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DC to launch weekly series set in world of DC Universe Online

From "DC Universe Online"

From "DC Universe Online"

On the heels of announcing two new biweekly miniseries, DC Comics has unveiled plans for a weekly title set in the world of DC Universe Online, the highly anticipated massively multiplayer game from Sony Online Entertainment.

DC Universe: Legends, which will debut later this year, is an attempt by the publisher and SOE to bridge the comic-book and gaming audiences. But just how will they go about doing that?

“First, we’re going to set up the conceit of the universe, how it works and what the rules are,” DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio tells “We’ll also be trying to work gaming tips and secrets into the body of the book as we move along in the series. You’ll see a lot of support material including turnarounds and designs that went into the actual building of the game.

“What I think is the most exciting thing is that, if everything is working as well as we hope once we get down the line, characters that players create actually have an opportunity to work their way from the game into the comics themselves.”

DiDio also announced that Tony Bedard and Dan Jurgens will write Legends. Other creators will be named later.



Who’s going to buy this at all, let alone every weeK?

Ima not buying this and that’s saying something – I buy nearly everything

Just how many (bi) weeklies is DC going to publish this year? LOL

“Who’s going to buy this at all, let alone every weeK?”

Who said it was going to cost anything?

The lack of artist given makes me think it will be done fumetti style with frames from the game. Therefore it would probably be more of a promotional thing. Of course I could be jumping to conclusions here.

I agree with deco. I buy nearly everything, but I am going to pass on this.

Mammalian Verisimilitude

January 15, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Doing that wouldn’t be free – cutscenes, even when they’re rendered using the game engine, aren’t automagically created – they’re directed and animated. To do what you’re suggesting would effectively require someone, at the very least, to pose & light the character models for the shots – probably cheaper than a full on pencil/ink/colour team, but still not free.

Mammalian Verisimilitude

January 15, 2010 at 1:29 pm

(that was, of course, in reply to Ian, not Spencer)

If they did thie machinima style, they wouldn’t need to do much work since the game engine would take care of shading, backgrounds, lighting etc. It would make sense to release this for free online, but we will see.

Q: Who’s going to buy this?

A: People who play DC Online.

Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean no one else will. It pains me to say this but comic book fans are not the arbiters of taste in the world. We’re almost the opposite.

We know Byron, this is a Comic Book forum.

It means that a character I CREATE can end up in the comics? SWEET!

Two biweeklies? I must have missed one because all i remember was “Brightes Day”
what other Biweekly?

Justice League: Generation Lost will alternate weeks with Brightest Day.

Will wait to find out length, price point, etc…..

I don’t think they expect this at all to end up doing 52 issues. It’ll definitely be less.

And considering Jurgens said in another interview as soon as he’s done with this project he’s going back to Booster Gold again I don’t see it being all that long.

So Hard asked:

“Just how many (bi) weeklies is DC going to publish this year?”

As many as the (bi) readers will purchase.

Tony Bedard and Dan Jurgens are solid writers.

I will have to see more of it and see if the story is interesting enough. It makes me curious what they would write about.

This sounds like the dumbest thing ever.

This sounds like a terrible idea for everyone who wants to read other comics, but for those who’s live will end up revolving around the game will probably love it. I’m definitely not gonna buy them, though i think i did read that there will be tips for the game of sorts in them, so i guess that’s a selling point and the only reason I might buy them once in a blue moon.

Seriously… I bet this doesn’t last three months.

I would be very, very surprised to see measurable crossover from the purchasers of the game becoming regular purchasers of any comic. It’ll be interesting to see if they can manage this. If we ever start to see anything concrete about the game, that is.

This will be a great way for DC to use all of Jim Lee’s concept art by just adding word balloons.

At this point, how about just releasing the game? That’s a super idea.

Not to burst anyones bubble but.. I’m buying it!!

If anything it’s for the art.

For me, I will wait for this one. Looking forward to see this new series.
Good luck DC

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