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DC announces Blackest Night follow-up: Brightest Day [Updated]

"Brightest Day" teaser

"Brightest Day" teaser

“DC Comics this morning announced Brightest Day, the long-rumored follow-up to its bestselling Blackest Night crossover event.

On the DC Universe blog, Executive Editor Dan DiDio described Brightest Day as a 26-issue biweekly series that will debut in April with an Issue 0. The comic will be written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi.

The title, like Blackest Night, is derived, of course, from the first line of the Green Lantern oath: “In brightest day, in blackest night …”

Fernando Pasarin (The Outsiders, Justice Society of America) will pencil Brightest Day #0. However, no artists were announced for the rest of the series. More details are promised later this morning.

Update (12:27 p.m. PST): This afternoon, DiDio announced that newly DC-exclusive artist David Finch will provide the covers for Brightest Day.

And in an interview with, Johns revealed that some of the central characters from Blackest Night, such as the Atom and Mera, will be seen in Brightest Day.

“We’re introducing new characters, rebuilding some classic DC heroes and villains, and at the same time bringing in new concepts and ideas,” he said. It’s a lot like what we’ve done with Green Lantern. … That’s what I’m hoping Brightest Day accomplishes in the DCU – taking characters and concepts that have been around for a long time and reintroducing them in big ways and with new elements. That’s a lot of why, in Blackest Night, you’ll see a lot of characters confronting the past, because it’s time for us and them to put the past to bed so characters like Ray Palmer can move on to the next adventure and next step.”



So, essentially, they’re making the Green Lantern books weekly for a year?

Ah, yes. 26 more issues of the worlds most professional fanwank!

So if Blackest Night is when dead loved ones rise and tear our the hearts of the people that loved them does that mean that Brightest Night is when the dead stay dead and everything is just considered generally fine without any murder or mayhem?

best news I’ve had all year — and it’s only 11 days old.

Green Lantern kills the rest of the books out there at the moment. Marvel’s siege was SHIT. Art was terrible and what could’ve been told in a few pages they stretch over two issues, so far.

I WAS a Marvel guy. That’s now long gone.

DC – Keep up the great work!

Doesn’t the fact that the year is young make something being the “best news all year” make it less impressive? If this news came out on New Years Eve and it was “best news all year” then it would have had 364 days to compete with, but so far this news has had only 11 days of competition worth of news.

Mammalian Verisimilitude

January 11, 2010 at 7:37 am

Joe H – that assumes there’s any correlation between Internet Hyperbole and facts. There’s no more cognitive-level comparison involved in someone like, uh, “FANWANKER” declaring that something like this is “the best news all year” whether it’s the first of January or the thirty-first of December. The only difference is in the order – the former case ignores all the news yet to come, the latter gives no thought to the news which HAS come.

I came back to comics for Blackest Night. I’m staying for this.


January 11, 2010 at 7:54 am

Given how horrible 52 and Countdown were, DC has shown that they can’t pull this off. I’ll pass on this 26 week book devoted to Mera and Ray Palmer….


January 11, 2010 at 7:56 am

I’m gonna have to pass on this. I won’t but 20 something weeks of glorified backup stories.

Simply amazing how people are able to divine the style, format and type of stories from nothing more than a stub press release.


First of all, Siege isn’t even finished yet and the first issue was amazing. Secondly, the fact that you “were” a Marvel guy has nothing to do with anything so thanks for pointing that out. Thirdly, the fact that a news release with little to no information on a series that hasn’t even been a release is rather pathetic.

I like DC as much as the next guy but let’s leave the sophmoric comments to a minimum, ok?

Man … after getting Blackest Night issues, main series and tie-ins, and we are supposed to get WEEKLY GREEN LANTERN COMICS, i.e. Brightest Day?????

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ….

I’ve been a fan of the GL books sense before Sinestro Corp wars. But another weekly event, come on DC enough is enough

Mark my words we will see a ‘White Lantern” or a “White Lantern Corp” that combines all of the colors of the spectrum ala the new symbol we see with this announcment. That I do find kind fo exciting, I wonder who it will be?

Does this mean we’re going to see ‘White Lanterns”? The insignia is different and the prism colors combines = white light so I’m just guessing.

