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CBGB: The comic book?

Manhattan’s famed CBGB music club may have shut down, but the name lives on … in the form of several “branding” initiatives. Today a press release went out about CBGB teaming up with the Clear Channel media mega-empire to launch CBGB radio on Clear Channel’s iheartradio network.

So what does that have to do with comics, you ask? Well, I’ll direct your attention to the boiler plate at the bottom of the release:



About CBGB

CBGB & OMFUG (Country Blue Grass & Blues & Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers) opened its doors in December 1973 and became one of the most famous music venues in the world. Everyone from the Ramones to Debbie Harry rocked the CBGB stage, cementing the establishment as the mecca of punk and rock music. In 2008, the legend was reborn as CBGB Holdings – a consortium of individuals including members of Hilly Kristal’s family and former employees dedicated to seeing the influential venue and its ethos flourish. CBGB Radio is the company’s first new initiative. Also on the horizon: a CBGB Graphic Novel series by Boom Studios, a revamped website aimed at building a community around everything CBGB, TV, live events and new venues in key music and entertainment capitals worldwide.

BOOM! hasn’t responded to my inquiries for confirmation on this (or to explain what exactly a CBGB comic would look like) but hopefully we’ll have more details soon.



I hope it involves Television (quite possibly the most underrated band ever) and The Ramones!

Thank you for telling me what OMFUG means. I aways wondered about that.

This is getting off topic, but my vote for the most underrated band ever? Los Lobos. If you hear that name and think “the La Bamba guys?” then you’ve proved my point.

They are one of the best damned bands on the planet, and have been for three decades. Start with the album Kiko and go from there.

Im hitting up CBGB when I get to Sin City next week.

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