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Fifth Marvel Zombies mini on the way from Fred Van Lente and Kano

Marvel Zombies 5 #1

Marvel Zombies 5 #1

Marvel announced today that they are bringing Marvel Zombies back from the dead one more time with a fifth mini-series, by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kano.

“What I’ve tried to do ever since they gave me the Zombies assignment was to do something different every time,” Van Lente told “Folks who read [MARVEL ZOMBIES 4] know that at the end Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night, was infested with the zombie virus. Morbius the Living Vampire wants to cure his friend and in order to do that he needs to somehow figure out a way to unlock a cure for zombie-ism. He recruits his old pal Machine Man from MARVEL ZOMBIES 3, who is back and is again the star of the series, and sends him across the multiverse to take samples from different kinds of zombies.”

Van Lente says Machine Man and a mystery companion will encounter zombies in places like Camelot, the Old West and Killraven’s War of the Worlds. The five-issue series kicks off in April.



Ugh… I think I’ll stop reading Marvel zombies now while the idea is only trodden and stale as opposed to completely cliche and ridiculously overplayed.

Walking Dead has been running longer and is still fresh… isn’t it interesting how the talent of a writer can completely change how long a concept is interesting?

Walking Dead: Serious human drama about zombies.

Marvel Zombies: The robot man, who is friends with the living vampire, hops across realities to cure a zombie werewolf.

Outside of “being about zombies”, it’s kind of an apples and oranges comparison, yeah?

A book about Zombies is fresh? (Rimshot)

I should note that this is the SEVENTH Marvel Zombies series. The two not mentioned in the 1-5 series are the Army of Darkness crossover (it’s a prequel, so I can see that not being “numbered”) and MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN, which JUST CAME OUT a few months ago. Why that wasn’t called “Marvel Zombies 5,” I don’t know. Of course, this is the same company that gave us a 600th issue of Hulk when only 598 issues preceded it.

I’m disappointed in this news, and I’m admittedly a big fan of the zombies series. MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN wrapped up the series nicely by killing off the last of the characters. Plus, the zombie virus was contained in Simon Garth at the end of MZ4, so I assumed that Jack Russel’s virus went with it. So…ugh. I want the story to be over.

Zombies in comics are zombies in comics, that’s all I’m saying Kirkman knows how to write ‘em, Van Lente… well, Van Lente put me to sleep in MZ4 and MZR felt like someone thought this was a good idea, but it wasn’t the writers.

I have loved Van Lente’s two series, thought they were a blast and also liked the MZ Returns. Great dialog great art and fun stories. They put me in mind of ’70’s Marvel at its wackiest and in my world thats a good thing.

That poor, poor, dead horse.

Personally, I’m excited for this.

If you think about it, the entire “Marvel Zombies” publishing run has been interesting. With 7 different storylines since 2006(?) its ostensibly been an ongoing series – with a one or two month break between arcs.

It kind of follows Millar’s Ultimates idea – its one long continuous thread, but there are built-in publishing breaks to give readers a chance to drop out or join in.

Marvel Zombies is still a fun, escapist idea, and it was a huge surprise hit. Like Joel said, it harkens back to 70s Marvel, and like Josh said, its not really about the zombies anymore. That’s just a launching point for exploring all those crazy ideas that guys like Steve Gerber were doing that inspired a generation of writers. You can’t fault Marvel for exploring it further. I think the way they are doing it is ideal. If they attempted to make a “Marvel Zombies” on-going, it probably would have been canceled by issue 12.

But this way, they are making it accessible as possible for readers who aren’t slaves to contonuity and precise issue numbering. There’s a generation of 12 year old boys that are probably flipping out every time they discover a Zombies trade in their local library, for the first time.

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