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DC Comics offers Brightest Day promotional rings

The Flash and Green Lantern promotional rings

The Flash and Green Lantern promotional rings

Seemingly bolstered by the success of its Blackest Night promotion, and undeterred by its detractors, DC Comics is making another ring offer. This time, though, the focus is on the publisher’s next big event, Brightest Day.

According to the DC Universe blog, retailers who purchase 10 copies of The Flash #1 may order Flash Promotional Rings. Likewise, those who purchase 10 copies of Green Lantern #53 may order Green Lantern Promotional Rings. Both titles appear in the February Previews catalog and will arrive in stores in April.

“One of the many great Flash Facts about DC Comics is that they actually do support the retailers with promotions like this that not only make our whole business a bit more fun, but also bring the promotion to every single reader,” writer Geoff Johns told the blog. “Of course, the proof is in the content and I couldn’t be prouder of the work Francis Manapul and I are doing on The Flash and Doug Mahnke and I are creating on Green Lantern. Thanks to everyone, retailers and readers, for an amazing 2009 and here’s to an even better 2010!”



Coming off of the “Let’s bring back every hero who died while I’ve been around” policy of Geoff John’s Blackest Night, this seems a lot simpler. I don’t know if Green Lantern will be followable after this, but The Flash?…Maybe.

I really do want one of those rings though, just so I can point them at people.

Hahahaha. This is the best response to that Marvel release.

They have lowered the numbers for order, though. As if these books were the ones that needed smaller orders

This is pretty cool, but I do hope that they include a similar concept for when Legion of Super-Heroes launches its new monthly title. I’d very much like a Legion ring.

Expect the next month The Heroic Age Deadpool variant for every ripped Green Lantern and Flash cover.

Where’s the white ring with the brightest day logo? I forsee a Legion ring soon too.

I want ALL THE RINGS. A LEGION ring would go great with all these Lantern rings.

Stef wants White Ring!

They stoles it from us! Nasty filthy hobbitses! They has our precious and we wants it back!

Brevoort’s response will be something like “They continue to give you idiots plastic trinkets, but we give you issues like Dark Avengers #13 that make no sense and charge $4 for it. ‘Nuff Said.”

Drusilla lives!

January 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm

I got a better idea… don’t publish “Brightest Day” and just sell the rings! :)

When you can’t sell comics based on actual content, you sell comics based on gimmicks. The 90’s are indeed back.

I’d rather have a Deadpool ring. One that is sizeable, the Lantern rings were way too big.

Stay classy, Geoff.

But those are the same rings they gave away free–back int he day. Whats the incentive??

Heh, you think they could bring back those old “Kryptonite Rocks” they’d advertise in the back of those late silver/early bronze age comics for their “War of the Supermen” event? Or maybe some Clark Kent X-Ray vision specs!!

Heck, it’s not like it’d be the first time someone bought a comic for a goofy, cheap doodad (“Send $1.50 for your bag of plastic space zombies!”) or chase trading cards or death of character armbands or something.

hey Blade X you sound like a bitter Marvel zombie and i love it.Marvel gets their A$$ kicked a couple months and the crying begins.DC puts out good books Marvel well for me not so much.I could care less about Siege or some damn deadpool variant that no one can afford.Make mine DC!!!

“When you can’t sell comics based on actual content, you sell comics based on gimmicks. The 90’s are indeed back.”

Yeah, I noticed Marvel’s foilogram covers too.

I’d buy the books regardless. As a lifelong DC reader I think this is awesome. They’re making comic collecting fun and giving back to the readers. What’s wrong with that? Marvel should join in the fun!

those rings look cool and unlike the blackest night ones only two rings. this time. and wonder what Marvel will try to counter them every ripped off cover of dc we will send you a dead pool jim lee cover or dead pool masks.


