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Frank Miller’s 300 sequel Xerxes to depict Battle of Marathon

Xerxes, from "300"

Xerxes, from "300"

Nestled in this Los Angeles Times article about the resurgence of Greek mythology in popular entertainment just may be the first official details of Frank Miller’s sequel to his 1998 miniseries-turned-2007 box-office hit 300.

Previous reports had indicated that the new graphic novel, which would be used as the basis for another movie, is set between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea, shown at the end of 300.

However, according to the LA Times article, the follow-up is now titled Xerxes — Xerxes I of Persia is the antagonist of 300 — and takes place 10 years before Thermopylae.

“It’s the Battle of Marathon through my lens,” Miller told the newspaper last week. “I’ve finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork.”

Among the criticisms levied against 300 is Miller’s depiction of Xerxes as an inhumanly tall, bejeweled androgynous figure at the head of a near-demonic horde.

The Battle of Marathon marked the end of Persia’s first invasion of Greece, triggered by the involvement of Athens and Eretria in revolts by several regions in Asia Minor against Persian rule. Xerxes’ father Darius I was the ruler of Persia at the time of the conflict.




it will be awesome to see Frank drawing a comic again. good news

C’mon, how original is this?
It might look great, it even might read great…. but has even Millar the ability to do something original with an “just a platform for a movie based on it” GN?

How can you expect any of us to take you seriously when you cannot even put together a coherent sentence? Learn how to type and speak before you open your mouth to give a useless opinion.

I don’t think I’m alone in expecting, “I’m the goddamn emperor of Persia”.

Miller needs to wipe the cartoon dollar signs from his eyes and find another muse.

maybe Frank will do some historical research this time……300 was just a tad to unbelievable at times.

I hope he puts in the line “Scissors me Xerxes”

Just how many projects has Miller “announced” only to never see the light of day? I’m still waiting for Jesus!, another Sin City, Batman vs. Al-Quaida, etc etc.

I’ve always enjoyed his work, and it’s a shame so much of it is just hype.

Kind of disappointed. Sure it could be cool, but I wanna see more Gerard Butler yelling, less Paolo from Lost.

A prequel to 3oo? Focusing on Xerxes? Yawn.

Historical Accuracy? Watch some learning channel if that’s all you care about. 300 was kick ass. Braveheart was kickass and so was 2001.

yes a little historical accuracy would be nice. I’m not looking to sit through 2 hours of homo erotic imagery. The STORY is what makes that idea great not Franks’ opium induced stupor that seems to have permeated his comic book version. I’ll give you Braveheart tho.

Anyone who thinks Miller hasn’t done anything original, should read Ronin. I would also disagree with people who think 300 wasn’t original. It came out in 1998, years before Gladiator, Troy, or any other sword movie was remotely on Hollywoods radar.

300 sequel? Great! But what about finishing All Star Batman and Robin?!

Yet another story where non-Western people are portrayed as either effeminate princes, or unthinking, slavish brutes?

Methinks someone had been reading too much Victor Davis Hanson.

Seems like this is more of a glorified storyboard for a movie than a serious comic. Then again I’m sure Frank owes Hollywood a bit for The Spirit…

Like many I’m a long time fan but his current phase is unappealing on many levels. Fingers crossed this project actually has some bite to it. Historical accuracy was never the point of 300 so to ask that again is ridiculous but 300 was also far from a comic “hit” when first published. I’m curious even it’s Hollywood that wants this more or Frank…cause really when in all the years before 300 was a film hit did ANYONE want a comic sequel to it?

This is totally not exciting. Frank should return to doing comics for the sake of comics. I’m sure he’s got enough money now to take some time and craft something fresh.

The Spirit is proof positive that Frank Millar should stick to comic books. And should never be let anywhere near a director’s chair unless it’s in his living room.

If there’s a god this movie will never see the light of day.

“I’ve finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork.”

