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Bryan Fuller has started writing Pushing Daisies comic

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller reportedly has begun writing the long-discussed comic-book continuation of the canceled television series.

While promoting Fox’s new Human Target adaptation, actor Chi McBride revealed to Sci Fi Wire that he’s read some of Fuller’s script for the comic, which apparently will be released by DC — through its Wildstorm imprint, presumably — as a 12-issue miniseries.

“He sent me a couple pages,” said McBride, who played private detective Emerson Cod in the quirky ABC comedy-drama. “It was off the hook. It’s really good.”

The Emmy Award-winning series, about a pie-maker who can (with some limitations) resurrect the dead, was canceled last spring after just two seasons.

Fuller, who created Dead Like Me and co-created Wonderfalls — both short-lived cult favorites — revealed in May that the comic will tie up loose ends left by Pushing Daisies‘ untimely demise as the characters deal with a flash flood that empties bodies from a nearby cemetery.

McBride said the comic “seems a little darker” in tone than what Fuller was allowed to do on ABC.

“There’s one particular story that I hope he does called ‘The Head’,” he said. “I wished he could’ve done it during the series. It was awesome.”



good news.

when-when… my God, WHEN!!!!!! i feel like i have been waiting forever please when !

As much as I loved the show – and I did love it, a LOT – I hate this idea. While the story/stories of the show were well-written and enjoyable, its appeal came from its ideosyncratic diegesis: the cinematography, music, and actors (rather than characters specifically) all added to this unique program, and stripping those things away leave only a pale shadow of what the show was. This is meant as a backhanded compliment to Fuller – to be able to place such a strong artistic fingerprint on the project as suits its medium that it is incapable of transfering to another is a clear sign of artistic mastery of that medium. But it is precisely that mastery that makes attempting to shift the show to comics an inherently doomed prospect, at least for fans of the show.

I’d love to see Fuller do some comic work, but I want it to be a project conceived FOR comics, rather than taking a project whose greatest strengths are incapable of transference to the printed page. But he’s a great writer and has truly top-notch ideas; I’d love to see him pursue a project that would be best suited for comics artistically rather than financially.

I wish the Syfy channel would pick up this show. I don’t mind the comics.. I agree that it quite won’t be the same as seeing it on TV, but I’ll take what I can get. There are so many lose ends that I want to see completed. I really thought the last episode was rushed and the way Chuck just showed up at her mom/aunt’s door at the end with Ned was not done properly. That was the only disappointment to me.

I am soooo excited about the comics. I can’t wait to get them!!! I love the show, I finally got season 2 for this past Christmas. I really hate when the shows I love end up being cancelled. The networks finally air unique shows unlike all these generic cop, hospital, lawyer and teen drama shows then they cancel them. Its ridiculous!! Just like “Dead Like Me” then recently with the show “Eastwick”, they get cancelled too, more shows unlike the rest. I wish they would get rid of some of the crap shows out there and keep the great ones!!!
Sorry for the venting its just so frustrating for us who like shows out of the ordinary!!

i like the idea of the comic books. id rather have had the show continue but that is out of the question. a movie would also be good but it could possibly be rushed or they could change out actors or it could suck. the “dead like me” movie that was meant to tie up loose knots left me very disappointed. it seemed awkward and i think there was a new actress playing daisy…. in my opinion changing up actors is the worst thing you can do.
so the comics might actually be better than a movie. less rushed.

and i agree… pushing daisies was kind of amazing. i cant believe it was canceled :(

What’s more frustrating is that it is viewing figures in America which determines whether a series gets picked up for another season!
I am from England, and Pushing Daisies is my favourite programme, and it was so frustrating when I heard that it was getting cancelled (like so many programmes I have watched before – that came from over The Pond…).

What I would love most of all, and I am sure you’ll all feel the same way, would be another season (or two) just to wrap everything up…
Or a film, though judging by the Dead Like Me one, it would have to be heavily supervised by Fuller (genius!) – again to wrap things up. My friend met Kristin Chenoweth a couple of weeks ago, and she sounded fairly positive about a film being made, so let’s hope she knows something we don’t, eh?!
Lastly, I am a bit dubious about the idea of a comic! On the one hand, I have never been in to comic books, so it will be really difficult to have written and drawn stories come to life on the pages of a comic book. However, Fuller seems to know what he’s doing, and I love all his other work, so I fully trust him when it comes to doing these comics, and who knows, maybe I will become a fan of comic books after all ^_^


I’ve seen pages for this in the inking process and it looks amazing!!! The artists style fits the tone perfectly. Can’t wait for this to come out, I just wish I could find a more set date for the release.

I AGREE WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE! Pushing Daisies was one of the best shows I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I’m disappointed that even though ABC canceled it another channel didn’t pick it up, like Pierre Prevost previously stated it would have been a good SyFy show. I can’t wait for the comics, they are better than nothing.

I couldn’t believe it when Pushing Daisies was cancelled!! I usually hate murder mysteries, but this show put death in a different light. I especially love how corky the actors at times so a comic book isn’t going to fill the hole, but at least it’s something and I can’t wait for the release none the less! The only only thing I can’t understand is how it got poor rateings because when I looked it was five stars??? I am patiently awaiting a movie to finish off the series, but it will never be the same…

I personally have never found anything great on TV unless I’m in the mood for mindless comedy. Pushing Daisies was quite the exception. I came accross it recently and have found it the most adorable, quirky and original show that I’ve ever seen! Shame on them for cancelling it, and I can’t seem to find anyone that doesn’t think it was one of the best shows out there! A comic will be okay, but it definitely won’t be the same since they did everything so well. Usually you read an awesome comic or book and they ruin it, hopefully this won’t be the other way around. I’ll buy it but probably just so the possibility of a movie happens :)

My husband and I just discovered Pushing Daisies, which we are watching on Netflicks. We were hooked from the start and so disappointed to discover that there are only two seasons. This show is brilliant – so creative and fresh. The acting is impressive, the writing is amazing, the videography is beautiful…everything about it is refreshing. I’m not sure about the comic book idea but I guess it’s at least something.

Any dates yet?? The suspense is killing me!!!

I’ve been waiting for this for over a YEAR now! I can’t stand the wait!

ok.. so its 2011… where is this comic book…my life is empty.

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