January 26, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Hey … that’s good …. Why don’t they make a Superman rings as well for the ‘War of the Supermen’ event, and make Superman wears a ring after that? Would love to see some, and would be cool. More like Indonesian superhero character, Godam … :D

I want a Deadpool ring.

Blagh blagh blagh MARVEL blagh blagh TOM BREEVORT blagh blagh blagh DC blagh DEADPOOL blagh blagh SEIGE/BLACKEST NIGHT/BRIGHTEST DAY, blagh blagh. Blagh? DAN DIDIO, blagh blagh JOE QUESADA blagh RINGS, Blagh VARIANT, BLAGH BLAGH BLAGH

Love it! Nice that they put them with two books that are already going to be heavily ordered; GL has been a Top 10 book for a little while now, and a new Flash #1 also guarantees some solid order numbers just by its nature. Stores will have no problem getting these rings without having to inflate their orders in any way at all. And the fans who loves these rings get something they want.

A Legion ring would be very cool too.

Make mine DC, indeed! This is a nice response to the Marvel ripped-cover jerk promotion.

I think a Deadpool whoopee cushion would be neat as well…

I wish the Flash ring included a costume :(

The GL ring looks like the same one that came with the Blackest Night promotion; is there anything to distinguish it from that one?

I like the comment about DC should sell comics based on content… They are kicking butt right now and I think the rings are a fun promo. Quit being a grouchy butt. I used to be a Marvel Zombie, but I am not buying any of their books right now. I am all DC at the moment. I am even buying Booster freaking Gold and enjoying it and I hated him!

Blade X said, “[w]hen you can’t sell comics based on actual content, you sell comics based on gimmicks. The 90’s are indeed back.”

(Comic related toys, posters, etc. existed before 1990. Some of these toys, posters, etc. were sold only with comics (for instance, 3D glasses with 3D books).)

You’re comparing ~40 cent plastic rings to the 90’s?

Here’s my memory/opinion of why the 90’s were bad…
– Ron Perelman
– people buying short or long boxes of #1 issues (specifically, Spider-Man #1 & X-Men #1)
– delays on the order of a year (hello, Image!)
– large print runs compared to number of readers AND publishers not caring (hello, Valiant/Image/Marvel/DC/Malibu/Dark Horse!)
– list price of comics soaring even with respect to inflated costs of materials used
– hoarding of ‘key’ issues & waiting for the right time to make them available to collectors (for example, the huge amount of Gold Key Turok comics that appeared the month that Turok #1 came out, which weren’t available for 2 years before that)

I’m holding out for a free baby monkey or a free baby racoon, like in the good old days.

I’m with Matt and Stef; I want a White Ring. Hopefully, now that the cat’s out of the bag, when the *lighted* rings are offered later this summer, there’ll be a White Ring as well.

Nice to see DC have reduced the number of issues required for retailers to get the rings. Great decision!

What this means is that retailers can go ahead and order similar numbers to their usual orders (or just higher) and still keep their customers happy. And considering DC won’t be making much extra out of the whole promotion at all, it’s really just something to reward us fans for reading their books. And that’s the difference between the two companies, isn’t it.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that Green Lantern ring magically turned into a White Lantern ring come shipping time. As others have pointed out, it looks pretty much exactly like the one they put out a few months ago. However, the GL rings ARE the hardest of the bunch to find (at least in my area; I had to go to three different comic shops to get one for my nephew for Christmas), so maybe it really is as advertised.

However, I DEFINITELY want a Legion ring. That would make me squee hardcore.

DavidRF — nicely done!

Go go power rangers. You myy——-tiiiii morphin power rahhhnnn—gerrrs.

So awesome. Gives the fans and the retailers a nice bonus, and it means certain people will have more to cry about.

To all of the DC zombies who are upset at me for calling a spade a “spade”, GET OVER IT. These rings, no matter how much you try to sugar coat the truth, are nothing more then a sales gimmick to boost sales on the comics they are being offered with.