The plot for this movie can be found on Wikipedia — what’s he going to do, add ninja hookers to it?

As for starting the artwork — hasn’t he been saying that he was about 120 pages in to “Batman Versus Al-Qaeda” for the last five years?

Miller hasn’t been able to string together a coherent or complete plot in a comic book for fifteen years — the apologists for DK2 and “All-Star Batman” are delusional to defend it on those terms. Miller is an old horse who’s been ready for the glue factory for a long time.

Mother Theresa said:
“Miller hasn’t been able to string together a coherent or complete plot in a comic book for fifteen years — the apologists for DK2 and “All-Star Batman” are delusional to defend it on those terms. Miller is an old horse who’s been ready for the glue factory for a long time.”
I concur, once he was a hot new artist that was making quite a stir in the mainstream. And eventually set out on his own with Sin City,Martha Washington,Big Boy and Rusty.
But that’s so long ago.
Daredevil, and Electra stories are still good to look back on reminisce. And Ronin still rocks.
But the man today is a shadow of his former self. (listen to the audio commentary on the Spirit)
At least he’s off the the Buck Rogers movie.(sigh)

So long as it’s more of that Eye Candy that 300 had and a great story to match, then put me down.

The Spirit was interesting and entertaining. I find it sad how it’s dispagared for its originality and quirkiness.

To clarify my first statement, dear Frank, I don’t think a sequel to 300 can be original.

There are 3 reasons for my belief:

1. There are hardly any sequels with an ounce of originality in them.

2. What was original in 300? The visuals! Will they change in the sequel? Probably not, because then the movie would look different too and then it probably won’t be as successful as the first one. So they can’t be original.

3. How good can a comic be, which was solely inspired by the need to have another story available to be made into a movie sequel?
Jurassic Parc II the novel, ring any bells.

Last but not least let me thank you for your nice way of telling me to get lost.
Mi wording may have been chosen badly, and my grammar faulty, this happens sometimes because english is not my first language. And it’s not like I’m sitting here writing with a dictionary or a grammar book beside me.
Still, I think the meaning of my post was clear, which is that this project sucks, The Spirit sucked and Batman vs. Al-Qaeida will suck, suck, SUCK.

And believe me that I’d know enough words to describe my pov and my initial response to your nice post, you dimwit!

Of cource Xerxes never took part in the battle of Marathon….

If you guys hate this comic before it even comes out – then why are you here giving attention to it?

I always liked Frank as a creator. His work had style. It had a hard edge. It had an Intensity brought on by both the solid artwork and a true feel for pulpy crime ridden language.
But that was a long time ago.
The work that we have gotten in the last few years has been sub par at best.
The only redeeming quality of All Star Batman and Robin is the artwork of Jim Lee. I mean its hard to screw that up right?
I had to drop the book after issue 5. Three issues after I decided I needed to drop it.
The problem with Frank as I see it, Is that Sin City gave him a voice that was different than anyone else in comics. Not original mind you, just different. It was as if Elmore Leanord and Mickey Spillane had suddenly decided to do comics.
Sadly, when Frank found this -part- of his creative voice, all other aspects of him simply faded away.

Gone was the voice that gave us Ronin. Gone was the voice that made the Dark Knight such a politically charged look at society and the refusal to go quietly into the night.

It was all replaced by someone who thought he had become Chandler and Spillane.
Someone who finally got the chance to step away from the page and put his immeasurable talents to use on a film. Not just any film either. A film that at once spoke to the Comic creator and the Hard Boiled crime writer he wanted to be.
Then you went and messed it up trying to use all of the visual tricks that either only work well on the comics page or in the hands of a more skilled director.
The film looked as though the idea of being put in charge of a film went from reality to fantasy of how great you would make it because you were Frank Miller before a single frame was shot.
I think the Idea of filming your panels was a good one. For SIN CITY and 300, but not for everything you touch.
SPIRIT would have had more success had you tried to Invoke some of the feel of classic, Pulp Noir style films-vs- Frank Miller Noir.

