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Straight for the art | Jill Thompson’s Nightmare

Thompson's 'Nightmare'

Thompson's 'Nightmare'

If you’ve got a Facebook account (and have presumably friended Ms. Thompson)  you’ll want to head over to Jill Thompson’s photo album to check out three sample pages she did of a Nightmare Before Christmas graphic novel adaptation. Sez the artist about the work:

All I know was that I did not get it….someone told me that Burton did not want a graphic novel adaptation…but then that Manga one came out…so- who knows what the reasons were. I liked what I did. I think I would have done a good adaptation. Maybe it woulda been a hassle. Liscensed things usually are a helluva headache.

Shame. I would have dropped down serious money to see her try to adapt this film.


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If anyone is perfect for adapting Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s Jill Thompson! It’s too bad she didn’t get a chance to do this.

I am confused about the comic book license thing with Nightmare, too.

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