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DC announces Brightest Day: The Flash

The Flash #1 by Francis Manapul

The Flash #1 by Francis Manapul

Looks like it’s gonna be one of those days: Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement of Brightest Day, DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio has taken to The Source blog again to announce Brightest Day: The Flash. It’s the opening story arc to the new Barry Allen-starring Flash ongoing by the previously announced team of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul (that’s the cover to Issue 1 above).

As you might have guessed, it’s just one of several books that will be use the Brightest Day banner throughout May and June, as Brightest Day isn’t just one series, but a line-wide event. Stay tuned for more, I’m sure…



“cementing [Barry] as the premiere Flash in the DCU”

Hey, thanks for the big “eff U,” Dan.

Did Wally take the last bowl of a Cap’n Crunch from Dan or something? He’s doing a great job of rhetorically sidelining Wally.

Another event. If Blackest Night weren’t so good right now, I’d be pretty hesitant about this. But Johns has earned the benefit of the doubt so I’ll check it out.

Isn’t Barry messing up a crime scene in that picture?

Maybe he’s just storming the set of a TV show. Crime-scene investigators don’t typically create chalk or tape outlines of bodies anymore.

I think you guys don’t get the point. Geoff Johns loves Barry Allen…hence why he is back to being the main Flash in the DCU. Wally will probably still be around somewhere.

I’ve really enjoyed Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s short run on Adventure Comics so I’m pretty excited about this one!

Putting Brightest Day on the cover of everything….This is so lame

I still think they should do a second Green Lantern Corps-style team book with all the other fast characters called Speed Force.

Plus, if they brought Barry back and then did nothing with him, people would be complaining “why did you bring him back if you aren’t going to use him?” Such as what happened with the Milestone characters.

Barry will probably hog the limelight for a while, but Wally will probably be around.

I’m not saying it won’t stink for Wally fans, but it’s not like DC it doing something odd by promoting the character they just brought back.

I can just see it now…the members of the Justice League walking side by side down the street singing “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…I can see all obstacles in my way….it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunny shiny day!”

Brightest Day….meh.

He’s kinda messing up the crime scene by sliding in like that, isn’t he? Cool cover anyway.

The problem is Johns is in the minority when it comes to Barry. I have no idea if I am even going to buy this. Unless johns pulls a rabbit out of his and makes Barry interesting I am not buying it. Rebirth isn’t really doing it.

Waiting for “Hawkman: Brightest Day,” “Aquaman: Brightest Day” . . .

Sounds awesome, but let’s not let this stop fanboys from bitching about everything.

Kill Wally West already. I feed on your tears.

The things I’ve liked the best in Rebirth have been the little moments with the side characters. Jessie’s new outfit. Iris as the new Impulse. Wally telling Barry he’ll have to teach him how to make the speedforce costumes. Seeing Max back. For me, Barry has been the least interesting part of the entire story.

From Event To Event To Event To Event. Its the Only way to sell a comic now huh.

“Did Wally take the last bowl of a Cap’n Crunch from Dan or something? He’s doing a great job of rhetorically sidelining Wally.”

It ain’t rhetorical at all. Didio wanted Wally off-stage back in 2005 and Infinite Crisis. He obviously thinks Wally is not as good a lead character as either Bart or Barry. That doesn’t mean he HATES Wally or something; just that the concept was built around Barry, his cast and villains, and it makes sense for him to be the central character.

There’s probably not a lot more to it than that.

I Wonder if Geoff Johns , Dan Didio and Joe Quesada realize that the real world doesn’t become a better place just because you make Superhero comics more shinny and happy. And that the way to keep and audience and grow an audience is by strong story telling and the out put of good product and not just shallow events.

Darkest Night is a fantastic use of dramatic story telling, putting you heroes in a position of danger keeps readers coming back because the pay off will be entertaining and emotional. If you can’t handle dramatic story telling than comics are the least of your problems.

I understand escapism and entertainment but i can’t stand manufactured trends that do nothing more than dilute and undermine an art form that for years has struggled to prove it self as more than simple “Kids” stuff.

If from a story perspective this turns out to be one of the greatest Flash stories of all time i will be the first one to praise it. But if all i get is dribble well there is always Indie Superhero comics.

Twenty six issues at how much per pop? Just how much disposal income do you think most of have these days? When are enough “Event” books enough? Has Geoff Johns never heard of the term, mini-series?

Seriously, enough of the “Major Events”.

@Danubus The point is Wally was to be a back up in the book then taken out. So it is a pretty big slight to Wally.

Is it seriously title Brightest Day: The Flash?? That just killed half my excitment for the book. Why cant it just be called The Flash an BD the 1st storyline?

Please dont call everything/Use the banner of Brightest Day. Thats gunna get old quick.

MarvelZombie, it IS called The Flash and Blackest Day is the first storyline.

It has to be better than the stuff Marvel has been putting out as their main events over the last four years. Embarrasing stuff if you ask me.

Nobody asked you.

Seriously, if that is all you’re going to post then why bother.

Marvel’s events and DC’s events have been about equal when you consider everything. That said, i do question the wisdom of starting another event so soon. It seems as though “events” were historically used to shake up the status quo. If you start using them to set the status quo, doesn’t everything then become and “event”?

I’ve never liked Flash as i like Batman,Superman and Green Lantern.

It’s pretty frustrating.

@ Sean T, they’re doing a “Kid Flash” book which will most likely take the form of your “Speed Force” idea. It’ll be Bart’s book, maybe him and Iris, but I don’t doubt they’ll slap a Wally West co-feature onto that one, and make it 3.99, which i think… is a shame, because Bart really deserves his own title, like he used to have (Impulse fans? yeah? fuck yeah). But don’t worry there will be speedsters out the proverbial wazoo, just you wait.

Dan is a hilarious idiot sometimes. Barry was his “favorite”?! How the guy was wood as a character before he sacrificed himself in CoIE. The only time he was spotlighted was The Flash TV show. Wally trumps all Flash’s any day!

To the guy that said Speed Force a la Green Lantern Corps, that sounds like a good idea.

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