Sounds very interesting and if judging from their track record with GL this should be very well done. Finally DC can get a bi-weekly done right!

I’m always miffed when a fan will praise one publishers event and bemoan the others as if there’s a correlation. Blackest Night being great doesn’t = Siege being lousy and vice versa….they can both be great and they can both suck because they’re mutually exclusive. I’ve never understood being just a fan of DC or a full on Marvel Zombie….I’m a comics fan, I like titles from BOTH because I love the medium.

I thought Identity Crisis was a steaming pile over-rated crap while I think that Blackest Night is firing on all cylinders. You couldn’t pay me to read Fall of The Hulks and you couldn’t pay me to NOT read Siege.

I like comics…Marvel or DC, who cares?

Siege #1 was shit and with Bendis on it, expect lots more shit. The only good thing coming out of this is a more iconic Avengers and a more iconic status quo for the Marvel Universe. 52 was epic, but yea: Countdown was a failure and negatively impacted on Final Crisis.

Anyway, with Johns and Tomasi writing , I have high expectations, even though I’m a little worried about the fortnightly scheduling.

But that’s just my opinion

Honestly, this blows anything that Marvel does, has done, or will do right out of the water. People can say whatever they want (52 was awesome, CountDown was okay, and & Trinity was good), But DC has been putting out quality, on-time weekly series for the past few years now, on a consistent basis, while Marvel has yet to even try their hand at it.

You Marvel guys can say what you want, but no news that Marvel has posted on these sites in the past couple of months compares to how huge this is. Seige? Meh. The Spider Man puzzle? Yeah, whatever.

As long as we don’t get 10 pages of in house advertising where story should go (see the back 10 pages of Siege with a 4 page “Cup o’ Joe” advertising for the latest Marvel collected editions followed by a Fall of the Hulks preview, then we’ll be okay. Where does the extra dollar for Marvel go? So the fan can buy ads. That was disgraceful regardless of how the the Siege story itself actually went.

Blackest Night and Siege obviously aren’t the same things, but not giving 10 pages of advertising for something else where story should be gives an advantage to Blackest Night, and the beenfit of the doubt for this new story. I’ll check it out.

SAMURAI36: OH NO! Marvel doesn’t have some subpar weekly series like Trinity and Countdown were, hide the children! You don’t even know what this thing is about and you’re praising it as God’s gift to Earth. I don’t have any Marvel or DC bias, and Peter Tomasi is awesome on Green Lantern Corps, but if this is anything like the two titles I mentioned above(or God forbid like Blackest Night), then its nothing to get excited about.

Honestly, Blackest Night has been shit. Total and utter shit. Just goes to show you that DC fanboys will buy any crap by Johns or Morrison. GL started out so good too. It’s only downhill from here.

If you don’t read,why are you writing in a site about ”shit”?

Dark Reign is so much better!!!

Obviously I have been reading Blackest Night…..That’s why I can say its shit. And the tie ins are even worse.

I love the irony of a internet dweller screen named “Be Reasonable” shitting on something that doesn’t exist yet.

Tom Jones Says:
“Man … after getting Blackest Night issues, main series and tie-ins, and we are supposed to get WEEKLY GREEN LANTERN COMICS, i.e. Brightest Day?????”

NO.. you are not “supposed to get..” anything. If you want to buy it you can. DC is not knocking on your door with a gun saying BUY THIS. If you don’t like..don’t buy it. Geez. I remember when comics were talked about and discussed…now the internet has become the site for people who want to complain the loudest or act “clever” when they complain.

I think I would want to see how Blackest Night plays out before deciding if I want to read this new series. Plus if there is a Wednesday Comics 2 I would be more interested in having that as my weekly fix.

Man, next time I want to get all bummed out after reading an awesome announcement like this, I’ll just read the comments from CBR posters.

Make mine DC and Marvel!

The fanboyism really is pathetic.

I read great books from many publishers, not just Marvel and DC.

