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Marvel to launch a second Iron Man monthly series

Iron Man Legacy #1

Iron Man Legacy #1

To gear up for the Iron Man movie sequel, Marvel will debut a second ongoing series in April starring the Armored Avenger.

Written by Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules) and drawn by Steve Kurth (Ultimate Armor Wars), Iron Man Legacy will feature self-contained story arcs set during different points in Iron Man’s career.

Announced the same week that War Machine ends, Legacy — not to be confused with the 2008 miniseries Iron Man: Legacy of Doom — will join Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s current monthly The Invincible Iron Man.

“We feel that Iron Man is an important enough character and a broad enough character that we can explore different aspects of his history and tell exciting stories that way,” Van Lente tells

The first arc, titled (coincidentally enough) “War of the Iron Men,” will involve a paramilitary organization in a war-torn European country that somehow obtains some Iron Man armor and uses it for ethnic cleansing.



Great. More Marvel mulch.

Fred Van Lente has a hand in Incredible Hercules you shut your mouth.

Still, one step forward, two steps back, what they need to do is make these stories available as graphic novels and forgo the monthly.

I mean, I suppose Marvel are basically doing this with their quick turn around on monthlies to trades, but it’s not gonna work like that forever. I see no point in even doing the monthlies, except they cater to the LCS types. And I loathe the Comic Shop Culture (Snotty clerks, skeevy cluttered stores).

It sounds like their answer to Batman: Confidential.

Maybe it’ll be good?

I’m not an Iron Man fan, but didn’t they launch a second title around the time of the first movie? Am I imagining that?

You’re right, Wesley. They didn’t mention that War Machine was the prior Iron Man book that was renamed around “Secret Invasion”. So this is actually the second time since 2008 that there have been two Iron Man ongoings running at the same time.

I think it’s pretty funny how Invincible Iron Man was supposed to be the accessible out of continuity book and then it grew into the in continuity book anyways allowing Marvel to put out this book.

But Fred Van Lente, man I will follow him to the ends of the Earth. Fraction better watch out, because if he even slips up anymore, then I will take the opportunity to bring my buying two regular Iron Man series down to one.

When was Invincible Iron Man supposed to be out of continuity, when was it not accessible, and why can’t something be in-continuity and accessible? Chances are, the first comic you ever read was in-continuity.

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