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Straight for the art | Chip Zdarsky’s 101 Muppets of Sesame Street

from 101 Muppets of Sesame Street by Chip Zdarsky (aka Steve Murray)

from 101 Muppets of Sesame Street by Chip Zdarsky (aka Steve Murray)

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Oh, wait, never mind, I know how — all you need to do is click over to Canada’s National Post and check out merry prankster Chip Zdarsky’s interactive illustration of 101 of the show’s most memorable Muppets. Scroll over any of the characters in this Sgt. Pepper meets George Perez illo to find out some fun, furry facts. Above is just a sample — you really need to see the whole thing if you’ve still got love for the Street.

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This just makes me hungry for the inevitable SESAME STREET/PRISON FUNNIES team-up.

Awesome… Thanks for running this, Sean. Now if only they’d release some more of those “Old School” DVDs. The first two volumes were awesome, but they barely scratched the surface of early Sesame greatness. I mean, honestly, they didn’t include The Golden AN”? That’s just criminal:

I also want that episode where Stevie Wonder guested for pretty much the entire show. He talked music with Grover, did his own funked-up version of the show’s theme song, and this sick, sick jam of “Superstition” (the dancing kid is awesome, and is that Lou Marini on sax?):

So I scoped the whole poster… Amazong how many of the characters I still remember, though there are some even I don’t know. Putting that annoying Abby Cadabby up at the front though… The fact that she’s the new star but characters like Guy Smiley, Sherlock Hemlock and Roosevelt Franklin are long retired is exactly what’s wrong with that show now. Abby makes Elmo tolerable.

Yeah, I know I have issues.

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