Actually, I thought Dark Reign was amazing, considering that this was supposed to be “The Year Evil Won” at DC to have it HAPPEN at Marvel. That being said, Identity Crisis was wonderful in that it gave DCs characters some (long needed) humanity and truth. Siege was definitely skimpy, but not unlikeable. Of all the aformentioned ‘shit’, I think Countdown was the hands down winner. 52, on the other hand, brilliant. A year long homage to The Monster Society of Evil story with so much intrigue and characterization. Blackest Night is just fun. Not a game changer, but fun, which is totally ok for a comic series to be. All that being said, when are either company going to get back to the idea of the great single issue story? It makes me really sad that books like Secret Six and Agents of Atlas wind up floundering as we all keep falling for the big soap opera.

This looks pretty interesting, if they do it right. The problem is that there is always something which people don’t like about a series. I hope that it doesn’t take over all of DC, also. The problem people seem to not get over is to not get hung up on specifics. It is just entertainment, made to be enjoyed and have fun. I am also a fan of many different comic book companies. I just enjoy reading comics.

FANWANKER must be smoking CRACK & DOG FOOD!!!! SIEGE #1 was HOT!!!!! The story and the art are incredible!!! Marvel and DC are both putting out good work with Blackest Night and Siege!!!! FANWANKER stop hate’n.

Wow there is so much anger, depression and resentment in some of these responses. If you don’t like it…don’t read it. Go find something that will make you a happier person than writing, “Omigod this new comic that isn’t even out is going to SUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!”

It may not be good when it does come out; 80% of everything is pretty much crap anyways. But these sort of half-witted responses are a depressing reflection of the comic fan stereotype. All these posts are missing is:

“I was reading Sandman before it was mainstream. I can’t express anything but derision because I’m such a COOL nerd.”

I’m enjoying Blackest Night and I’m hoping for the best from Brightest Day.

To the troll-ish comments, I’m enjoying them too. Keep’em coming. Big boobs … Wonder Woman’s costume … $3.99 … who’s bald head is sexier: DiDio or Bendis … discuss.

Now Brightest Day, post Blackest Night.
My wallet cannot escape it’s sight.
New year-long series makes it light,
Beware, my budget…you’re getting tight!

i dont think there is going to be a white lantern corps. the logo above looks like 7 rays of light coming from the triangle. my guess is that whomever the new guardians are will just form a corps that consists of all the 7 colors. most made up of green lanterns, but you’ll have a few others in there. just speculation. white lantern seems way too obvious and gimmicky so be the conclusion to all of this. hopefully brightest day deals with the mass resurection that will likley happen by the end of all this. so thats why it will effect many different books.

Shameless Fanboy

January 11, 2010 at 10:44 am

I started off reading BLACKEST NIGHT, but after the third issue I suddenly realized “Why bother?’ I decided to just stick with GREEN LANTERN CORPS (the book I was reading anyway), but I don’t actually feel like I’m really missing anything so far.

The only thing I really want out of BRIGHTEST DAY is perhaps a white lantern ring to go with the other corps rings I’ve got. Otherwise, a 26-issue biweekly series is simply out of the question for me…

gm…I agree with you. As soon as I started reading Blackest Night I thought the same thing. Mass resurrection of the dead in DC. It would make sense that Brightest Day would follow the resurrected characters and whatever they’re dealing with. It could be good, or it could suck. I’ll just wait til it comes out to decide.

The thing that sucks the most about Blackest Night is that its not even about the GLs or various corps anymore. Any character progression about the GLs has ceased and now its all about Johns pushing his favorite characters Barry, Mera and Ray Plamer. It’s so lame I can’t stand it.

Forgive me if this was said…

But it sounds like Brightest Day itself is a separate 26-issue bi-weekly series. Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are collaborating on Brightest Day while still tackling Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, respectively.

@SuperManWoman: Blackest Night, the main book, is about how it affects the greater DCU while GL and GLC is about Green Lantern and the various other Lanterns. So it’s better that Johns is developing and showcasing the Flash, the Atom, and Mera in Blackest Night and not, say, Green Lantern Corps.

And normally in big event books it’s not about intimate character progression but external, larger-than-life progression.

Yeah, but don’t call it the 3rd part of his “Green Lantern Trilogy” if its about random characters that no one cares about. This is all coming from left field.

forget brightest day, they should call this comment thread “superboy prime of 52 earths”. And yes, I am being a snob, I just wish people would stop acting like godamm babies over a freaking announcement.


