will sell well, and the only way to do that is by coming up with repetitive stories and gimmicks.
But, stay the same for too long and a story will either stagnate or end entirely. Keep the twists and turns going and it will continue freshly. Though, sometimes I still wonder if it really will even be possible for Bruce to remain ageless and unchanged for the next decade or so.
But more so…if you stick with the same old formula and the keep coming up with the stories that send Batman out into his own familiar ground and deal with nothing but familiar enemies with familiar endings then more than anything you will ALWAYS end up with the same thing.
Boring stories.
But Morrison is random and chaotic. He’s got the stuff that keeps a story twisting, so even when something seems like a normal run of the mill story…when written by him, I doubt it will be, and that’s what makes it exciting.
Also, about Bruce letting Dick Grayson be Batman, you have to remember a couple of things. Bruce made a promise to avenge his parents, and two, he is also a perfectionist. I’m not sure -he’d- be completely happy with somebody else in the costume while he’s permanently on the sidelines. Only thing that would stop him from being Batman is old age. Even losing limbs, I think he’d be driven enough to replace those with cybernetics and -still- keep rolling with the punches. Cause it’s what he does. He’s Batman after all.

i just want to see bruce wayne back

dude, if bruce is coming back through time won’t he just be able to stop joe chill from killing his parents and in theory make it so batman never existed?

-kinda an interesting thought ive been having

What are you people on?

Batman and Cap killed, both shot into alternate timeines, Their sidekicks taking their places ( actually being popular in these roles) Both characters fighting to find their way back to the present, both having to be ‘reborn’ in their respective universes in mini series..all within months of each other, yet this is all some fantastic ‘coincidence’.

Some people will believe any old sh*t.

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