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Marvel to publish Girl Comics anthology next year

Girl Comics

Girl Comics

Heidi over at The Beat breaks the news that Marvel is putting out a three-issue anthology called Girl Comics — think Strange Tales, but created exclusively by women. Contributors include Kathryn Immonen, Marjorie Liu, Devin Grayson, Ann Nocenti, Trina Robbins, G. Willow Wilson, Stephanie Buscema, Amanda Conner, Jill Thompson, Louise Simonson, Valerie D’Orazio, Colleen Coover, Molly Crabapple, Nikki Cook, Ming Doyle, Abby Denson and Carla Speed McNeil. The book is edited by Jeanine Schaefer, who gave Heidi more details on the project.

“It’s actually comics BY women—and I mean, top to bottom: written, penciled, inked, colored, lettered. The logo is by a woman, all the interior design, production, proof-reading and editing is all by women,” Schaefer said. “Although some creators have gravitated towards their favorite female super hero, it’s not specifically focused on our female characters, and I’m not trying to generate content that I think will appeal to more women. I don’t want to give away all the stories, but we’re really running the gamut of Marvel characters, from Punisher to the FF to Mary Jane. We’re making great comics by great women, period—when given the opportunity to create a story about whatever they wanted, the pitches I got back from everyone have been hugely diverse in tone and characters.”

The first issue is due in March.



Hmm….. If this is as good as Strange Tales, then I will definitely pick this up.

Looking forward to what Kelly Thopmson has to say.

Marvel isn’t a boy club after all! They have female creators, and they put them all together on a book called “Girl Comics.”

I think I’ll pick this up, sounds like it could be very good.

I have to wonder whether the name was chosen by women though?

Louise Simonson, Devin Grayson…there are a few names I haven’t seen in a while.

Stephanie Buscema would be related to John or Sal?

None of you boys better buy Girl Comics or we’ll throw you out of the club.

Stephanie Buscema is John Buscema’s granddaughter.

Interesting ghettoization. Is clumping all the women in one place really progress? Also, I love your point, Alex Holt.

Sounds boring. Pass.

I don’t care who draws or writes it. I like equal opportunities. If they put $3.99 on it, I won’t buy it though.

Holy Crap, this goes straight onto my pull list. As a retailer I am uncertain about the title, but as a (32yr old) girl that reads comics, I think it’s cheeky and fun.

Interesting ghettoization. Is clumping all the women in one place really progress?

It’s an unfortunate–but probably necessary–ghettoization. There are several anthologies in other genres that spotlight female writers or characters.

I’d like to say that I’d buy this as individual issues because I like to support shorter, self-contained stories, but I think this is much, MUCH better suited as a HC collection, and that’s probably how I’ll pick it up.

Better titles:

“Feminism Go!!”

“Female of the Species”


“Marvel Estrogen Compendium”

Really looking forward to it.

I’m a sucker for these things. But I’d love if Marvel actually dared to release this as an OGN, I think that it would make an stronger stomp in the Diamond lists.

I’ll worry about ghettoization when I have a whole shelf of women created comics in silly dumbed-down covers that I can’t stock with the “regular” stuff (see “chick lit” sections in a B&N). In the meantime, I am very happy to support collaborative effort like this. And if it’s good, I will hand sell the heck out of it.

Ann Nocenti — oooh YAY! (as long as she’s got the ever weirdinger Typhoid Mary stories out of her system)

I’m hoping Nicola Scott and Linda Medley will contribute to it as well, although it already is a great who is who.

I don’t think that female professionals in comics are gimmicks. Who’s doing this marketing?

HOLY COW those are some amazing creators. I’m glad to see Devin Grayson and Ann Nocenti again, two of the best creators of all time, imo, and they don’t get to tell near enough stories.

…and yet, proposed comics projects by a team of black creators are “obviously” racist.. ah well…

This reminds me of what DC did with Wonder Woman’s 2nd Annual, from 1989. Other than George Perez, who did the script, the whole book was drawn, colored, and lettered by female creators/artists. It turned out to be a very good read and an overall well done project…

Clearly, something is wrong when they have to make a big deal out of an all-woman’s project, as it is such a rarity that it must be celebrated in a special manner.

Though the concept is pretty contrived, I’m still looking forward to the project based on like half the creators involved. Also pretty cool that Marvel were able to get amazing people who don’t usually do stuff for them like Amanda Conner and Jill Thompson.

“Girl Comics”? Nice idea, incredibly patronizing name. Maybe there is some deliberate irony in it, but still seems like they could have done better…

I’d love to slam “Girl Comics” a bit more than I have, but at the moment I’m noticing the only people REALLY doing so are guys. I don’t like the feel of that. Just seems like a bunch of dudes jumping on the project because we’re afraid to let girls into the clubhouse.

…That having been said, if they manage to make this a success….if Marvel or DC thinks they’ll get one thin dime from me by publishing a Black Comics anthology, they’re crazier than Deadpool AND Ambush bug.

(There’s something corny about that cover though, I don’t care who argues for it.)

@ Hypestyle: Missed your post, but if they were to do a book with Eric Wallace, MD Bright, Priest, Dwayne McDuffie, Jamal Igle, and whatever other black creators they could scrounge up, along with all the token black characters, I wouldn’t touch that nonsense with a ten foot pole. I don’t want to be catered to. (….Although…a Blue Marvel written by Kevin Grevioux and a Black Panther by Priest story could be awesome.)

