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Tom Brevoort’s Twitter Trash Talk

Batman R.I.P.

Batman R.I.P.

Thank heaven for Marvel’s delightfully candid Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. On slow news days like this frigid December Friday, what would we comics bloggers do without him? Brevoort once again took to his Twitter account yesterday to call ‘em like he sees ‘em about DC’s week-long wave of big, news-dominating announcements:

Nice to see DC showing some signs of life with all of their announcements. Competition is the lifeblood of the industry. Like any other pundit, I have opinions on what they’re doing, but it’s nice to see them trying stuff. Blackest Night won’t go on forever. And, honestly, it’s not much of a win if the other team doesn’t show up for the game, or sleepwalks through it. I’ll happily put our best efforts up against anybody else’s, win, lose or draw. And feel confident in a win most of the time. Also: Superman appearing in Superman comics? Genius!

He later responded to a request for comment on Batman: R.I.P. and subsequent storylines with the following:

I thought they botched the death, between RIP and Final Crisis. But I’m interested in anything Grant [Morrison] writes. Also, they’ve now got four issues of [Captain America:] Reborn they can look at when it’s time to bring him back. Expect Who Will Wear The Ears next[.]

And he joined a reader’s attempts to predict the follow-up to Blackest Night:

I’ll call it right now. Next big Green Lantern story: “Let Those Who Worship!”

Meanwhile, Brevoort talked up his own titles with this glimpse into the behind-the-scenes doings regarding the Avengers franchise:

Avengers post-Siege plans are now locked and loaded. Tore apart a great plan to make it even better and stronger. Killer line-up of stuff.

Now, I don’t think it’s being overly charitable to say that most if not all of the above was in good fun. Brevoort sums it up thusly:

Oh, I’ll sling mud (or at least talk trash) with the best of ‘em. But a competitive marketplace is good for everybody.

And a competitive editor is good for bloggers!



Even as a big Marvel supporter I don’t always agree with him, but damn, it’s always interesting to see what Brevoort has to say about the going ons of the industry.

First, Brevoort should shut up about DC. He works for Marvel, so he should concentrate on Marvel.

Second, with what Brevoort said, all of Marvel’s editorial staff should be fired for not doing their jobs.

“…it’s not much of a win if the other team doesn’t show up for the game, or sleepwalks through it.”

Brevoort right there said Marvel is just going through the motions.

Have the employees of Marvel just given up because Disney bought the company? One might get that impression from reading Brevoort’s post. Does Disney know that a bunch of their employees have so little personal pride, that they are just going through the motions? Does anybody want employees like that? Perhaps Disney should just sweep house.


Alan, he’d just said that he expects Marvel to win, so in that context “the other team” is DC, not Marvel.

You should be a politician, Alan. Or maybe a talkshow pundit, because you’re GREAT at pulling quotes and using them out of context of the larger narrative.

One thing I thought was fairly funny was him saying that they’d have a “Who Should Wear the Ears” thing as a rip off of their special…DC already did that, more than half a year ago. It was called “Battle for the Cowl”.

Don’t forget about, “Also: Superman appearing in Superman comics? Genius!” is coming from the guy who works had a Wolverine book without Wolverine and Ms. Marvel without Ms. Marvel.

yeah alan. why don’t you stop COILing around the necks of our good time like a boa constrictor lol

Alan is right, actually, about Brevoort, et al., not doing their jobs as they’re commonly understood. NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #3 is the latest example. The story has several major problems.

1) It’s a sequel to an issue (NEW AVENGERS: THE LIST) based on an idiot plot. Barton decides he’ll end “Dark Reign” by killing Osborn all by himself, fails, and is captured. Having Barton apologize for acting like an idiot isn’t wittily self-referential; it just confirms that the plotline for the two issues was garbage.

2) Much of the issue is taken up by Barton resisting interrogation, and then trying to resist telepathic probes by Mentallo. Bendis has Mentallo say, “And this man — this man has been trained by Captain America. By Nick Fury. He knows how to fight off a mental intrusion.”

How could either of those two men possibly train Barton to resist telepathic probes? Telepaths can shield their thoughts, but the story has Mentallo, with his power, against only Barton’s concentration, and Mentallo goes on to activate various memories, etc. Pages were wasted having Mentallo “fight” Barton when he should have had the info within seconds. Bendis apparently doesn’t understand the concepts of telepathy and shields.

