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Graham Annable has a Flickr set he’s been regularly updated to entitled Stuff I Remember, which focuses on random memories of his childhood. Take the above image for instance:

I spent countless hours in our living room reading Stephen King novels and listening to cassettes over and over. Each book has a particular album attached to it that I still hear in my head anytime I see the book cover. “Pet Sematary” will be forever linked to The Fixx “Phantoms” for me.




Ha! I associate books with music I was listening to when I read them too!

— Nick
from City of Kik

I still listen to music when I’m reading. What’s odd is, away from the books, I can never link the two memories. I can’t tell you right now what I was listening to when I read most of the books I’ve read. But once I start reading something again, I’ll start to hear the original soundtrack in my head.

Over the past few years I’ve taken to making MP3 CD compilations to fit thematically with the reading material whenever possible. I have a Songs Of Ice And Fire mix with a bunch of metal on it, Iron Maiden, High On Fire, and the Sword who have written a couple songs that link very well with the books (“Winter’s Wolves”, “Mother, Maiden, Crone”), and at least one directly inspired by them (“To Take The Black”) really works well for the books.

I also have an all instrumental mix I use when nothing specific leaps to mind.

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