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DC to introduce a slew of revamped Red Circle characters next month

The Comet, designed by Duncan Rouleau

The Comet, designed by Duncan Rouleau

Starting next month in The Shield #5, DC Comics will begin introducing several more newly revamped characters from the Red Circle comics line into the DCU. Editor Rachel Gluckstern gave more details today over on DC’s The Source blog.

The Red Circle characters, for those not familiar with them, are superhero characters once published by Archie Comics back in the day. DC published stories about the characters as a separate line back in the early 1990s, the short-lived Impact line. Earlier this year, they began introducing them into the DCU, giving The Shield and The Web their own titles, which include back-up features starring Inferno and the Hangman.

So who’s joining these former Mighty Crusaders in January? Here’s a rundown on who to expect to see …

  • The main story in The Shield #5 will see the introduction of the Jaguar to the DCU.
  • In the back-up feature in that same issue, the Inferno meets the Comet (seen above).
  • The Web #5 sees the Black Hood showing up in the main feature.
  • And in the Hangman back-up feature in that same issue, Mr. Justice shows up. Eventually Mr. Justice will get his own co-feature in one of the books, written by Michael and David Uslan, and drawn by Justiniano.

They also announced in March that the Inferno back-up story in The Shield would go on hiatus, and would be replaced by The Fox, by writer Brandon Jerwa and artist Michael Avon Oeming.

Click on over to the Source to see what all the newly designed characters will look like.



Meh…I think I’ll go back and re-read the issues I have of The Comet – along with the late, great Mike Parobeck on The Fly. And Maybe dig out the issues I have of The Crusaders. Maybe this will attract a new generation of new and different readers.

I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since the DC Impact line…Wow.

That Comet design is awesome. I really dig the space ephemera on the sleeves…

!mpact, not Impact.

Those are some solid creative teams right there. Pretty cool.

The !mpact re-interpretation of The Black Hood was an excellent stray from the original concept.

The initial “I” in the logo looked like an exclamation point, but the name of the imprint was not actually !mpact.

With the exclamation point, it had more !mpact.

Hahaha … ok, I’ll give you that. :)

Oh man, I feel bad for collectively passing up this new revamp of the Red Circle heroes but that’s just too many books for me to commit to in order to check out something I may or may not be interested in. Maybe if it was all contained within one book, but I can understand how that could limit the stories (I mean they already have to have co-features in the books that they do have!), but still it might have been better for DC to condense their Red Circle guys into one book instead of trying to sell two or three.

Getting Duncan Rouleau to redesign the characters was a damn good idea. Shame he’s not drawing any of the actual series, though.

These Red Circle things just make me angry.

I really wonder if DC is seeing any sort of increased buzz as a result of using these particular characters instead of just creating their own? I don’t understand why they didn’t just say “Duncan, do something like the Comet but call him something else” and then same themselves some money?

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