I think its great that GREEN LANTERN has basically taken over as DC flagship title.

So is “Brightest Day” going to be about the sun going nova, then? Or has that already been done?

Doesn’t matter to me. I stopped buying Green Lantern when they turned Hal evil. Have been unable to give a hoot since then. How can you care about a character at all, after such misguided editorial manipulation?

Unless this brings back Aquaman, Ted Kord, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawgirl, Damage, Jade back then I don’t give a crap. If that does happen then I will forgive johns and dc a little bit but not for Legion Of 3 Worlds and what they did to post Zero Hero Legion. :(

Jewish Juggernaut

January 11, 2010 at 12:27 pm


Blackest Night is great so far, I can’t wait for this new series. Maybe they’ll bring Ch’p back!?

Sweet! We have the Black Ranger and the White Ranger… and we all know what comes next! Go! Go! Gold Power Ranger, or Lantern… or whatever… ;P

The majority of the stuff I read is from DC, Marvel & Dynamite. I have really enjoyed Blackest Night. I also thought Siege #1 was great (& I’m not a big fan of Bendis’ style of writing). But I’m going to pass on Brightest Day. It’s for the same reason I pass on ASM. Weekly or biweekly comics cut into my budget too much. I don’t buy every title Batman appears in & he is my favorite character. I prefer to read a variety of titles instead of a lot of titles featuring one character or team.

Holy whiny fanboys, Batman!

I should be loving even the vague idea of this, but along came the “26 biweekly issues” bit. Think I’ll have to see how Blackest Night pans out before I even think of making such a commitment…

Besides Superboy, Johns stuff recently has been too fan fiction-y for me. There’s a Green Lantern Corps…why not a Yellow Lantern?….why not a Rainbow Lantern Corps!? There’s a Speed Force…why not have the Reverse Flash tied to the Reverse Speed Force?…Which infects the Speed Force!! Anytime he rights any emotion, it literally comes across as him writing emotion: “I am doing this because of love! You are doing it because of rage!” I miss the Johns who wrote cute, human moments on the Wally West Flash, Teen Titans, and especially JSA. The neo Johns is all hype and trying to outdo every idea: Let’s double the roster of the Green Lantern Corps!!!!!!!

Marvel is moving away from company wide cross over events DC needs to do the same.

SIEGE is such a good read and I’m dropping more and more DC books like the Batman lines. Even though the art may not be up on par with some of the DC talents the stories more than make up for it.

Actually the GL oath recited by Sodam Yat in Legion of 3 Worlds suggests that all the other lantern corps are wiped out with only the green surviving…at some point in the future…

also, yeah, the lame “such-and-such sucks” kind of commentary gets old. why would you even bother to read the article if you are already convinced going in how much you hate this writer, this storyline, this company, this pathetic little fanboy life you’re forced to endure…

Here’s what I think…
1) I’m bummed that the seven ring symbols didn’t overlap to make a cool “composite” sigil. The one above is nice, in that it reflects the Black Lantern sigil.

2) I suspect that the White Lanterns will have the ability to resurrect the dead into White Lanterns. Otherwise, some pretty big characters in the DCU will still be dead. Will villains be redeemed as White Lanterns? Will DC have the balls to delve into the spiritual ramifications? And what happens to the Spectre?

3) Rot Lap Fan will either appear in this series, or the aftermath, which will be titled “Loudest Din”.

4) There will be a color war, this time with the Oans getting involved. Each color will have at least one major character (Guy Gardner = Red). If each sector has at least one lantern of every color, then things will become interesting. Will Kryptonians wear rings?

5) Go read REBELS. There’s an interesting tie-in, the only issue among the many which made me go “Oh sh!+”

6) Is anyone surprised at this sequel? After knocking Marvel out of the Diamond Top Ten listing?