3) Ares and the Sentry have been turned into unusable characters. They assist in the torture of Barton, and are your basic thuggish criminals. Their actions are inexcusable, and claiming that the story is a political allegory, that the two were acting on behalf of the government, etc., only emphasizes that the premise for “Dark Reign” was garbage. One could argue that the Sentry was mentally incompetent, but Bendis’s version of the character has been incompetent, a useful idiot, ever since he appeared in NEW AVENGERS, with his dark side, the Void, as his prime asset. At this point, he’s a failed concept. Ares is just a ruined character.

This might seem to be an overreaction to Brevoort’s tweets, but there were at least two public condemnations this week of superhero comics — David Brothers at issuing one — and more are sure to come. Bloggers and reviewers alike should be condemning Brevoort and others for not even attending to their basic duties, which is publishing readable comics. I’ve seen too many reviewers in past months excuse stories with flawed premises or major plot problems. That’s understandable in a way, because if stories were condemned because of flawed premises, one could argue that stories from “Avengers Disassembled” onward have been fatally flawed. Doing that repeatedly would marginalize a Marvel reviewer to the point of uselessness. But with the SIEGE preview already showing that an event is based in part on yet another idiot plot, and CABAL having a schizophrenic Osborn pick a target (Asgard) almost at random, things have reached the point that you want to scream at Brevoort and Quesada, “Don’t you know how to do your ———- jobs?!!” Overlooking the problems with the stories and hoping things will improve doesn’t work anymore.



Also, NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #3 had a huge spelling error where Mockingbird says to Spider-Woman: “I know trying to be cute to take my mind off it.” Your not you’re. So yeah, pretty clear example of editors not doing their job, lol.

Darvid — I’m less like a snake and more like the lump in the snake’s belly after it swallows a warthog.

I never get trash talk. It seems silly in sports. It seems dumb in any other endeavor.

I can see how it’s more fun to compete against a company that’s really giving you a run for its money. But then you’d think Brevoort would rather DC trash-talked back to him to making bashing them more fun for him. Why do I suspect if anyone from there did mouth off about Marvel, he wouldn’t find it all that hilarious?

I’m waiting for Brevoort, in his own way of delusion, to say Necrosha came out before Blackest Night, and that the Trinity aspect Marvel is pushing now was thought of before DC did it.

marvel zombies did come out a lot earlier than blackest night though

@Ken B, Well Necrosha didn’t come out first by any means and you’ll never hear him say that I don’t think, but Necrosha has been coming for awhile and wasn’t a shocker to those of us following X-Force or any of the news around Nec. It’s not a cosmic event like BN, it’s simply a return of zombie like things. And the people involved have been around long before BN so again, no shocker there. And like AR says Marvel Zombies came out Looooong before BN.

As far as the Trinity thing goes, again the big 3 have always been the big 3, you can go as far back as the 60’s and find that Thor, Iron Man and Steve have always been closely tied, in fact the 3 had ties before Batman every even met Clark. So it could be said that in fact DC took that idea. But all is pointless, as someone who has talked with and interviewed Tom more then once, he’s a good cool fella and I can say with confidence that anyone reading this stuff and thinking he’s trying to star a fight is most likely wrong, he pokes fun just like everyone else.

DC really isn’t giving Marvel much of a run for it’s money, they have had a few months of top EVENT titles that have done well. Marvel is still out selling them in total books and profit not to mention they were just bought out by Disney which is doing very well.

“Don’t forget about, “Also: Superman appearing in Superman comics? Genius!” is coming from the guy who works had a Wolverine book without Wolverine and Ms. Marvel without Ms. Marvel.”

Not really true, Daken was in Wolverine and logan showed up much more then once, also Logan was in 3 Wolvie titles at once (Origins is ending) and while Daken was taking the Wolverine title he was the start of the only wolverine book not to focus on Logan.

Ms. Marvel (Carol) was blown up (sort of) by Ms. Marvel/Moonstone so again, for a few issues Ms Marvel was not the same MM but still MM.

So to recap, Ms Marvel WAS in Ms Marvel, and Wolverine WAS in Wolverine, just not the ones you’re used too. It’s like saying Batman isn’t in B&R, he is, he’s just not Bruce right now. (By the way that’s the best not GL book DC has, good job Grant)

And to the Robot 6 people, great site guys, keep up the great work!

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