OMT, Marvel is just as guilty as DC when it comes to using/selling stunts over actual content. Notice in my previous post that I DID NOT specifically mentioned DC in my post. I was speaking in general about the Big 2 (and other smaller comic book companies) relying on stunts/gimmicks to sell comics instead of content, just like in the friggin 90’s.

awww…I was hoping for a blue hope ring with the flash logo on it to go along with the storyline.

You missed the Legion Rings they put out a long time ago that were really nice metal ring. Best thing about them was the warning label on them. “Warning: This Ring does not enable the Wearer to Fly!”

I want that flash ring so Bad!!! and this is so going make marvel piss their pants which makes it even sweeter

Marvel needs to do their own ring promotion.

Thing Rings.

Thing Rings, do your thing!

I had completely forgotten the “Thing Ring, do your thing!”

Thank you, Squashua.

(Runs off to see if Boomerang is showing it. still…)

Eat this, you pretentious Marvel D-Bags!

January 26, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Eat this, you pretentious Marvel D-Bags!”

Yeah! Us vs Them! Grrrr!

Squashua said:

“Marvel needs to do their own ring promotion.”


Cock blocker rings.

I think DC should keep up the promotions. I’d much rather get something fun like the rings or posters, instead of a variant cover. The occasional variant is not a bad thing, but it seems like every issue of every comic has 3-4 variants (1-25, 1-50, 1-100… nauseum). I hated the variant crap when it happened in the 90’s and wished the trend would have stayed in that decade.

It doesn’t say how many rings the retailer gets.

Is it 10 copies per bag of rings? is it 10 copies = 1 ring?

I must admit, I like this much better than the BN tie-in ring promotion. For the most part these books would be on pull lists regardless of the ring promotion. Great response from DC but perhaps we owe Marvel some thanks for this. Maybe DC had this promotion waiting all along but I think the Deadpool variant promo, more likely than not, had an effect on the qualifying number of books ordered. Competition is good as long as it doesn’t devolve into the 90’s (Here’s hoping all the companies learnt their lessons from those days, I somehow doubt it though). I’m gonna wait for Marvel’s comeback so that maybe, just maybe, we get to see some Legion rings :)

My comic store charged me a dollar for each ring in the multicolored promotion!!!
and scince its 1 ring to each isuse thats going to be a raise in the price cause its less than the dallor rings!

so how much do you think they’ll charge me this time?

{Drusilla lives!
January 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm

I got a better idea… don’t publish “Brightest Day” and just sell the rings! :) }

Really? You are that excited by cheap plastic ring? REALLY? Wow, what you’re going to do with it? Wear it everyday at work? Or pretend to have superpower when you walk in the street?

That DC is going this type of gimmick, is alright by me…it’s business after all… but that people get SO excited by this… That so sad.

I remember a Flash ring that came with one of the JLA Flash action figures that actually opened up and had the Flash costume nicely folded and tucked in it… Now, if only the costume would come out and grow to normal size for someone to wear, that’ll be even more awesome… ><

Marvel should trump them with Mandarin’s ten rings.

For every 100 issues of Pixie’s Revenge you order, you receive 1 ring

I want a Legion ring too!!

“{Drusilla lives!
January 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm

I got a better idea… don’t publish “Brightest Day” and just sell the rings! }

Really? You are that excited by cheap plastic ring? REALLY? Wow, what you’re going to do with it? Wear it everyday at work? Or pretend to have superpower when you walk in the street?

That DC is going this type of gimmick, is alright by me…it’s business after all… but that people get SO excited by this… That so sad.”

Why so bitter? Lighten up a bit. It wont kill you.

DC readers will be buying these books anyway….

This is merely a gift from DC!

January 26, 2010 at 2:39 pm
“Hahahaha. This is the best response to that Marvel release.”


But next time I want a Phantom Stranger medallion/necklace. I’ve already got the turtleneck.

January 27, 2010 at 12:52 am
DC readers will be buying these books anyway….

