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Straight for the art | Maxim Dalton’s “Guitar Lessons”

from "Guitar Lessons" by Maxim Dalton

I’ve got your Guitar Heroes right here, pal: Argentinian illustrator Maxim Dalton has paid homage to a small army of six-string warriors with a print called “Guitar Lessons.” Featured are guitar gods from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White; personally, I was happy to see Pete Townshend mid-windmill and David Gilmour in his Guinness t-shirt. Click here to see the whole thing and to reserve a copy if you’d like one of your own, and be sure to check out the comments for Dalton’s defenses of who did and didn’t make the cut. Making metal horns while viewing is optional.

(Via David Heatley)



God, I need to get my eyes checked– I thought the first sentence was “I’ve got your Guitar Herpes right here, pal.”

Regardless, great illos, thanks for the link!

Uhhh, cool idea with the six string illustration! I love that pic :-)
See ya and thanks for the share


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