My suggestion as a fan to Frank Miller.
Make comics for the sake of making GOOD comics. Make another film also. But maybe make something that is removed greatly from comics. Something where you are not tempted to use comic stylings to create. That way you can try and learn the language of film(which is different than Comics) and how film progress’s.

Maybe you can get back to Buck Rogers after that. But not until then.

Stop believing the hype that is Frank Miller. If that is in fact what is happening and just get back to work being a respected creator.
I miss that guy.

Regarding Franks version of the Persians, maybe it is intentional that they are depicted as demons. Maybe that is how Frank sees the Muslims in the story. If you look at thier history, a case could be made for it.

Frank Miller and his team ripped off an innocent unknown writer. They are the Carlos Mencias of Screenwriting. Just like the people who ripped off Good Will Hunting and The Matrix. Hollywood and their uncreative talentless ways must be exposed. Enough of stealing ideas you scrubs! Frank Miller is a con!!!!!!!!!!!

“Nestled in this Los Angeles Times article about the resurgence of Greek mythology in popular entertainment just may be the first official details of Frank Miller’s sequel to his 1998 miniseries-turned-2007 box-office hit 300.”


cant be much worse than 300.

“300” sequel? I say easy “creative” option, easy cash. BTW “300” is not history, it is not Greek mythology either. “300” is just Miller’s biased mythology, based on good vs evil (if invading’s the sin, no country’s free of it -and what? Persia wasn’t a civilization just because our Western societies are somehow, remotely based on Greek/Roman principles?). In any case, what the hell went wrong with him, doesn’t he have any friends who tell him just how much his current work lacks any mininum quality, both in films and comics. I disliked his Batman with Jim Lee, it was probably one of the worst comics I’ve read along with Youngblood. “300” was a lot of fun but at the same time ridiculous -who can take that script and dialogue seriously? In “300” he tries to fit ancient Middle East/European History to suit his modern day extreme right wing ideology.

“maybe Frank will do some historical research this time……300 was just a tad to unbelievable at times”

Oh you are saying that all of the freaky monsters in the movie werent a real part of what happened???Its a movie,not a history book.If you watch a movie for a history lesson,you are making a bad choice.Watch it and try to enjoy it for what it is…a freakin’ movie!

300 was off it’s chops! Don’t be having a crack at Miller for playing with the events, the whole premise of the film was that it was like we were being told the story by a Spartan soldier and this is how it would appear to us in our head as another Greek listening to it. So the exaggerations and crazy stuff was all warranted. And it’s not like the Greeks didnt exaggerate their stories (Trojan War anyone? Troy was hardy big and you’d be lucky to fit a Camry between its gates). I’d say Miller’s exaggerations are more in keeping with the tradition of Greek myths/stories than being historically accurate would be.

Christian Hillier

March 21, 2010 at 4:12 pm

300 was an awesome film how can anyone rip it? the feeling of honor, courage and glory that the spartans portray is amazing. the visual effects are perfect.
and who ever said it wasnt historicaly correct? In reality the spartans actualy fought more then were in the film, ok maybe they wouldnt of ran out of their gap but they did hold it.
Anyone who has anything bad to say about this film can suck out! why dont you criticise a film worth burning like harry potter

ha ha ha… people who read comics about guys in tights flying, ask about more accuraties in 300… a fiction comics done by a guy who never set a foot in the reality in any of his stories.
blind man fighting, man without arms and leg who transform in ronin in the future, old man in tight who fight with 280 pounds of alien with cape, greek woman who is declare dead (with i believe an autopsy doen on her who is ressurected by magic ninja powers, robot who named nixon or not, robot who’s named BIG GUY and some LEONIDAS who may have fought 2 millions persans with 299 others guys almost naked with a red cape.

are you joking right ?

with not ask for more furry animals in SIN CITY, too ?

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