This is merely a gift from DC!

PRECISELY!! That’s what the Marvel Zombies don’t understand about this, and didn’t understand about the last ring promotion. With the BN ring promotion, all those titles were on my reservation list, save about 2 titles. Now, 1 of those 2 titles are on my list every month. So it was win-win for me, and for DC.

Too bad Marvel doesn’t think that way…. They really should fire their marketing department.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with promoting comics the way DC is.
Comparing it to the 90’s gimmick books is stupid because they’re not
charging extra for the rings when you buy the titles.
This Marvel vs. DC crap is so juvenile. I’m so glad that both companies are
doing well because if they were’nt none of you would be able to argue about
who’s better. The industry needs both companies to continue flourishing.
Make mine DC & Marvel.



I much prefer the rings to the stupid 90s foil/holo/dipped in sh8 covers. Legion ring? Yes please. All ten Mandarin rings from Marvel? Hey, why not?

I only paid 20p (32c US) for each of my rainbow of BN rings.

Cheap plastic rings, Variant covers both are gimmicks to attract you sheep to be fleeced out or your money. In a couple of years nobody will remember Darkest Reign or whatever the fuck they call it.

Drusilla lives!

January 27, 2010 at 7:56 am

@NoCheezecake I’m all excited about these rings???

I think perhaps you’ve misinterpreted the meaning of my earlier statement… so let me spell it out for you… I hate “tie-ins,” “crossovers,” and every other gimmicky “event” that the comic industry has come up with to stretch a one or two issue story into a drawn out ten issue, five title piece of confused sh!# engineered to do one thing… soak you until you scream “AIEEE!” It’s one of the reasons why I don’t bother buying comics anymore… and it’s true of Marvel as well as DC.

All I’m saying is hey, if you want (or feel you need) to sell rings in order to get me interested in your comics why not just skip the comics and sell the rings. That way you spare me the agony of buying (and reading) another bad “event” and you’ll be selling me what I want… the ring. Perhaps they could even make them in gold or silver instead of that chintzy plastic.

But that’s just me… I’m somewhat older now and I’ve seen a lot in my days… and so I don’t fault others for getting all excited over these things just because I don’t.

So as James said… lighten up dude! … And learn to read while you’re at it. ;)

Jesus M. said:

“My comic store charged me a dollar for each ring…so how much do you think they’ll charge me this time?”

We don’t care. ;)

But that’s between you and the store. I think it’s unfortunate that they charged you for them. My LCS certainly didn’t charge. They may have lost money on the promotion by doing so, but they have made many customers happy, and happy customers is pretty darned important.

A Flash ring, a Green Lantern ring, and someone suggested that DC should do a Legion of Superheroes ring…sign me up. One of each please!

The Flash rings are slightly different from the ones they gave out at cons a few years ago. These have paint. That doesn’t sound like much, but it actually makes a big difference in how they look. Compare it to the older ones here.

Alright guys.
Thanks for giving me some fodder for my next podcast.

Should be up on thursday.
The truth is marvel and dc are both publishing great
books these days.
It’s a great time for fanboys.
So. Shut the hell up,
and buy some comics.

Suck it Marvel, suck it long and suck it hard.

@Alan Coil

BUT I CARE!!!!!!

i geuss its because they dont have as much traffic in their stores the others…..or they secretly hate coustemers!

Thanks for the Thing Ring Do Your Thing link. I forgot all about Lil’Benjy Grimm. That was the bees knees.

*yawn* DC still living in 1955

I foresee a Lobo cock ring and a Wonder Woman nipple ring

You Marvel kids cry to much. Blackest night was really good and Marvels Seige was dumb as hell. Who gives a crap about ironman covers on every book. BTW that is SOOOO lame. I think the rings are cool.

Is it just me, or is that green lantern ring much brighter than the blackest night version?

that flash ring lookes awesome
and also the lantern one…..

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