I’m really not excited by this. I think “event fatigue” has set in and is now chronic. I don’t want any more “BIG EVENTS”. I want solid story telling with interesting character development. I am sick of the big concept driving the stories. I know, I know, it’s my choice to read or not to read. I guess I’ve just been hoping things might change.There’s always Hell Boy and B.P.R.D. oh and Jonah Hex. Brubaker’s Captain America has been great and Morrisons Batman and Robin. What all of these series have in common is that they are character and story driven. they aren’t plowed under by the demands of a BIG EVENT. Didio raves about “big ways” and “new elements” when really some intriguing stories are all that is required of this reader.

I think I’ll just stick to the real CBR forums from now – too many self-important assholes and people being negative for the hell of it here.

You’re under no obligation to like this news, but you can try to act like an adult in the process of leaving a comment about it. Seriously, grow the hell up.

I know we’re supposed to rant & bitch but I think its too early/too little info revealed to go nuts yet. BN isnt even over yet! But Marvel and DC both put out worthwhile books. I feel its best too buy what you like. And leave the rest to their fans. I prefer Marvel(duh) but dont hate all DC.

I’m digging what Johns is doing on GL whether its an indulgence or not. That being said I will buy Brightest Day in trade when its finished. Personally not a fan of maxi-series/weeklies. I’m sure the two GL books will explain enough in the meantime.

I’m no tree lovin hippie freak but hate less & love more. You’ll feel better. Promise.

P.S. Read Criminal. No crossovers or tie-ins. Ever!

Don’t get sucked into wasting money on backup stories. This is what happened with 52. Now I have 52 issues that I will never read again and that I was buying out of habit. GL has been great and Blackest Night has been awesome but I’m also going to pass on this.

What’s the price point? Whatever it is, there is only so much money for us fans to spend on comics and i think I’ll save my money for something else.

Why do people take shots at each company (Marvel or DC) all the time? Who cares if you don’t like what Marvel puts out or what DC puts out? Both companies do a great job on putting quality stories out. And many are event driven, but I buy ‘em, you buy ‘em, and the guy who has never read a comic might want to consider buying one. The price point is going to $2.99 for sure, anything else would be moronic. MarvelZombie has it right too. I love both companies. And if there is something I don’t want to read, I don’t buy it. And because I don’t buy it I won’t bash it.

Green Lantern has not disappointed me at all since Geoff brought him back, however I wish they would’ve waited a bit longer to announce this. I just feel it’s too soon.

I have less enthusiasm for these “events” all the time. They put events in the stories in regular titles on hold, they spin off all of these money draining mini-series and one-shots, and they’re ultimately so predictable. In any given “event,” you can predict:

* One or two A-list characters, several B-list characters, and tons of D-list characters die.
* Lots of unidentified civilians die (could be hundreds, millions, or entire universes).
* All the usual bad guys disappear until the story is done or show up in brief cameos.
* Somehow everything that happens turns out to have been the work of just one bad guy.
* A new character or team is introduced.
* Someone gets a new costume.

If you don’t like how the story turns out or really wish they hadn’t killed your favorite character, don’t worry, it will all be reversed. Just be patient. It may very well be undone in the very next event comic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved many, many event books from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Infinite Crisis to Blackest Night and from Civil War to World War Hulk to Dark Reign. But you know it’s true: the events follow the same formula and none of the big changes stick. If any change seems like it has, you just haven’t waited long enough.

Having said that, I did list a bunch of “events” that I enjoyed (or expect to once they’re done). The common thread is that they can be read without the tie-ins and hold together as a solid, re-readable story. (Sorry Secret Wars, Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, etc.).

I might not be looking forward to a 26 Issue, Bi-weekly series but … Blackest Night was the ONLY reason I started reading DC again after nearly 15 years. Bring on the Brightest Day!

The White Lantern in going to be Superboy Prime. He can represent all of the emotions of the spectrum and in the Legion Crisis, they raised the possibility that he can be redeemed. Geoff Johns is not one to write something in and not come back to it. They essentially left open the possibility that he’s not to blame for being a murderer.

Its pretty obvious who the Marvel wanks are on here. Marvel and DC have been ripping off each other for years. Its kind of pathetic that we as Comic book readers are knowingly buying ideas that are freely stolen from one company writer to the next. I have to admit what Marvel did recently with offering fans/storeowners money/books for unsold DC comics is pretty mean spirited and NOT in the spirit of competition. DC and Marvel have had some heated Wars over the years, but what Mavel did recently was not ‘unique, smart or cunning’- it is a bullshit move by a company so interested in being #1 all the time that they forgot that you dont buy #1 – you earn it by making good stories that fans buy. Marvels latest strategy takes the onus off them actually putting good stories out and just relegates them to ankle bitting at DC comics until they are number one.

