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Coming soon: the new Wizard website



Is Wizard preparing to relaunch its web presence one more time? That’s the implication of a graphic recently added to the current, bare-bones site that once housed the digital version of Gareb Shamus’s publishing flagship (and once employed yours truly).

A banner atop the placeholder page now present at reads:

Please pardon our appearance!
There’s a new coming soon!
We’re relaunching with a New Look & New Attitude!
In the meantime, we are still open for business…enjoy!

Additional, awkwardly punctuated text directs visitors who are “looking for Wizard” to, where in addition to the usual assortment of news they will find updates on “the Wizard World tour of conventions, from 2010’s Toronto Comic Con, to our inaugural Anaheim Comic Con to next summer’s Wizard World Chicago Comic Con!”

Con War tea-leaf readers can make of the omission of the June 11-13 Philadelphia and October 7-10 Big Apple shows what they will.



Any bets they rename it Wizard’s Comic Book Newsarama Resources?

I know you have to report it, but who cares? Wizard and Shameless can go suck an egg.

Hmm… That banner’s been there for over a month now.

I picked up the latest issue of Wizard and it’s easy to see why they are losing support. Firstly, the book is about 40 pages now (which they try to hide by not numbering the pages). Secondly, I don’t think they bother to QA the magazine before going to print (Mickey Rourke won the Oscar last year???) and thirdly, they just pander to whoever is being interviewed that month (“Joe Maduriera’s triumphant return to the medium (on Ultimates vol. 3) reinforced the turbulent story in mood and packed dynamic action that hit readers like a one-ton truck”.

I pick up the occasional issue in hopes they can turn it around but this is my last issue for sure

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