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Catting around with Archie

Archie #608

Archie #608

Fresh off his fake marriages to Veronica and Betty, it looks like Archie Andrews has his eyes on a new girl. Archie Comics updated their blog this morning with the cover to Archie #608, a crossover issue featuring Josie and the Pussycats. The issue’s description reads:

Two of the greatest bands in comic book history hook up like never before when Josie and the Pussycats come to town to tour with The Archies. However, more than music is made on one starry night outside Archie’s home, when there’s a kiss that could change Riverdale forever. Is it possible that the pure-hearted, red-haired lead of The Archies is really falling in love with Valerie, the beautiful bassist/songwriter of Josie and the Pussycats? What will happen to Betty and Veronica? “It Starts with a Kiss” is the beginning of a tale to be continued. Don’t miss out while the world watches to see if Archie and Valerie have what it takes to make their love survive. Look for part one in Archie #608, hitting stores this April!

It’s almost like he’s 2010’s Peter Parker …



About time Archie got some brown sugar.

Archie is such a man-whore.

It’s almost like slash fiction but only half as interesting because it isn’t genuine. Unless you count monetization as a fetish… someone somewhere is definitely getting off on that.

Does this make Archie a furry ?

I don’t know, but I REALLY hate the way this was drawn.

Yeah, it does not look like a real kiss. More like an intense peck.

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