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DC Comics takes seven spots in November’s Top 10

Blackest Night #5

Blackest Night #5

It turns out that DC Comics’ domination of the Diamond Top 10 in October may have been more than simply an anomaly made possible by a competitor’s schedule drift: The just-released list for November shows the publisher taking seven of the 10 slots, one better than the previous month.

As chart-watcher John Jackson Miller points out, only the appearance at No. 3 of Marvel’s Captain America Reborn #4 prevented DC from repeating its once-in-four-decades claim to the six best-selling comics.

Marvel continued to lead in unit share and dollar share.

DC’s November achievement was again aided by Blackest Night, whose fifth issue was the top-selling comic to the direct market. Four of the company’s six other Top 10 titles were tied to the crossover; only Batman and Robin #6 (at No. 4) and The Flash: Rebirth #5 (at No. 9) were unrelated to the miniseries.

The 10 best-selling comics were evenly split between $3.99 and $2.99.

Perhaps almost as interesting is the list of Top 10 graphic novels, which is led by the first collection of Image Comics’ surprise hit Chew, followed by the fifth volume of Dynamite’s The Boys.



Cue Tom “Debbie Downer” Brevoort with another excuse…

What was that the EICs were saying about event fatigue? Almost every book in the top 10 is directly related to an event. Those that aren’t (BATMAN, DARK AVENGERS, NEW AVENGERS) are driven by the aftermath of a recent event storyline (Batman RIP, Secret Invastion –> Dark Reign).

Not sure why Breevort would need to make excuses about Marvel trailing DC in top 10 books (but not, mind you, market share or dollars). BLACKEST NIGHT and its tie-ins are clearly popular, and Marvel doesn’t have a true event going on right now beyond CAP REBORN. I’m curious where the DOOM PATROL and REBELS books wound up on the list for Novemebr w/ the ring promotion.

SIEGE starts soon, and Marvel will occupy more of the top 10 again once BLACKEST NIGHT ends and DC is between events (or is one quickly following BLACKEST NIGHT?). Don’t get too worked up about it.

I suspect event fatigue mostly exists in the comics blogosphere.

And regarding CHEW, what can I say but congratulations to the creative team! Of all the books unlikely to ever top a sales list, CHEW’s got to be about the most unlikely. Guess the cibopath demand was untapped this whole time…

Dan Didio has hinted repeatedly that they have another event coming up spinning out of the Superman books, but no idea what it is, or when we’ll see it other than the vague “sometime in 2010.”

Mysterious Stranger

December 3, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Kinda shoots a hole in Brevoort’s “our biggest books didn’t ship that month” spin when October’s numbers came out. Wonder how he’ll spin it this time?

I still vote that this is a result of the $3.99 Marvels (with no added features).

As a long-term Marvel junkie, there are very few titles that I buy from them anymore, but I continue to increase my purchases of DCs….

And a primary part of my decision is the pricing of Marvels…. ($4 a comic is just too much for a regular purchase.)

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