Judging by the list of creators I’m sure this will be pretty good but it irritates me how yet again Marvel are oblivious to what they seem to be doing wrong. By creating anthology called ‘Girls Comics’ (I bet they they spent days mulling over that title) they’re yet again distinguishing between male and female comic readers. I could rant about this till I die but I don’t think it’s going to do much good.
The fact that Marvel needed to point out that a woman created the logo is really… Wow, I can’t think of the words. If I did, none of them would be good.

I noticed Trina Robbins’ name in there.


Replace ‘Girl’ with ‘Jew’ and reread the article.

Oh I hope this means Devin might be coming back on a more regular basis. I miss her writing.

“Replace ‘Girl’ with ‘Jew’ and reread the article.”

Then you have an article about the beginnings of the comic book industry?

I mean, are you even trying to make a coherent point here, or are you just being a complete moron?

Thank god. Loved Colleen Coover’s FF story in the recent one shot. Most of those creators can make damn fine, entertaining stories that stand on their own merits. I’m glad Marvel has decided to give a platform to them. Hopefully, we’ll see a balance of stories focused on male and female characters.

This, is seriously awesome! :)

That many talented creators on one book is sure to be awesome. Also, I like the concept of including more female creators on mainstream work, period. It’s fantastic, in fact. My only criticisms are that the title is too patronizing, making it look like some sort of marketing stunt and bordering on insulting and also that Marvel again only seems to be interested in publishing their company-owned superhero characters.

If you want to service existing female fans of Marvel superhero comics (and that’s definitely a worthwhile goal if that is in fact what their aim is) then this is a solid premise. If, however, you want to bring in new fans who have no existing interest in superheroes then you should open up the ICON imprint to female creators working in new genres and styles. Reaching NEW female readers who don’t care about the Fantastic Four is always an idea worthy of consideration, don’t you think? I personally find women who are not already fans to be more receptive to FUN HOME or BLANKETS or even Gaiman’s SANDMAN than punchy-fighty-explodey superhero stories. Again, I know that there is a strong contigent of female fans of Marvel superheroes and I totally applaud that their needs are being met but it’d be cool to see MORE female readers brought in anew.

You know, reading too much into a thing can really ruin a good intention. And that’s really what it seems a bunch of you are doing.

Yeah, “Girl Comics” is pretty blatant, unimaginative, etc. but I really don’t think most or any of the aforementioned female creators would do the project if THEY found such a big deal with it. And you know what else? Yeah, maybe WE as people who already read comics know that women create them, write them, draw them, etc. but does the mainstream world?

Yes, we all know better. But I’m pretty sure the general stereotype is that comic books are for boys, made by boys, and women are as out of place in the medium as permanent death. If you haven’t noticed, both major companies have put-out female character-centric books with horribly blatant names, “Marvel Divas” and “Gotham City Sirens”, but both were at the very least decent reads featuring strong, female protagonists that told stories far better than the names might suggest were possible. “Girl Comics” is the next step, but to draw-in the new readers (obviously Marvel wants to show women that it’s OK and cool to be part of the industry), they’ve got to have an immediate hook, and when you place the word “Girl” in front of “Comics” that may take more than a few casual-readers by surprise, and hopefully they check it out.

You may not LIKE the fact that no matter how far the industry has come as far as being accepted outside of male-dominated nerd/geek circles, it’s still got a long, long way to go before that stigma is gone, if it ever will be. We can’t just put Colleen Coover on “New Avengers” and expect it to do Bendis numbers; there needs to be steps taken to get there, and slowly-but-surely showing the masses that yes, women make comics and yes, they are as good or better than your favorite male creator. I can only hope this helps bring attention to great female characters as well, so hopefully someday quality books like “She-Hulk” and “Spider-Girl” can stick around without a million petitions, begging, and pleading only to end-up with an online comic and a back-up feature.

Sometimes in these cases, we have to take the bad with the good; why not just try to, you know, ENJOY the damn thing before crucifying it for “pandering”? Why not support the excellent women doing the book, if not the silly name? Because if we don’t show the companies we appreciate they’re TRYING to evolve, maybe offer helpful suggestions on how to improve rather than yell, scream, and rant, these kind of books and projects will not sell, the industry will continue to spin circles, and we’ll never get to know what might have been the next step after “Girl Comics”.

I realize it’s the nature of the beat to spew venom at the first sign of trouble, but in this case you’re making nukes out of sparklers. Relax and enjoy the scenery, support the creators if not the companies. These women deserve the space in your memories.

As a total fangirl, I’d like to say I support this miniseries. I recognize all the inherent sociological impications in doing so, but i wholeheartedly support it. Better to have it out there than not, IMO.

And if there was “Black Comics”, or at least an anthology of all-Black creators, I’d totally buy that and support it too. Shows of diversity are important, even when it’s frustrating that they’re still a novelty.

there are people actually saying that they wouldnt support a black creators anthology? one claims to be black, but still… if there were art by denys cowan itd get my purchase instantly. if its good story and art, who cares what gimmick is used to sell it.

Most of the people working on this are over 40. Shouldn’t it be “Women’s Comics”? (How do you italicize words?) There have been collections of Asian creators and Milestone was mainly done by Black creators. I don’t see why this would be more offensive.

This is all part of marvels plan to capitalize on Women’s History Month in march. They have a year long plan to spotlight female creators like they did with their ‘Young Guns’ and ‘Write Stuff’ campaign.

Apart from title, I like the sound of this anthology and will be picking up the first issue.

@Dave, I was making the point that “Girl Comics” is an idea that marginalises people by gender, and used that as an example of why it offends me – not making a stupid comment about the individuals involved!

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