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Straight for the art | TV icons by Albert Exergian

True Blood by Albert Exergian

True Blood by Albert Exergian

If you had to pick one iconic image to sum up your favorite television series, what would it be? That’s the challenge graphic designer Albert Exergian set for himself when he created this gorgeous, funny series of posters, each of which boils a popular TV show down to a single essential visual. Check out the gallery of some of our favorites below, check out every single one of them at Exergian’s site, and buy prints of your faves at Blanka.

(Via Shaggy Erwin.)



Pretty cool. And the Simpsons one could almost represent Peanuts as well.

I was gonna say: I can’t be the only one who sees more “AUUUUUUUUUUGH” than “D’oh” in that Simpson’s poster can I?

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