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DC confirms new Who’s Who and History of the DC Universe

Who's Who in the DC Universe #1

Who's Who in the DC Universe #1

DC Comics has confirmed that, in conjunction with the just-announced Legacies miniseries, it will release new editions of History of the DC Universe and an all-new 15-issue Who’s Who in the DC Universe.

For superhero fans who grew up in the 1980s those titles, along with the earlier Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, were a seemingly endless source of trivia and enjoyment — and provided fodder for countless nerdy debates. (Heaven knows my friends and I wore my copies to tatters.)

Essentially a comic-book encyclopedia, the original Who’s Who debuted in December 1984 and ran for 26 issues, detailing the people — both prominent and obscure — places and organizations of the DC Universe. There were subsequent updates, but none was ever as comprehensive as the original series. The role of Who’s Who eventually was filled by the Secret Files and Origins one-shots.

History of the DC Universe was a two-issue series by Marv Wolfman and George Perez released in 1986 in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths to establish what was canon now that there was no multiverse.

No creators have been announced for the new editions.



If this is accompanied by Showcase editons of the original Who’s Who series and the two ’87 and ’88 Updates, then I’m definitely in. Aw, who am I kidding? I’ll be buying these new series anyway…

I am so there. I *loved* the originals! And, of course, I loved to nitpick and kibitz them as well, something I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunity for this time as well… ;-)

I just hope they return to the sort of in-depth, thorough character backstory the original Who’s Who offered, rather than the truncated approach we’ve seen in more recent Secret Files that pretty much just skips from a character’s origins straight to current events…

where can i get the complete who’s who in D.C. comic book u know all the super hero’s and villians

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