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Mickey Mouse practices political correctness

Mickey Mouse practices his own unique brand of tolerance

Jeet Heer has an interesting post up at Sans Everything where, in response to an some odd right-wing tirade about how awful it is that openly gay people show up in modern comics these days, he looks at how homosexuals have been portrayed in the comics books and strips of yesteryear and provides plenty of examples from works like Little Orphan Annie, Wash Tubbs, Gasoline Alley, The Spirit and, yes, Mickey Mouse. The results are … well, let’s just call them politically incorrect and leave it at that, OK?



Wow. heterosexuals are vile & vulgar toward their gay children. And they were vulgar and vile toward them YEARS ago, too.

What a freakin’ SHOCK.

Quite amusing, HOWEVER, that they scream about morality, while abusing their gay children.

Thanks for this posting, as I would not have seen the original article otherwise…. Someday ‘right wing’ will no longer be associated with homophobia, just as racism is not seen as strongly keyed to them (well, at least, less so).

It took years for the New York TImes to get their ‘morality’ correct…..

That was a great post. Thanks for the link.

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