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Frazetta’s son charged in attempt to steal $20M worth of father’s paintings [Updated]

Alfonso Frank Frazetta

Alfonso Frank Frazetta

Pennsylvania police have arrested a son of renowned artist Frank Frazetta after they say he used a backhoe Wednesday afternoon to break into his father’s museum in an attempt to steal $20 million worth of paintings.

Alfonso Frank Frazetta, 52, was charged with theft, burglary and trespass after he allegedly was caught loading the artwork into his trailer and SUV. Police responded to a burglar alarm at the East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, museum, where Frazetta reportedly told the trooper he had been instructed by his father “to enter the museum by any means necessary to move all the paintings to a storage facility.”

Frazetta is in the Monroe County jail on $500,000 bail. Charges are pending against a second man.

The elder Frazetta, 81, was in Florida at the time of the incident.

Update (6 a.m. PST Friday): The Allentown Morning Call has more details, including the name of the other suspect.



Well, this will probably turn out to be interesting further down the road once more details become available.

December 10, 2009 at 4:58 pm

I don’t think Frank Frazetta’s works are worth that much. Is this like how i can sell all my comics and BECOME RICH LIKE AN OIL BARON?

haha Outsider is a fan of Thomas Kincaide

Didn’t one of Frazetta’s paintings sell for $1M a month or so ago? His first Conan, IIRC.

Frank jr lives on the Frazetta property and was not disinherited or prohibited to be on that property. Apparently Billy, Heidi and Holly have been selling artwork since the death of Mrs. Frazetta without any consent from Frank jr or Frank sr. I’d say they are all crooked and not looking out for Frank Frazetta’s best interest. A little greedy, wouldn’t you agree?

Outrider C is gonna be loved a lot for what he has said…He might say the same thing about frescos by michelangelo…Outrider you out ride all the art guys atleast…man hats off to u whoever u r…Go get reborn as an artist to know its worth…as in this life you have failed miserably.

I agree with Outrider. Especially now, art is really only worth what someone will pay for it. So unless Frazetta Jr stole the art, sold it to collectors for 20 million, that figure really means nothing.

This is heartbreaking that after the death of Mrs Frazetta,money and the tawdry,banal, issues it raises seems to undo even the tightest bonds.Ellie frazetta sounded like a very remarkable woman for what she achieved for her family and their decendants,especially after years of other people proffiting from Franks talant and being ripped off by other people she managed to gain control of franks art work AND to market it,changing Franks work from a product into a commodity with considerable artistic merit.

NO artist in the past 50-60 years has had the ability frazetta has-the sheer gift of getting what is in his head to his hands and onto paper is a much a sign of a TRULY great artist and in terms of talent is as great as any 20th century artist irrespective of subject matter or taste and while OUTRIDER and ART BRUT are correct in saying that art is subjective,few artists have had the effect for mood and viscerality,or sheer creativity, that frazetta has-for his conan paintings alone he will be remembered for creating a complete genre all by itself.What OUTRIDER and ART BRUT don’t understand is that the copyright ANY artists work is where conflicts about money will arise and maybe the attempted ‘theft’ is an attempt to gain copyright of the catalogue?

The comic book and illustrative world is littered with Frazetta clones and i ALWAYS wonder what he will do next and i always get the same thrill seeing a sketch or an illustration i haven’t seen before -THAT is what an artist of Mr Frazettas calibre does for the senses and the soul and the world is a richer place for having him in it!

Obviously ALL families have political dynamics and attendant dramas,the fact Frazetta’s family seem to be at each others throats is a terrible and devestating legacy after Mrs Frazettas death in July this year and these event’s will undo ALL that she tried to achieve.I hope sense WILL prevail and that mr Frazetta and his family will iron out their differences and uphold the great legacy created by his wife.

I agree with Justin.

I agree with Art.

IMHO – It is interesting how two talented and interesting persons can become parents to what seems from the press to be backstabbing, conniving, greedy children. Frank Jr. obviously has issues but I spoke with him on the phone long before this incident to buy a Frazetta drawing and he was very nice. It seems to me like he was pretty much running the whole marketing biz until his Dad got sick and moved down to Florida where he could be manipulated by his other children; for awhile they had a video when their dad was alive on a website essentially showing that they controlled him. It was really pathetic. I guess like so many children of talented people they lack any talent except a talent for greed. I was at the Baltimore convention two months ago and a rep said he has all these ideas for Frazetta properties but the children can’t get their act together creatively; they just want a check and are willing to put out crap. I think the White Indian release confirms this – that was Frazetta at his artistic worse, but I guess the package took no effort to toss together (unlike a well curated book would) Anyway, I would never buy any Frazetta item knowing the money is going to their pathetic asses.

I love Frank Frazettas’ art work, creme de la creme of fantasy art. that’s to bad about his son turning on him. I was raised to work for a living. I’ve liked Conan for many years & collected many comics, books and sci fi mags with Robert E. Howards’ characters besides Conan. A good friend that died years ago (the house we lived in caught fire which he died in) nick named me Jonan the Beerbarian. I no longer drink but the nickname has stuck with me. I’ve had many adventures myself which were mind boggling & death defying. Nothing like sword & socery tales, but true stories worthy of this day & age. Any e-mail news letter that you could send me about Frazetta and up & coming Conan stuff I would relish. A true Fan of Frank Frazettas’ fantasy art- God bless Frank where ever he is, with the utmost of sincerest bravado. Joe M. Lemons a.k.a. Jonan the Beerbarian

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