You can say what you will about Marvel- they are not the Golden fleece Comic Company. In comparison the stories and worlds are completely so utterly different then DC. Marvel does not take the same risks with its characters at all wants to center everything around ‘reality’. I understand the need for relevance, but Marvel is grinding out cat poop if they think that Comic book readers want ‘reality’. Secret Invasion was good, but was Marvels rip off of Final Crisis. Im getting sick of people bashing the multi layered and complex DC story lines because they were wanks and only bought 2 issues of a 15 comic story line and decided it was shit.

Marvel has been copying DC for years- not the other way around. They even have their own version of Superman. Sentry who is a gay hermit who wont come outside – but has the power of a ‘million exploding suns in him’ well if that the bloody case he could clean out the entire Marvel Universe in a day. Oh yes thats right I forgot, but Sentry has mental issues. Nice and ‘reality’ for you.

Look at what they are doing with Blackest Night, Marvel trying to introduce their own character Necrosha which is spanish for Feces hamburger. Which is what they want their fans to eat. DC balances a true multiverse and they have the vision and talent to pull it off. Marvel’s special God like characters are all Jack Kirby rip offs.

Its funny that Marvels most popular character arguably is Spiderman, who would last about 5 minutes in the DC universe before being raped and shot. I actually do like Spiderman and some of the classic characters Marvel has, but the modern marvel is shit. Trying reading the 15 X titles that come out a week. Even the fan favorite Wolverine isnt selling anymore..

Marvel needs to stop bashing DC and start blaming themselves for their shortfalls.

“Hey Marvel! Yellow in front, brown in back”

Have been a Marvel fan for the most part but Blackest Night just grabbed me and never let go. I admit I’m not reading Siege at the moment.

Among other characters, it’s going to bring the original Justice Society members back to life.

dc is doing better than marvel>period.

i AGREE that whole stunt about trading issues for seige to the comic shops is just plain desperate.

i hope to see dc’s continued dominance in comics, animated films, feature films and collectible figures!

seige is crap as well as lots of the recent marvel animated films(thor and hulk, wolverine and hulk, hopefully disney will make marvel kidsy and run it to the ground, good luck new spiderman reboot??????


Blackest Night was a real disappointment. Remember the epilogue, it was so badass and had so much promise but it turned into sh…crap. Brightest Day? COME ON!! Everything returns to normal, some dead people come back alive and here comes the next failure event. Dark Reign is so so and the Siege doesn’t hold my interest. We need REAL CHANGE and ex. Wildstorm already did it in the day before being raped by DC takeover…god i hate dc for that.

For Crying out loud guys take it easy, its Comics not the Cuban Missle Crisis. With the way the World is changing we should should be happy we still have Comics, print media is always under threat now. Marvel is a different Company then DC at the Core, DC is different at the core. However at times, there have been many Writes/Artists that have worked for both Companies. Lets face it to- one thing that really pisses me off is how they constantly COPY each other. Marvel was VERY weak with this whole Necrosha thing and Dead Will Rise stuff like they were mocking DC instead of being happy for their success.

Marvel’s partnership with Disney has yet to bare any real fruit. Ironman 2 was being produced before they inked that Deal. Marvel loosing Tobey Mguire in Spiderman seriously hurts the franchise. Comic books are another matter. DC works on a much larger scale..albeit some would say to large. To much for Writers/Artists to handle 52 Universes and not every gives a shit about Earth 44 with Gay Superman and Dwarf Batman. DC has overproduced several books and does write excessive tie ins. However, I will always be a life long DC fan as I prefer the classic Heroes they have.

