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What’s in store for the all-ages Marvel Adventures line?

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21

Marvel’s solicitations for March make it obvious the publisher is canceling the two remaining titles in its well-regarded Marvel Adventures line of all-ages comics. What isn’t so clear, however, is what will take their place.

In an uncharacteristic move for Marvel, the solicitations released Tuesday for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #61 and Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21 declare “FINAL ISSUE!” for both books.

That seems plain enough, even if it’s unusual for the publisher to acknowledge cancellations that far in advance. But you just know there’s more to it, right? Right.

Paul Tobin, who writes both books, acknowledged on Twitter that “it’s a ‘stay tuned’ sort of announcement.” Meanwhile, a company spokesman would only say that “Marvel has some exciting announcements relating to the future of Marvel Adventures.”

The imprint, which at various points also included all-ages versions of The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk and Iron Man, debuted in 2005 as a revamped version of the Marvel Age line (which launched two years earlier).



Sanity or Madness?

December 23, 2009 at 10:08 am

Well, this Marvel all-ages imprint has had three lives:

*Firstly, as Marvel Age (including an aborted relaunch as Marvel Age Tales), it was remakes of Lee/Ditko Spider-Man and Lee/Kirby F4, along with a heavy pusyh for the digests (the MAgeSM v1 digest came out before most of the issues it collected!). That died after a couple of years, with that last twitch as Marvel Age Tales (IIRC, one issue of MAgeF4 Tales saw print, and MAgeSMTales #1 was repurposed as Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #1 – probably a mistake, since it convinced quite a few people that the regenerated version was more remakes).

*Secondly, it was then restarted as Marvel Adventures which (with that one exception above) was all-new stuff, still done-in-one, and became successful enough (MAdvSM was reportedly Marvels’s most-subscribed title @ ~30k) to launch more titles, including Jeff Parker’s crowning MAdv Avengers (which fell off badly after he left the second time with #17). This ended as Marvel gradually cut down until this year only MAdvSM and MAdv Super-Heroes were left.

*And thirdly – and lastly? – they retooled SM and SH into more conventional subplot-based ongoings, and turned SH into an Avengers book using older designs. This seems to be the shortest life of all.

If they ARE planning to relaunch the line, that would be the FOURTH life therefore. Those MAdvSM subscriptions must be a big incentive, even if the other books never reached those heights…

I buy the digests for my nephew, doesn’t matter what the plan is as long as they keep pumping out those kickass little digests.

It’s a shame but I can’t say I’m surprised. Canceling their best book (Avengers) and announcing a “bold new direction” (where they essentially ditch everything that made the line different from everything else Marvel does) for the remaining books a couple months back struck me as kind of desperate.

Maybe an Imprint more inline with the movies?

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