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Growing Up Heroes: A symphony of plastic masks and superhero Underoos

from Growing Up Heroes

from Growing Up Heroes

My earliest Halloween memories involve a Superman costume and a Batman costume my brother and I, respectively, wore one year. I kept the costume for years after that, wearing it around the house as long as it would fit, then eventually passing it down to my youngest brother. I had one of those cheap plastic Batman masks that obscured my vision and was probably some sort of fire hazard, while my brother got to go maskless … because unlike the kid in the above picture, we knew Superman didn’t wear a mask.

Ah, memories … if you have similar ones, you may enjoy checking out Growing Up Heroes, a blog that features kids dressed as various superheroes between 1960 and 1990. Everyone from Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk to various Star Wars and Star Trek characters are represented, as are various costumes, shirts and, of course, Underoos.



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I was Superman for Halloween when I was..6 or 7, cloth costume, may have been PJs, didn’t need a mask I had dark hair and could pass for cute back then. There’s photographic evidence somewhere.

I also remember having Hulk Underoos that were white with green trim.

I’ve never understood the Marvel vs. DC thing, to me it’s all good, I loved Superman as a kid as much as I loved the Hulk.

But I suppose some people just want to feel the need it’s Us vs. Them. Easier for simple minds, maybe.

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