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Cliff Chiang teams with actress Helen Slater for a Supergirl story

from Supergirl #50

from Supergirl #50

You might remember from DC’s solicitations for February that Supergirl #50 will feature a back-up tale co-written by Helen Slater, who played Supergirl in the film of the same name. What you might not have known, though, (I didn’t) is that the art for that story is being done by one of my favs, artist Cliff Chiang.

DC’s The Source blog has more details and some really nice Chiang art.



I really enjoy Chiang’s art, and I love that his superheroines don’t look like waifish pixie sticks. Though I don’t really enjoy the current incarnation of Supergirl (I’m sorry, I grew up with the hot mess that was the Matrix/Earth Angel of Fire/Linda Danvers Supergirl and I LOVE her), I will say that I’m intrigued enough to pick up this issue. I’d like to see Helen Slater’s take on Kara.

I am more than a little curious to see the story, mostly to see what someone who both identifies with the character and who does not spend her days neck-deep in comics does with the opportunity. We may get the most pre-Crisis, straightforward vision of Kara to date.

I’m a fan of Sterling Gates’ work, but he barely had a grip on the character before he was asked to head off into the current mega-storyline. It would be nice to see Supergirl just told as Supergirl, by someone who is invested in doing right by the character.

Waste of Chiang. Damn. I loved his work on Doctor 13 and sought out his issues of Detective because of that. But Supergirl? Get lost.

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