Marvel has at their core a very different base of ‘Classic’ characters. Captain America is iconic, Iron Man, Spiderman and Hulk are all great. The X Men Universe is quite interesting, but there are way to many books. Marvel does a good job of incorporating the various factions in their Universe, but since they mainly focus just on one Universe/Timeline..its much easier to write. The Sentry character is ridiculous and should be taken out, that is just a mockery to Superman. His suit also very much closely resembles the Superman 4 Movie villian Nuclear Man. The power of a Million Exploding Suns? Why not a Billion Or a Trillion? What Science Junior wrote that?

A Single Solar flare in 1997 from our lone ONE Sun produced enough energy for 100 Million Hydrogen bombs. That is not even something we can imagine. One Million exploding Suns?! The Anti Monitor doesnt even have that much Power in him, The Spectre? doubht it? Nekron ? no? Guardians? no/ Superman? I dont even think Ultimate Superman had that much power.One Million Exploding Suns is not even realisitc. Nobody except God himself could contain that much energy.

Marvel does a wank job of trying to introduce clones of Iconic DC Characters, just like DC has tried to do so with Marvel. The Sentry would have torn not on the Hulk Apart, but the entire Planet with that much power. Kryptons single Sun exploding destroyed Krypton and the better part of a galaxy so much so that it travelled all the way to Earth. Marvel also has much more flexibility regarding Killing and using graphic violence. Comics were once meant for Kids, and they certainly are not suitable for children anymore. Marvel draws their Women characters like Space Sluts with their Junk hanging out, DC practically shortens Supergirls dress every month we will be able to see her Super Vagina soon.

Marvel doesnt touch DC for sheer scale and scope of the Universes. Their Cosmic beings dont even remotely have close to the same level of established cannon that DC guys have. DARTH VADER was based on Darkseid. George Lucas himself even said that himself. The New Gods, The Monitors, The Anti Monitor, The Guardian, The Sceptre, The Phantom Stranger to name a few. Marvel needs to stop clinging to its based in reality and relevance and start growing a pair.

I venture that Doomsday would kill every Marvel being and even their gay Black Butt character or Black Bolt. Doomsday has evolved to the point of near Godlike status. Lease Doomsday to Marvel and let them clean house and start over.

I also absolutely demand they stop drawing Spiderman with excessing Crotch in the Face Web slinging. Every Photo I see of him shows him swinging from a web like Russian Gymnist capable of performing felatio on himself. Im not sure if this is an attempt to appeal to certain demographics, but its disturbing when Spiderman arrives on the scene with his legs behind his head sack first. Imagine the horror if Superman started arriving on the Scene with his legs behind his head and his Super bulge sticking out? He would loose all credibility and Batman would probably punch him with a Kryptonite glove.

As a comic store owner and long time comic fan, I enjoy reading both DC and Marvel. Thought I must say that I am especially looking forward to the Brightest Day series. Not often in the comic world does a series get as much publicity as Blackest Night did and live up to expectations. Now it looks like DC is trying to mach that publicity with a follow-up series. I don’t see why the Brightest Day won’t live up to the expectations.

@ ZOD: Dude! Your posts are hilarious and insightful! I love it! Keep um coming! I agree with everything you have so elequently stated so far. DC may not be perfect but they put out a whole hell of a lot more ENTERTAINING and GRIPPING storylines then that rank company Marvel does. As for Spidey and his crotch swinging….I agree….your comments were classic.

(Sorry for the spelling! I am lazy!)


I think Geoff Johns might be getting a little over worked. It’s not his fault, I’m sure the DC execs are asking him to come up with anything he wants, but as a HARDCORE GL Rebirth fan, Geoff totally lost me with the Skittles story arc. I was kind of hoping that Johns would have stuck with Flash and then JMS would have reeled GL back in (post Blackest Night) with some fresh intergalactic stories, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. I think the wheels started coming off of the wagon when Johns got into 4 colors. I was OK with the Red Lanterns, Rage, I get it. But the comics started looking like a Rainbow Brite cartoon. There is absolutely no way I’m signing on for a weekly Ray Palmer/GL comic. It’s RAY PALMER. Why doesn’t DC just change it’s name to RAY PALMER COMICS. A great story can be told in a 4 issue arc. Grant Morrison can do an epic Superman story in 1 issue. It’s obvious DC is milking the fans at this point, which is unfortunate because a lot of their other titles are probably getting lost in the background.

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