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Rumors of Incredible Hercules‘ demise ‘are premature’

Incredible Hercules #136

Incredible Hercules #136

Although word circulated this morning that Marvel’s The Incredible Hercules will end with Issue 150,  one of the title’s writers claims “the rumors of our demise are premature.”

Despite receiving praise from fans and critics alike, The Incredible Hercules has never been a top seller. So it wasn’t a complete surprise to see Rich Johnston’s assertion that the series would come to an end … almost a year from now. (Okay, the distant date was a bit of a surprise.) However, co-writer Fred Van Lente quickly took to Twitter to cast doubt on the report.

Incredible Herc fans: The rumors of our demise are premature — See Mar 2010 solicits (& spread the word),” Van Lente wrote. “Changes are coming to iHerc, but rest assured they are all part of The Big Plan (R).”

The four-part “Assault on Mount Olympus” storyline ends with February’s Issue 142, billed as “EVERYBODY DIES!” So what might the March solicitations contain? News of a relaunch, maybe? A move to back-up feature in another book?

The Incredible Hercules debuted in January 2008 in the aftermath of World War Hulk, with the boisterous demigod and teen sidekick Amadeus Cho simply taking over the Hulk’s title. Under writers Van Lente and Greg Pak, the series has been lauded for its humor, action sequences and continuing plot threads.



Well, Fred has mentioned (on this very blog/site no less) that he and Pak still have a bunch of plans for Hercules to fill out an eight arc saga by the end of their initial plans, and I don’t think Assault is the eighth story arc, so yeah I’m sure it’s a relaunch dealie. And plus, even if monthly sales are only ok, aren’t the collections consistent NY Times top sellers?

Christian Otholm

December 17, 2009 at 4:20 am

Rich Johnston needs to keep his mouth shut and try not to sabotage an excellent title, because he’s heard that maybe it’s being cancelled. There’s evidence to suggest, that if you start spreading rumours that a title is being cancelled, readers drop off the title prematurely, like rats deserting a sinking ship.

I didn’t try to sabotage an excellent title, I didn’t hear that it had maybe been cancelled. And there is also evidence to suggest that readers join a title with an announced ending, like rats joining a story that has a proper conclusion.

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