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Wildstorm cancels Warcraft, Starcraft comics to make way for OGNs

prv4019_covIGN reports that Wildstorm is canceling its ongoing World of Warcraft and Starcraft comic series, and will replace them with a series of original graphic novels.

Both comics are based on the Blizzard Entertainment video games (and MMORG, in the case of Warcraft) of the same name. The announcement comes at an interesting time, as next month was supposed to see a name change for the Warcraft title to World of Warcraft: Alliance and the launch of a second title called World of Warcraft: Horde. Today’s World of Warcraft Special will be the last Warcraft comic, while January’s Starcraft #7 will be its last.

“While WildStorm and Blizzard loved the stories being told in the regular monthly comic-book series, we decided that the graphic novel would be a more suitable medium for the tales we wanted to tell next,” Hank Kanalz, vice president and general manager of Wildstorm, told the site. “The larger format will give our artists and storytellers more room to explore Blizzard’s rich, varied worlds and flesh out the characters that inhabit these places.”

No details on format or timing for the OGNs have been announced yet.



I remember reading that most of the Warcraft and Starcraft sales were through book and/or game stores, rather than the direct market, right? So this makes sense, particularly in light of the DC: Earth One initiative.

Most of WS’s sales of GEARS OF WAR (300K+ in singles as I recall for the first issue) are outside the DM. I’ve heard that there’s issues with getting the books into places like GameStop, etc, but I suspect the lion’s share of sales for these titles is outside the DM. This is an interesting move on their part.

“Most of WS’s sales of GEARS OF WAR (300K+ in singles as I recall for the first issue) are outside the DM.”

Define “sales.”

I haven’t heard much about WildStorm’s alleged success in video-game stores, but what I did hear suggests that however many units they “sold” of GEARS OF WAR #1 weren’t bought by customers, but by the games publisher, to give them away for free.

What about GEARS OF WAR #2? What about the other WildStorm books that don’t sell squat in the direct market? I’d love to know how well these books are doing outside the direct market.

Based on what I do know, though, I wouldn’t necessarily view the move away from single issues as a sign that these books are doing much better overall than their direct-market sales suggest.

well that sux i was really looking forward to the starcraft comic book and the next twist of plot for the “war pigs” who were asked to hunt down raynor and kill him :( well i guess i’ll have to find all the books before the series is canceled

So… is the Gears comic cancelled or not?

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