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EXCLUSIVE teaser: OMG they killed Galactus …?

Here’s our last Marvel exclusive for the day … as you can tell, Marvel was very generous in sharing some art with us today, and while all four of the titles I got to preview from them today are among my favorites, I really dig what Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham are doing on Fantastic Four. I think I’ve said it a couple of times over the last few weeks that it’s probably my current favorite title Marvel is publishing. In any event, here’s a teaser image from issue #575, which comes out Jan. 27. It’s only one image, but man, what an image

from Fantastic Four #575

from Fantastic Four #575

I believe that’s page 10 of the comic. Here’s some info on that issue from (where incidentally you can check out a really nice variant cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic):

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Dale Eaglesham
INKS: Array
Kicking off the world-spanning new adventures of the Fantastic Four, this is part one of the Prime Elements arc: The Hidden City of the High Evolutionary! Featuring the return of the Mole Man, the architecture of the underworld, and the smartest Moloid you’ll ever meet. Don’t miss it! Rated A …$2.99

PRICE: 2.99
IN STORES: January 27, 2010

(Again with the props: Arune Singh)



Using the Kenny from South Park analogy is appropriate. Reed help kill a Galactus just four issues earlier, and a Galactus was killed in the Millar/Hitch run prior to this run. Considering I re-read JLA/Avengers this weekend where Krona kills Galactus, killing Galactus has as much meaning as killing Kenny. He’ll be back next book to be killed again.

And didn’t the Galactus The Devourer mini-series by Louise Simsonson, John Buscema & Bill Sienkiewicz from 1999/2000 end with Galactus’ death?

Still, cool image!

I remember when they killed Galactus off so good, his freaking head kept floating in space for a while. That was over ten years ago or so. Guess it’s time to give it another try.

If I remember right I think they killed a Galactus just a few issues back. Galactus is in season with Hickman writing. I like it a lot.

Knew I’d seen this somewhere before:

Also, that famous shot of the zombies eating Galactus in Ultimate FF looked a lot like that.

Lt Cluch: Seriously? Or are you thinking of Unicron from Transformers: The Movie? I’m losing track of what’s been done before….

It’s Marvel. No one stays dead at Marvel.

Remember, Miller and Hitch just wrote a story where Galactus(along with Human Torch and Dr. Doom) was used as a power source. He was more or less dead then and this story is just tying up that thread.

Yeesh… Galactus has been killed, trapped, or otherwise incapacitated in the first Millar/Hitch arc recently, Annihilation, and more that just slip my mind at the moment. Truly amazing how a world eater with such a massive amount of the Power Cosmic can be taken down so easily so many times.

I saw this image and all I could think was “Gee, was it something he ate?”

No one stays dead at DC either.

You know, if this was for real, I’m sure Galactus/ daughter would have posted about it on her Twitter feed by now.

Jeez, again? Yawn…



January 2, 2010 at 10:03 pm

Another “shocking” death? House of recycled ideas strikes again.

Galactus basically boils down to Benito Mussolini’s wet dream after going to bed on too much H.P.Lovecraft and hippy-weed. He’s a walking utterly inane rationalisation of genocide as something positive. I could see someone like Hickman hating the entire concept as much as I do.

That said, I think it was a real shame to off Alyssa Moy (Marvel’s mostly likeable female mixture of Indiana Jones and Doctor Who) in such a gruesome and humiliating fashion, and that it makes no sense for Reed not to be devastated and try to do something about it. She’s supposed to be the person he cares most about beyond Sue and his children.

Agree with Steve.


I hope Alyssa’s death and the death of Johnny’s last girlfriend, Psionics, a page later, were an aberration and not a trend. With the bad luck of the ex-girlfriends, I thought Dragon Man might bite Alicia’s head off at Franklin’s birthday party.

For me, the definitive Galactus appearance has always been the comic in which Aunt May became the herald (the Golden Oldie) and sated Galactus’ hunger with planet sized snack cakes.

For real (Well, kind of. It was a bit of a joke story…).

Maybe the snack cakes finally did him in.

You know…it seems everyone takes sides as to which is better…Marvel or DC. On a average month a buy and read most every title from Marvel and DC with a few Image and Indies thrown in for good measure. While there are a few diamonds in the rough I think both on the whole are turning out a lot of crap. Iron Man and maybe 2-3 more titles are the only ones I enjoy anymore. The rest is just becoming retread. It feels less like I’m reading comics and more like I’m watching predictable WWE wrestling. Can we finally stop using “Death of Popular Existing Character” as a means to push our stories forward. Life shows us that there are all sorts of compelling tales to be told that don’t involve every character the readers remotely care about or have some nostalgia for being killed off in the latest event comic.

I also need to say that Mark Millar should have just quit at The Ultimates. Everything he has done since then has either been “meh” or just plain crap. I mean look at Fantastic Four…he didn’t even finish the run. A run both him and Hitch promised to be a part of until all 18 issues were done. What did we gain from this run…nothing except for emptier pockets and a lot of head scratching.

gotta agree with the folks saying “again?” This was an interesting idea the first time or two they tried it but now it just feels like a warmed over plot that was probably done best by Walt Simonson.

What? You means this isn’t yet another crossover of Secret Invasion or Dark Reign? Or even something from the Ultimate continumum? What’s the Marvel Universe coming to?

The Golden Oldie story was the MARVEL TEAM-UP issue that came out during Assistant Editor’s Month – #137, I believe.

Not that it was accurately billed on the cover using something like:
“Not a hoax! Not a “What If?”! Not an imaginary story!”

That should read:
“NOTE that it was”
instead of
“Not that it was”

Sorry for not proofing that before posting.

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