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Straight for the art | Ben Herman’s Beautiful Dreamer sketchbook

Beautiful Dreamer by Richard Howell

Beautiful Dreamer by Richard Howell

A chance encounter at Tunde Adebimpe’s table at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival led to my discovery of Ben Herman’s impressive collection of Beautiful Dreamer sketches. In his sketchbook’s pages, the lovely telepathic New God from Jack Kirby’s Forever People is given her due by Dan DeCarlo, Dick Ayers, Ramona Fradon, Gilbert Hernandez, Mark Bode, Tania Del Rio, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Danielle Corsetto, John Bogdanove, Todd Nauck and many more. Go feast your eyes, and check out Herman’s entire assortment of galleries — his Star Wars and Avengers sketchbooks are nothing to sneeze at, either.


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As a longtime fan of Richard Howell’s work, I particularly enjoy the piece you’ve chosen to illustrate this article. And the mere idea of Dan DeCarlo drawing a Fourth World character is too much fun for words to express. Well done on both counts, Ben.

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