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BOOM! launches new ‘literary comics’ imprint, BOOM! Town

Robert Crumb trading cards

Robert Crumb trading cards

Publishers Weekly reports that BOOM! Studios is launching a separate imprint called BOOM! Town, under which they plan to publish and market “literary comics,” selective reissues of out-of-print works and merchandising. And they’re working with a couple of well known names in this area: former Kitchen Sink publisher Denis Kitchen and Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler.

Although their publishing plans are still being finalized, they’ll start off by reissuing a set of 36 trading cards by R. Crumb that were originally released by Kitchen Sink Press in 1991. They also plan to release a Too Much Coffee Man mug and I Thought You Would be Funnier, a collection of Wheeler’s rejected New Yorker cartoons that can be read online at the Activate site.

It also sounds like they may be publishing some of Harvey Kurtzman’s work, based on this quote from Kitchen:

“Denis Kitchen Publishing has four R. Crumb card sets that are perennials, [Harvey] Kurtzman’s The Grasshopper & The Ant and other books that could do much better in the marketplace with a real company’s attention. So I’ve entered into a distribution arrangement with Boom! to free myself more to represent clients as a literary agent but also to do more directly creative things like writing and packaging new books.”

It’s been a big week for BOOM! news; in addition to BOOM! Town, they’ve also got a Samuel L. Jackson-written series on the way, a new ongoing featuring Scorpius from Farscape and something in the works with CBGB.



Their literary imprint is cards and a mug… way to launch on a high note.

Dennis Kitchen and BOOM!? Sold!

hey, at least there trying new things out. unlike some of the bigger publishers. plus hopefully they wont turn into IDW.

I want that Too Much Coffee Man mug asap.

“hey, at least there trying new things out. unlike some of the bigger publishers.”

Reprinting a card set from 1991 certainly says “trying new things” in a bold and decisive way.

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