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Manapul teases his and Johns’ Adventure Comics finale

Adventure Comics #6 wraps up Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s short-yet-fun run on Superboy. And iit looks like the duo is going out with a bang in what will be a full-length story about the Boy of Steel, based on this teaser image Manapul posted on his blog:

Adventure Comics #6 preview

Adventure Comics #6 preview

“It was an amazing ride and we’ll sorely miss working on the book,” Manapul said, as he and Johns prepare to move on to the Flash. “I’ll definitely miss drawing Krypto!” The book comes out Jan. 13.



Im definately going to miss francis and john on this title too! they made superboy + krypto 2 of my favourite characters!

This series has been lots of fun and has reinvigorated my enjoyment of DC Comics.

I’m sad to see Johns go.

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