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Northstar to officially get a boyfriend (plus a little somethin’-somethin’)

Sketches of Northstar, Kyle and Aurora, by Tim Fish

Sketches of Northstar, Kyle and Aurora, by Tim Fish

Although I was vaguely aware the second issue of the X-Men anthology miniseries Nation X will feature a Northstar story by Young Bottoms in Love creator Tim Fish, I had no idea until today it could mark a milestone in the history of Marvel’s most prominent gay character.

Since his ham-fisted outing in 1992, Northstar has been given a mystery illness, revealed as a half-elf, ignored by writers for long periods and, in what’s certainly some sort of record, killed off in three timelines in the span of a month.

What he hasn’t been, at least not officially, is one-half of a romantic couple.

Sure, we were introduced in April’s Uncanny X-Men #508 to Kyle, whose presence implied he was Northstar’s boyfriend. It was a significant leap for the Marvel Universe version of the character — in the Ultimate Universe, Northstar dated Colossus — who, when not getting killed, has been depicted as either asexual or (at least briefly) crushing on a fiercely heterosexual Iceman. But readers were left to make the connection themselves between Jean-Paul and his smiling companion.

That’s set to change in Nation X #2, which promises to clear up any ambiguity about their relationship. What’s more, Jean-Paul may finally — finally! — be shown getting a little lovin’.

The four-issue anthology, which debuts this week, focuses on how the X-Men are adjusting to their new island home off the coast of California. In his eight-page story in Issue 2, Fish focuses on how living on the island is affecting Northstar’s relationship with Kyle. Y’know, his boyfriend.

“This story might be a first,” Fish wrote  recently on his blog. “Northstar introduces Kyle as his BF and they have implied sex (no, nothing like the Hank Pym/Wasp thing!).”

That “Hank Pym/Wasp thing” is, of course, a reference to the infamous, and cringe-inducing, 2003 sex scene from The Avengers #71, by Geoff Johns and Steve Sadowski. You may not want to click that link.

Nation X #2 is set for release either Jan. 6 or Jan . 13, depending upon whom you believe.

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Exciting! I will definitely be picking this up, hurrah for Northstar!

He did have an implied boyfriend once before. Oh God this dates me…

There was a Marvel-Two-In-One… mid eighties I think. The Thing and Alpha Flight. It started with Jon-Paul, without any obvious explanation, sharing a house with another man.

Wow! I have never seen or heard of that Johns Avengers issue before. It makes sense that some heroes might do some weird and kinky things with their powers, but let’s leave that to the Kevin Smith movies to discuss.

Anyways good for Northstar. I’d like to support these anthology titles showcasing less known characters, but it’s outside of my budget I’ve set for myself. Being responsible sucks in that way.

I just read the TPB with that issue of Uncanny, and I didn’t think anything was implied. I thought it was fairly obvious that they were a couple.

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