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‘And I thought Thor was a robot!’

That Hitler/Downfall video meme is really working overtime. First the Führer learns that NBC is moving Jay Leno back to late-night. And now … now he finds out he could have trouble tracking down some of those Blackest Night tie-ins he missed because of Marvel’s Siege #3 variant offer to retailers. (Warning: The video’s subtitles contain obscenities — and typos.)

(Via Geoff Johns)



I sent it to Geoff Johns! lol I am Klone89 on twitter.

This was one of the best ones — that Jay Z one, where Hitler admits to having a Zune is pretty damned awesome, too.


I thought I had seen some of the best Hitler parodies, but this comes along. Needs an editor though.

Don’t worry Marvel you’ll still be “reigning” next year. DC hasn’t a learned a thing from their Trinity or Countdown series to continue doing biweekly junk.

Extremely funny. I particularlly love the timing of the “Thor is a robot” bit.

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